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V was a boy from Korea. He was an ordinary guy. 

"Taehyung! Come down!!" Said his mother. His mother called him Taehyung because that is his real name. "Yes mom?" Asked V "what is wrong with your back?? You don't eat these days?" "I do. I do not know what is wrong! It hurts all the time!! It's even bleeds sometimes.."

Later that night..

It was 2:00 clock at midnight when V heard someone whisper to him. "V,V,V,V" and it went on. 

He was already scared but more when he heard something on this back. He was getting poked!

He got up and opened his shirt just to find something unexpected....HE HAD SPIKES ON HIS BACK! He was so shocked, he ran to his father to talk about it.

He touched his father to shake him and wake him but suddenly out of nowhere a knife appeared in his hands!! He murdered his father. His mom came and she discovered that but then suddenly V stabbed his mom.  His mother said 'Taehyung?' And drew her last breath..

                       To be continued...

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First fly

 V had a tear falling down. A tear, one tear because he murdered his parents and another tear because his back has spikes which are growing. They were white but now they are black. His spikeres kept on growing till his body felt heavy, and he fell down. His wings grew. He broke the roof of his little house and had his first fly! And beside him he hard the whispers again saying 'V, your V go left VVVVVvVvVvVv' Taehyung screamed "OMAY STOP!!!" and flew to the left till the land was getting darker and darker and even darker. 

The whisper stopped.

He met a girl with white wings fly to a palace. He asked her "hi where is this??" 

She replied "the kingdom of wings. What's your name? Mine is B. B as in butterfly because I am an angel"

Taehyung said "my name is...."

The whispers started "V,V,V,V"

"My name is V."

B said '... oh let's meet the king.

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The 7 deadly sins

 Taehyung entered and saw Jin the king. He was handsome, tall and very kind looking he also had white wings. He was sitting in the middle of the table and his 5 angels, Jimin, JK, Hope, suga and Namjoon at the other chairs. 

Jin asked "are you V?" 

V said "yes..... and your King Jin.."

Jin made some sins. And they are deadly sins. They are going to be stabbed if they perform these. They are these actions:

Drinking green drinks


Bathing by filling the tub

Burning pictures of eagles



Playing a piano 

And ever since V entered, the 5 angels started doing the seven deadly sins. Because V was a demon. He has black wings 

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Blood, sweat and tears

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