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Overview of the Story

Up in the outstretched skies exits a virgin planet beyond depiction. A promise land that will belong to every citizen who will bear the name Vail. Before all humanity is separated into two distinct classes, a third zone must be given a chance to prove where they belong. At MacMillian, Gloria is to aid the World Order in understanding the character of others, however she finds she is ultimately discovering herself. Gloria takes us on a journey of philosophical insight as she tries to understand her place in a life that has already been set out for her. This is an all-absorbing story of love, life, and self-discovery. 

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Author: Nouhad Taouk

At university I helped the drama department write scripts for aspiring young actors. I was a passionate writer, encouraged by my professors. I dreamt about becoming a journalist, however I graduated from university with a Bachelor Degree in Finance. I needed a degree that would ensure a solid wage. The incessant urge to write gave birth to this novel.

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