The Dream


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II. School

    After Zoey’s dad had finally left and Zoey called Maci, her mom’s friend, to come watch the kids so she could go to school. When Maci got there she had asked what had happened to Zoey jut she had just said that she had fell of her skateboard. Zoey left after a few more questions from Maci and started to walk to school. 

When she reaches her school the lady st the front desk asked her what had happened. She told her the same thing. Then Zoey rushed to her locker, put her stuff away, and went to class. 

The rest of the day was pretty normal. More people asked about what’d happened to her face but she always told the same story, except to her best friend, Kamri. 

Kamri ran up to Zoey right before lunch and started walking with her. “What happened!”

“My dad happened.” Zoey answered flatly. 

“What do you mean? You dad?”

“Well he told me to watch the kids. I said,’why so you can go to the bar?’ And he just got super mad a-and started hitting and kicking me.”

“Oh my gosh.” Zoey could tell that Kamri was speechless. She knew that her dad was pretty unstable but both Zoey and Kamri never would’ve guessed he could do something like this. 

After the school day had finally ended, Zoey and Kamri went to the library to get some work done, also partly because Zoey didn’t want to go back home. 

As they were working they saw two people kissing a few desks away. There was a tall, slim lady with brown hair and a man that she couldn’t really see. The man turned around and Zoey could faintly see him. 

She squinted to make sure she was seeing right. “Dad?”

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