Saving Riley


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Chapter 1

 Riley walked in and released his energem from his hand so I would fit snugly into its place on the wall. He breathed a sigh of relief. 

'Finally back where I feel the safest' he thought as his eyes scanned the room, landing on his best friend, and black ranger, Chase. A small smile graced his lips at the sight, Chase was relaxed back in a computer chair with his feet crossed on the console. 

He had his eyes closed, earphones on and was tapping along with the beat of whatever song was playing. Riley shook his head and laughed a little, he couldn't resist the urge to mess with the black ranger. 

He made his way to the console and sat down beside Chase's feet, snickering to himself he shoved the other boy's feet hard enough so they landed on the floor. 

What happened next was lighting fast, Chase was out of his chair and on his feet, in Riley's personal space,with his fist raised ready to punch whoever it was.  

Petrified would be one word to describe the look in the green rangers eyes, Chase's eyes went wide with realization, he backed up a step, dropping and opening his fist in order to take his headphones off. 

"Damnit Riley!" He cursed, the green ranger jumped slightly at the level of the other's voice. He cast his eyes to the floor and mumbled "Sorry", as if it was an automatic response. 

The green ranger jumped off the console and tried to walk away, but Chase grabbed his forearm and Riley's breath hitched slightly. 'This is just Chase, breath Riley, he wouldn't hurt you' he had to remind himself. 

He turned around to look at the taller boy, whose eyes were softened now. "I could have really hurt you Ry. You can't do stuff like that. I don't want to hurt you" as if begging Riley to understand. 

All the green ranger did was nod and turn to walk away again, but was stopped this time by a hand on his shoulder, he winced slightly. 

This didn't go unnoticed by the black ranger, who removed his hand immediately, as if he was burned. He walked around in front of Riley, raising a questioning eyebrow. 

"Just a little sore from the last fight." He replied smoothly.  Chase screwed his face up and tugged the collar of Riley's shirt down until he could see the part of the shoulder he had touched. 

It was marred with a purple bruise that was turning yellow and fading slightly. Riley shook him off "It was nothing, just got my ass kicked in our last fight"he said shrugging. 

Nodding Chase got the impression that Riley wasn't going to talk about it.  "Want to go for a walk?" He questioned hopefully. 

This was what him and Riley did, they would go for long walks and talk about life. Riley sighed "Sure let's go" he said giving up. 

They walked down the streets and chatted aimlessly, the tension from earlier totally forgotten. They stopped for a hotdog from the street vendor, and chase threw a friendly arm over his shoulders as they walked and laughed together. 

"Riley!" They heard from behind them. Chase felt his friend go stiff under his arm and effectively slide out of their embrace, turning on his heel to see who was talking to him. 

Chase turned too to see a blonde haired, blue-eyed man jogging up to them, he snuck a glance at Riley and was sure the younger boy was holding his breath. 

He turned back to the intruder and raised his eyebrow in question. "Hey, baby" he put the emphasis on 'baby' and wrapped a possessive arm around Riley, who looked as if he had forced himself to relax. 

Both of his eyebrows were now in his hairline. "Baby? Riley, you never told me you batted for that team" he said making a joke, trying to lighten the mood. I did not work. 

Riley rolled his eyes at Chase' attempt at humor. 'Hope I don't lose a friend over this..' he thought sadly. Riley finally spoke. "Hey, this is Chase, my coworker and friend" he said carefully. 

Chase shot him a look "Nice to meet you...." waiting for someone to supply him with a name. "Eric, this is" Riley struggled for a term "Boyfriend" Eric finished slightly aggressive. 

"Nice to meet ya mate" holding out his hand, which Eric ignored, turning his attention back to Riley "I thought you were at work, baby" you could feel the accusation dripping from the statement. 

"We were just on our lunch break" he supplied smoothly, sending a pleading glance at Chase. Knowing it was a ranger training day later, Chase played along. 

"Yeah, mate, should be heading back now..." he replied lamely. Riley nodded, "see you later" he mumbled and tried to walk away, only to have his wrist grabbed, a little roughly if you asked Chase, and spun around. 

Eric gave him an overly dramatic, possessive,  kiss before he let him go, smacking his ass for good measure. Chase felt bile come up in his throat from the site, not because it was two guys, oh no. 

But because it was Riley being treated like a piece of ass and not a treasured boyfriend like he should be. Yes, he was jealous. 

And yes, Chase should be having the internal crisis about why he felt this way about his very male best friend and fellow ranger. 

Maybe at first, but now he's done with all that and the only thing left is acceptance of his feelings. He was jealous yes, but Chase has a feeling that there is more to this 'boyfriend' than meets the eye. 

'I'll figure all this out, one way or the other' Chase thought as they walked back to get started on their ranger training for the day. 

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 A/N: Kind of short. Probably going to only have one more chapter. Please tell me what you think!

Riley entered his apartment after ranger training. He was sweaty and sore and just needed a shower, "Riley" a voice drawled, however it didn't look like he was getting one right now. Sighing internally he braced himself for what he knew was coming. 

Eric crossed the room swiftly, placing his hand on Riley's bruised shoulder and squeezed, "Hey baby" he drawled. "Where have you been?" Riley winced partly in pain and partly at the loaded question that he wasn't sure how to answer correctly. 

"I was at work" he offered.  "Then I went for a jog to clear my head"he added smoothly. Eric tightened his grip more, send pain through his body "With that chase guy?" He asked and Riley could hear the burning jealousy in his tone. 

"" he stuttered our Because of the pain "alone" he offered. "Don't lie to me" he roared releasing Riley's shoulder and giving him a slap across the face. "I'm not lying!" He defended himself. 

Eric scoffed and rolled his eyes "Whatever, your nothing but a little whore that will be nothing but a piece of ass to anyone" he said as he left Riley's apartment, slamming the door. Riley sink to the floor to gather himself. Taking a deep ragged breath he stood up and went for his original destination, the shower, and mumbled "you think I don't know that?" To himself. 

Once inside he let the hot water run down his aching muscles and bruises, letting his head drop trying to clear his head of any thoughts and just relax for a little while. Hopefully Eric was done messing with him tonight. 

'No, that's a horrible thought. He's your boyfriend. You love him' he went over the chant in his head before the water started to turn cold. 'Have I been in here this long?' He asked himself. 

He had a pair of jeans on and was towel drying his hair when he heard a knock at the door, not even thinking twice he went and opened it. What he didn't expect was a shocked Chase on the other side of the door. 

"Ch...Chase?" He squeaked out, stepping aside so his best friend could enter. Chase couldn't take his eyes off of Riley, not because he was half naked, of course that was nice, but because of all the bruises and scrapes and cuts that marred his chest and stomach. 

Chase let out a breath, and as if on auto pilot he reached and ran his hand down Riley's chest, examining each bruise and cut. "Riley" Chase whispered with concern and looked up into the green ranger's fearful eyes. 

A shudder ran though Riley's body at the emotion in Chase's eyes and his hand on his chest. They were frozen in time when the door started to unlock and before anyone could move Eric walked through the door "Baby, I'm sorry I didn't mean it..." he trailed off at the scene before him, both heads snapped towards the intruder. 

It was then Chase noticed where his hand was and pulled it away like it was on fire. Speaking of fire, that's all that could be seen in Eric's eyes. Chase looked back to Riley who looked utterly petrified and couldn't take his eyes off the other man. 

"Eric..." Riley stuttered out Chase could have sworn he heard the blonde growl. As if a lightbulb came one, he placed himself between Riley and Eric, his face set in anger. 

"You" he growled out. "YOU did this to him?" He asked incredulously. But Eric just smirked "He's mine." With emphasis on the last word "I can do whatever I want to him" he drawled out with a sadistic grin.  

Chase wasn't touching Riley but he could feel the green ranger trembling. Backing up to where Riley's chest was flush to his back, in a protective manner. Ignoring how good it felt to have his crush this close he continued his conversation "You will not TOUCH him again!" Chase all but growled at the asshole by the door. 

"Get out!" He yelled. Eric turned to leave "remember what I told you Riley." He then turned to Chase "He will be back" and laughed as he closed the door. Chase was trying desperately hard to get his anger under control, he didn't want Riley to think he was mad at him. 

He took a deep breath and turned to face his friend who hadn't moved from his personal space. He looked at Riley's face and saw a freshly formed bruise, without thinking he raised his hand and cupped Riley's cheek and ran his thumb softly over the bruise.  

Riley sucked in a nervous, ragged breath. Chase's eyes turned even softer if that was possible. "Riley" he whispered sympathetically. He saw something flash in Riley's eyes as he smacked Chase's hand away. 

"I'm not a damsel in destress, Chase" he spat "I don't need to be saved!" He argued crossing his arms over his chest defensively. Hurt flashed through Chase's eyes , this was starting to sound strangely like a rejection,but he tried to cover it quickly. 

"Riley, I'm..." But he was cut off by the lost look on Riley's face. "What's wrong Ry?"  He asked concerned. "He's gone" he whispered, sitting down on the couch with his head in his hands. 

"He's the only one that could every love me.." he mumbled into his hands "I'm going to be alone forever..." he finished with a sigh into his hands. 

All chase could do was stand there and stare slack jawed at his oblivious best friend.

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