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I’m screwed

 There are a few things you need to know about Dean Winchester. Dean is 17 years old. He has a 5 year old little brother, Sam. 

Dean got emancipated at the age of 16 and petitioned the court for custody of his little brother, which he got with the help of Bobby. His father died before Sam was born, a car accident.

His mother died about 2 years ago, she was sick so dean has taken care of Sam most of his life. They lived with their 'Uncle Bobby' until he could save up enough money to get them moved into a nice apartment in a good school district. Today they are finally moving in to their new place.  

Dean is gay, he has already came to terms with that, and the two people that mean the most to him, Sam and Bobby, accept him completely, but he doesn't advertise it. Everyone is not as accepting. 

He has never had a relationship though. It's not that he isn't handsome, he catches many eyes, but he's just never had any time or reason for a relationship. 

In a week him and Sam will be starting their new school. Him as a Junior, and Sam will be in first grade. 

He doesn't plan to go to college, but he will be damned if he doesn't finish high school. There parents had insurance policies in place, they will pay him a check and Sam a check every month until they turn 18 or 21 if they attend college. 

So Dean has another year before he has to get an official job, but he helps Bobby out in the garage on weekends for extra money. He wants Sam to have everything he needs, he wants his little brother to be happy.

Dean collapsed onto the well loved couch with a thud and a sigh of relief. A rambunctious Sam came running in and dog piled on his big brother. Groaning "Sammy!" Dean started tickling his little brother. 

"Stop!....I can't breath, Dean!" Sam said in between a fit of giggles. "Uncle!" He gasped out as Dean stopped to let him get his breath. They laid there for a moment laughing. 

"Well Sammy, I finally got the last box unpacked. Do you like your room?" Dean asked curiously. Sam nodded his head vigorously "I love it dean! Thanks! You're the best!" And lunged to give him a hug. 

Dean accepted the hug happily. "Hey! No chick flick moments kid!" He said jokingly and Sam just hugged him tighter and Dean laughed. The older Winchester checked his phone and made a face. 

"It's 9:30 kiddo. Let's get you to bed." Sam pulled a face "Oh come on Dean! I'm not in school yet" he whines slightly. Dean fixed him with a look that said 'My way or the highway' and said "We need to get you in a routine buddy. Can't have you tired for school". 

With a sigh Sam resigned to his fate. "Alright dean" he mumbled making his way back to his room. "Teeth" Dean added in a song-song voice he could literally feel Sam roll his eyes. 

"And don't roll your eyes Sammy!" He added in amusement and laughed when he heard Sam gasp and run for the bathroom to brush his teeth. 

"Dean" he heard Sam say from his bedroom. Dean smiled and walked towards the back of the apartment, towards his brother's room. 

He leaned on the door frame and saw Sam cleaning his room a little before bed, clad in his Scooby doo pajamas, he laughed to himself. Sam saw him and grinned big, hopping in bed and under the covers. 

"I'm ready! Are you gonna read me a story?" He asked, already knowing the answer. Dean smiled and crawled into bed, on top of the covers, beside his baby brother. "What are we readin?" He asked. 

After 5 books Sam was finally asleep. Dean sighed tiredly and headed for his room to crash. He plopped down on the bed after changing into something more comfortable and losing the shirt. He was out before his head hit the pillows. 

The next few days went by fast. Making sure that Sam had all of his school supplies, and a Scooby Doo back pack with a matching lunch box, of course. 

Dean used the back pack he always used, he just needed a few note books, some pencils, and maybe a binder or two. Today was the day, the day everything got hectic around the Winchester house, the day school started. 

Led Zeppelin filled the air of Dean's room, he groaned and reached one hand out from under the cover,that had cocooned him during the night, grabbing the offending object and hitting the "off" button on his phone's alarm. 

He got up and got his clothes and headed for the shower, hitting Sam's door a few times. "Sam, Up" he grunted out. Dean was less than human before his coffee and shower. 

He finished his shower quickly so Sam could have his turn, he pulled on his jeans and exited the bathroom topless, drying his hair. 

Upon exiting he almost ran over a very excited Sam who rushed past him for a shower. "Woah Sammy, bring it down a notch. It's too early for that much energy" he joked. 

Throwing on his black t-shirt and green plaid button up, that was left unbuttoned, making his way to the kitchen to make coffee. 

He started the coffee maker and walked back over to the door of the bathroom "Pancakes?" He yelled over the water and got an excited 'Yes!' In return. 

Chuckling he headed back to the kitchen. By the time Sam was out of the shower, dressed and seated at the table there was a stack of pancakes, bacon, eggs and a glass of milk sitting on the table for Sam. 

Dean was on his second cup of coffee, scrolling through his phone like it was a news paper. "I packed you a PB&J, chips and some apple slices. That sound okay Sammy?" He didn't hear a response and looked up to Sammy nodding happily, mouth full of pancakes. 

"Okay Sam, finish up and put the dishes in the sink, we are about to head out". Wit another nod Sam finished up his food and did as he was told. Dean grabbed his car keys and headed out the door with Sam in tow. 

First stop was Sam's school. "You sure you don't want me to walk you in Sammy? I gave myself extra time" He asked his little brother. "No, thanks Dean. I can do it!" He smiled determinedly up at him. 

"Okay, you sure you have everything?" Sam nodded and hugged dean before he got out of the car "Love you Dean!" He said before walking away "Love you too squirt." Dean responded and watched his little brother all the way into the building. 

'Alright. Time for a new year, a new school, and a new me. Maybe I will be popular this year" Dean mused to himself as he pulled into his school. Taking a deep breath he headed towards the doors of the school. He headed straight for the office to get his schedule and his locker number. 

He found his locker and was putting his lunch inside when he heard something a little further down. "Fag" Dean's eyebrow raised. 

'What the hell..?' He thought to himself, walking closer to the source of the noise. He peeked around the corner and saw 3 guys cornering what looked like a smaller guy with messy hair and glasses. 

He heard the three Neanderthals talking about how the whole football team wanted to kick his ass. 'But why?' Dean thought and continued to watch. 

He heard a squeaked "Why" from the smaller boy, as if reading deans thoughts. "Because" The biggest one, who Dean assumed was the leader of the group, responded "We don't tolerate Fags like you, Castiel." 

The other two sniggered. "You should be used to this by now." He went to throw a punch and the kid closed his eyes in fear. 

Dean, without thinking, dropped his backpack and tackled the one that was going to hit the kid. 

Said kid peeked open one eye to probably see why he wasn't getting hit. Dean jumped off of the guy and while they were all still in shock from the intrusion, he grabbed the unknown kid's wrist with a rushed "Time to go". 

He grabbed his back pack on the way back towards the classrooms and more people. 'Well, so much for being popular this year' Dean mused to himself  as they ran. 

Finally stopping they leaned against a wall to catch their breath, now surrounded by plenty of people so they could blend in. Finally looking at the kid he 'saved' green met crystal blue eyes. Dean's Jaw went slack. 

"I'm Castiel" the other boy offered quietly. Dean still couldn't form any words, but his mind did seem to come up with something. 

'Yep, I'm definitely screwed.' 

A/N: I really hope you liked it. It's my first true AU. And my first Supernatural fic. Please let me know if I need to continue! Thanks!

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Burnt Bread

 A/N: I just want to thank everyone for all of the encouraging comments! I'm glad that y'all want me to continue writing this! I was worried no one would like it. I'm sorry for any errors, I'm typing it on my phone. Also, I'm going to try to update as much as possible but my writing style is so random and chaotic. I'm sorry I promise I'll try really har though!

Dean finally made it to his home room, though he probably couldn't tell you what the teachers name was, he was too focused on those blue eyes. He had to make himself pay attention when the teacher was talking, or at least pretend to so he didn't get in trouble. Finally the bell rang. 

He made is way to his next class 'History' he thought to himself. He walked through the door and scanned the room. His eyes landed on a mass of black hair, he chuckled softly and made his way over to him. 

Plopping himself down next to the boy, clearly startling him. He looked up and blushed. 'Well that's adorable' dean thought and grinned at him. "Wh...what are you doing?" He asked softly. 

Dean's smile was replaced with a frown. "Uh...sitting..." he answered lamely. Castiel rolled his eyes. "I mean why are you sitting" He finished softly with a blush. 

"Because you seem cool and you're the only person I know at this school" He was trying for nonchalant but it kinda came out desperate. 

Dean mentally slapped himself. Castiel just nodded "Well, since you're new, I'll warn you. Sitting with me will get you to outcast status as fast as you can snap your fingers" he said it like he was talking about the weather, not like he had just insulted himself. 

Dean frowned again. "screw what they think. In fact screw everyone in this crappy place." He said , getting agitated. Castiel looked shocked to say the least, he just nodded dumbly and went back to reading his book. Dean smirked. 'Cute little nerd' he thought as he took out his own book. 

The rest of the day went relatively smooth. Dean and Castiel were in most classes together except math, which Castiel was in an AP class and Dean sucks at math. 

They ate lunch together, just Castiel, dean and another "outsider" Chuck. He was a bit eccentric but a nice guy none the less. They were in there last class waiting for the bell to ring. 'Well, it's now or never' Dean thought nervously. 

Castiel was in the middle of a rant about something or another when Dean interrupted him.  "Can I give you a ride home, Cas?" He blurted out and tried to hold down a blush. Castiel raised his eyebrow. "Cas?" He asked amusingly, smirking slightly. Dean just shrugged. "As for your other question, I can't." 

Dean's face dropped. "I would like that, but I have to pick up my little brother from his first day of school" he finished. Dean's smile widened. "We can pick him up" Dean offered. 

Castiel's eyes widened "No Dean, I couldn't..." but before he could finish his sentence "I have to pick up Sammy. He started today too" Dean interrupted. Castiel smiled happily and just nodded. 

Now Dean would deny it, but he was beaming. "Great !" He said, trying to hide his enthusiasm, but it wasn't working very well. 

The bell finally rang. "Just let me toss these in my locker and we will head out." Dean called over his shoulder, stuffing books in his locker and grabbing the ones he needed for homework while Castiel did the same in his locker. 

"Ready?" Dean asked , Castiel just nodded. They headed out of the building and Dean lead Castiel to his car. Dean smirked at the sharp intake of breath. "Dean, your car is beautiful" he mumbled. 

That car was his pride and joy, it used to be his dad's and when he got old enough he took it upon himself to fix it up, he loved that car almost as much as he loved Sammy. Almost. 

They both slid into the car. "You let children ride in here?" Castiel asked as he made a face. "Yeah, I don't have a choice" he said. "Ah your parents make you pick up your little brother?" Dean tensed for a moment and hopped that Castiel didn't notice. 

If he did, he didn't comment "Uhm...yeah...something like that" he responded vaguely. They made it to the elementary school early so they stepped out, and leaned up against the hood of Dean's car, after telling Castiel it was fine about 4 times. 

He was about to start a conversation with the boy next to him when he heard "DEAN!!!" his face broke into a huge grin. "Hey Sammy!" The younger Winchester ran up and jumped in Dean's arms. 

Castiel smiles fondly at the brothers. "Cassie!" Dean watched Castiel roll his eyes. Dean raised a questioning eyebrow and Castiel gave him a 'Don't go there' look. 

Dean chuckled. "Gabriel, I told you not to call me that" The younger boy ignored him and hugged him.  Sam was the first to speak "Who is he?" Dean was about to answer when the other boy said 

"That's Cassie" he began "Castiel" corrected the older boy "he's my big brother" The younger boy finished. dean tried to hold back a laugh. "Ohhh" Sam said as if it all made sense. 

"This is my big brother Dean" Sam beamed. Gabriel looked him up and down and just nodded. "So you two know each other?" Dean asked curiously. 

Sam nodded happily "Yep! Gabe is awesome! A kid took a toy from me, Gabe took the toy and hit the kid with it and gave it back to me" Dean tried his hardest not to laugh, he really did. 

"Gabriel!" Castiel reprimanded. Gabriel just shrugged with a mischievous grin on his face. Castiel rolled his eyes at Dean's amusement. 

The older Winchester raised his hand in a surrender. "Ready to go boys?" Dean asked. Everyone nodded in agreement and go into the car. 

"Seatbelts" he told the younger two in the back seat. They complied, he looked at Castiel who was already looking at him. "What?" He asked. "Nothing, you sound like a dad" he smiled. 

Dean stiffened a little and ignored the statement. "Did you have a good first day guys?" He asked curiously. They both nodded happily with a "yes!" In unison. Dean smiled, "Good, any homework?" He asked. 

They both grumbled a "yes" before starting their own conversation. They drove for a few minutes until Sam broke the silence.

"Hey dean, can Gabe come play at our house?" Dean just shrugged "If his parents are okay with it, it's fine" Sam squealed happily. "Cassie can I call mom??" He asked excited. Castiel chuckled and handed his younger brother his phone. 

"Mom said yes! And she wants to talk to you!" Castiel sighed. "Yes mom, they aren't serial killers. Yes he will do his homework. Okay love you" He said as he hung up the phone. 

"You're going to come hang out too right Cas?" He asked hopefully. Castiel smiled. "Of course. Mom asked me to go with him, but I would have accepted had she not requested it" 

Dean smiled happily. "Okay its all set boys, what do you want for dinner tonight?" Before they could even think Sam yelled "Spaghetti! Dean makes the best!" Dean blushed a little at the compliment. 

"Spaghetti is my favorite!" Gabe agreed. He looked to Castiel "If it's not too much trouble, Spaghetti is fine." He said quietly. "Spaghetti it is" the boys cheered. 

They made it to The Winchester' apartment. Dean got the boys settled at the kitchen table,with milk and cookies, to do their homework. 

He grabbed a snack for him and Castiel and headed to the living room to finish his homework so he could start dinner. 

Once the boys finished their homework they raced off to Sam's room to play. Dean and Castiel moved to the kitchen so they could study and Dean could cook. Half way through both tasks, as Dean was putting the garlic bread in the oven, he  hears the boys arguing. 

"Samuel Winchester. Here. Now." Sam slumped out of his room and stood in front of his brother as told, Gabe right behind him. "What's the problem, Sam?" Sam 'hmphed' And crossed his arms. 

"Tell me Sam unless you want this play date over." Dean threatened.  Sam sighed in defeat. "Gabe said Castiel is your boyfriend, and I said no he isn't, that you would tell me if you got a boyfriend!" Sam finished, getting upset again. 

"Dean, is Castiel your boyfriend??"  All Dean could do was gape like a fish at his younger brother while the garlic bread started to burn.

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You can wear my clothes

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Cas in my bed

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Bobby, We have a problem...

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Not now Cas

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A long night

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Good morning Cas

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