Silent Love


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 A/N : I usually write FanFiction. This is my first original work. I hope you enjoy it! I wrote this on my phone so sorry for any mistakes, hopefully no major ones. Please let me know what you think! Does this sound any good ? And should I cont


Xander's POV


I walked down the brightly lit hallway of my own personal hell, okay okay it was high school but same difference right?  I have my hands shoved deep into my pockets and my eyes downcast, making my way to my locker. 

It's only the third week of school and I've done a good job of keeping away form Derek and his "crew" as he likes to call them. I scoff at the thought, 'More like brainless meatheads that do whatever he says' I mumble internally. 

I finally make it to my locker and switch out my books. I shove my Math, Bio and English books into my bag and toss it on my shoulder. Those are the classes I have before lunch, so I won't have to venture back to my locker until after lunch. 

I pull out my phone and check the time 7:15. I sigh and head back towards the front of the school to wait on my friends. I've learned to get here early to avoid any "hassles" of the Derek variety. 

I roll my eyes when I think of that idiot, he thinks it's fun to use me as a punching bag, not that it hurts too bad, I scoff, my step mom could hit harder than him.  Not that she would, you know, hit me. 

Not like my crappy birth mom, I shake my head to get that thought out as I open the door and the comfortable breeze hits my face.  I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous in a hoodie in August but I don't care, hoodies are like safety blanket for me. 

I live with my dad, you see, and his new wife. She's nice, I don't have an evil step mom like in the books and movies. She loves me, I know she does but I haven't come around to the idea of calling her "Mom" yet. It feels as if I start calling her "Mom" she will start acting like my birth mom. 

Well not that I could exactly "call" her anything, not really, I can write it though or sign it. You see, I'm a mute, which means I can't talk, which in turn means I'm very shy and socially awkward which apparently warrants the bullshit that Derek deems "funny". 

I roll my eyes for the millionth time that morning. I went over leaned up against the tree to the side of the school to wait for my friends.

Lucky for me I made friends with my small circle of people before I became mute. It was a car crash, a crash that killed my birth mom. It's been about three years now, and I haven't said a word since. The doctors don't know if it's mental or physical, if I'm choosing not to talk or if I can't physically talk. 

To be honest with you, I'm not sure either but I don't really care either way, I don't mind not talking. I just wish everyone would leave me alone. 

My parents have been divorced since I could remember, I didn't know my dad very well. My mom wouldn't let me see him, probably worried that he'd see the bruises. According to her I reminded her of him too much, so she took her anger about him leaving, out on me. But I'm pretty sure it all started the second I uttered the words "Mom, I think I'm gay". 

When I showed up on my Dad's steps after the accident I was terrified that he would do the same. I was all banged up from the accident so he didn't really notice that most of the bruises were from her. 

Not until I fractured my ankle while skateboarding, the doctor just went ahead and did a full body scan to be safe. He said that I had breaks and fractures in various stages of healing. My Dad looked like someone had sucker punched him, I just kept my eyes on the floor. I finally broke done and told him what happened, when I signed it. 

For the next week him and my step mom were hugging me and crying and saying how sorry they were that they didn't 'save' me. I scoff again 'I don't need saving, I'm not a princess in a tower' I huffed in my head. 

I was lucky that my Dad's house was still in the same school district, so I wouldn't lose  my friends. When I stopped talking they just kind of adapted, went with the flow. They really are the best.

I'm scrolling through my phone while I wait for my friends, when I hear a familiar voice "XANDER!". My head snapped up to meet her brown eyes that were hid behind her glasses. 

I smiled instantly, she was wearing a Mighty Morphing Power Rangers graphic tee, her brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she was wearing green skinny jeans and black converse.

'Kayleigh' I thought happily. My group of friends dress kind of similar sometimes. I'm  wearing , as I said earlier, a hoodie it's actually just a plain grey hoodie. Under that I'm wearing a band t-shirt, I honestly don't remember which one I have a ton. 

I'm wearing black skinny jeans and grey converse, I also have a ton of converses too. My dad was trying to make up for my childhood so he bought me lots of stuff, not that I'm complaining. 

I wave to her happily and look behind her to see Oliver, we call him 'Ollie' he's my absolutely best friend of them all, my grin widens as I take in his appearance. With dirty blonde hair, sticking out slightly from under his grey beanie, and green eyes 'My best friend is gorgeous' I think and shake my head. 

Sure I'm gay but best friends are totally off limits. He's wearing a AC/DC Shirt and grey skinny jeans with a white pair of DCs on. His entire outfit is accented by his septum piercing and lip ring. He waves at me as another one of our friends, Jainy runs and jumps on his back. 

Her hair is dyed purple with pink side bangs and she has deep brown eyes. She's wearing a Sailor Moon graphic tee and purple skinny jeans with blue converses on. 

They giggle happily as they make their way to me and I wave at them all excitedly. When they reached me I looked at them questioningly, with an arched eyebrow. 

'Where is Pax?' I sign to Ollie, he learned to sign so we could communicate. 

Other than my step mom and Dad no one else knows sign language 'He's the best' I thought. I'm fine with just one person knowing, when we are all together he can just translate for me.

"What did he say?" Kayleigh asked Oliver curiously. "He wants to know where Paxton is" Oliver answered easily. 

"Oh he texted me earlier saying he would be a little late, that we shouldn't wait on him" Jainy pipped up. "Sorry I forgot to tell you" she said sheepishly. She is a very forgetful person. 

We all laughed at her, well they laughed I made the motion but nothing came out. 

"Anyways! Let's get to class!" Oliver announced and everyone else groaned, I sighed. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and lead the small group inside. 

"Come on it's not that bad." Oliver beamed and the girls grumbled, I rolled my eyes. 

'How am I such good friends with a total morning person?' I thought amused. If I hadn't had my coffee this morning I'd be a total different Xander right now, and trust me you don't want to meet that asshole. 

The girls went their separate ways and Oliver and I headed towards our classrooms, they were side by side. I had math first while he had English. 

He ruffled my hair affectionately,while I swatted him away playfully, before walking into his class. He threw a small wave over his shoulder, then he was gone. 

'What monster schedules a class at 8am?' I groan inwardly. As if on cue Mrs. Louis cleared her throat behind me, making me jump. "Best get to class, Mr. James" she said in a stern voice. I scurried to the back of the class to the desk closest to the window and furthest away from everyone else in the class. 

No one would dare sit by me, then their social status would hit rock bottom. That was fine by me, besides my friends I don't really like people at all. I took out my notebook and started doodling until class started. 

I was brought out of my concentration by the teacher talking "Alright Students, this is Liam, he's new here. So be nice" she said in a no-nonsense kind of voice. 

The entire class started to chatter, I heard the girls giggling, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was gorgeous with shaggy brown hair that fell slightly in his eyes and bright green eyes.

He was wearing ripped jeans that fit him kind of tightly, and a tight blue t-shirt. 'Blue was his color' I couldn't help but think. 

Mrs. Louis turned back to the new guy 'Liam' my mind supplied and spoke a few words that made all the chattering stop and made me almost choke on air. "Go sit next to Xander over there" she said pointing straight at me. 

You could hear a pin drop. But he obviously didn't notice, as he gave me a toothy grin and made his way over. 

"Hey" He said "I'm Liam" he finished introducing himself. I kind of froze and just looked at him, did I mention I'm totally socially awkward?

'Do something Xander. Don't sit here like an idiot just staring' I scolded myself 'Don't do anything stupid and embarrassing' I warned myself. 

Not really knowing what to do I just waved to him. I freaking waved, I mentally facepalmed and sunk down in my seat, trying desperately to hid my blush. I continued my doodle from earlier and I hear him chuckle lightly. 

'Good job Xander, not embarrassing at all' I chided myself mentally, at this point I make a very convincing tomato.

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Chapter 1


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Sign Language

 I ended up doodling for the rest of the class, making sure to keep my eyes down, I'd had already embarrassed myself enough in front of the new hottie. 'It doesn't matter, he seems like a preppy guy, he'll get sought out by Derek soon enough' I shudder at my own thought. 'Especially when he finds out I'm gay" I cringe. 

I'm so lost in thought that I don't hear the bell, I jump almost out of my skin when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Most people don't touch me, and the ones that occasionally do are definitely not in this class. 

My eyes follow the offending appendage up to its owner, and I'm met with bright green eyes. 'Liam' I would have probably breathed that out if I could talk, 'Thank god for small favors' I think sarcastically. 

I shook my head to gather my thoughts, 'Great, he's gonna screw with me before he even meets Derek' I grumble internally. I slipped my perfectly crafted 'mask' into place, lifting a questioning eyebrow at him as if to say 'What?' 

He chuckled softly "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously "I um...have no clue where I'm going , could you help..?" He said blushing a little, and I'm pretty sure that sentence didn't go the way he wanted it to, I'm really good at reading people. 

I just shrug and nod my head while getting up and motioning for him to follow me. I sigh as we walk into the hall and into the sea of people, I hold my hand out for him to hand me his schedule but apparently that wasn't what he was thinking. 

He took the opportunity to grab my hand. I just looked back at him in in utter shock, shrinking away from the touch a little, he dropped my hand instantly with concern etched across his features. 

"I'm..." but he was cut off by a weight on my back, I look up wide eyed into the amused face of Oliver. I signed in relief as he ruffled my hair jumping down,  keeping an arm around my shoulder, Oliver was super protective of me. 

"Hey Ollie" I signed with a smile, but he was still looking all judgy at Liam and said boy was oblivious to the look and was watching me sign with curiosity. I nudged Oliver gently to get his attention "Huh?" he responded. 

"Graceful Ollie' I think and roll my eyes "I'm sorry did you say something Xan?" He asked apologetically. I repeated myself "Hey Ollie" I began then motioning to Liam "This is Liam, He's new and I'm helping him find his classes" I finished. 

Oliver looked Liam up and down and smirked at me "Being a Good Samaritan there Xan" he asked amusingly. All I could do was roll my eyes and nudge him playfully, blushing slightly. He laughed as if I answered some unspoken question. 

"Stop making me blush Ollie! He doesn't even know that I'm gay! Could we not do this in the middle of the hall??" I signed so fast he almost didn't catch it, and Liam was in awe. 

I puffed at the end, pouting slightly at Oliver. Oliver just laughed and patted my shoulder "Sure thing Xan, Sure thing" he agreed. 

"Thank you" I singed "Now can you ask him to give me his schedule? I tired to get it and he held my hand instead" I continued blushing slightly and Oliver opened his mouth "Don't you dare mention it!" I quickly added. 

"And tell him sorry, we are being rude" I finished, looking at a confused Liam, worrying my bottom lip with my teeth nervously, hoping Oliver didn't try to be funny. 

I heard Oliver sigh "First off, he says sorry for being rude, he wasn't trying to leave you out of the conversation it's just that I'm the only one that knows sign language here" I roll my eyes at Oliver's proud tone. 

"He asked me to get you to give him your schedule, something about you didn't understand him or something earlier" Liam blushed, Oliver smirked and I groaned internally. 

"Oh, um" he says handing me his paper. I shoot a glare at Oliver and sign for him to relay this properly, no commentary from him. 

He laughs and holds his hands up in surrender as I singed for him to translate "We have the same schedule, you're welcome to follow me around today or until you're comfortable on your own" Oliver just smirked and relayed the message properly. 

A silent 'thank you Jesus' was sent up as the bell rings and I sigh again, hoping I'm out of the woods with this awkward encounter. Me being, well, me of course I wasn't. 

Oliver ruffled my hair and booped my nose with his finger. Then for the freaking icing on the top of the cake he kissed my cheek, making me go completely red like I had been earlier, and bounded off down the hall calling a "Bye Xan Xan" over his shoulder. 

I sneak a peek at a extremely shocked Liam 'Payback is a bitch, Ollie' I think as we make our way to our next class, chemistry. I was hoping that Liam would go sit with someone else, you know giving me a break from being a tomato, no such luck. 

He sat by me at the large table that held two people each. At the beginning of the class the teacher announced that whoever we were sitting next to was our partner for the rest of the year. I groaned and face palmed mentally 'of course they are!' I thought miserably, knowing I would be spending most of the year this red all the time. 

Towards the end of class the teacher told us that we should 'get to know our partners'. I look over to Liam and he's scribbling something on paper, he then slides said paper to me and I swear my heart skips a beat. 

Scrawled on the paper is "Was that guy your boyfriend?" I panicked, I hadn't had a panic attack in a while and I wasn't going to break my streak. I evened out my breathing, how was I supposed answer this? 

I mean of course he isn't my boyfriend, I'm not delusional. Oliver is my extremely attractive, extremely straight best friend that just likes to mess with me and the fact that I'm gay. Obviously I'm going to say no he isn't my boyfriend, but then his next logical question will be about my sexuality. 

What if he doesn't like it, just like mom didn't. I take a deep and shaky breath before shaking my head no. 'There, maybe he will let it go' I think positively, but I was positively wrong. 

He made a thoughtful face before writing again "He sure seems to like you, he was giving me a death glare" was now written under the first question.  I smile a little and shake my head again, I start to sign back an answer but stop when I remember this isn't Oliver. 

I reach for the pen but he stops me, I raise an eyebrow "You can sign to me, my older sister is deaf" he says answering the question I didn't ask. My eyes light up, I'm sure of it, I can feel them as they do. 'Someone else I can easily talk to' I thought 

Then realization hit and I blushed red again. "You understood our conversation in the hall..?" I signed quickly he smirked, confirming my suspicions, to my mortification. I ran my hand down my face in exasperation 'will my face ever be the right color?!' I whined internally. 

Getting back to his question "You obviously know I'm gay. But, Ollie isn't my boyfriend. He is my friend, my very very straight friend." I sign to him. 

The bell rings and his only response was "Good", he then gave me a wink and headed out of the room saying "Meet you in the lunchroom" before leaving the room and heading in the direction of his locker. 

All I could think is 'What the actual fuck?' sighing I left and made my way to lunch, can this extremely embarrassing day just end already?

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