The Magic of Art and Craft


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The Magic of Art and Craft


The Jaipur or the best you can say is JOYPUR - The Pink City and the place wherein you can find handicrafts that are beyond words. Like always, the craftsmen and artists of Jaipur have modeled the handicrafts into alluring objects of art and craft, which will truly grace your space. Handicraft shopping in the popular and traditional markets of Jaipur is the exciting part only if you exclude listing forts and palaces and learn about their bravery and love for their people. There are specialized Jaipur handicrafts items that are used for decorating home, and office whilst others are used for day-to-day usage. To know more about the Jaipur art and craft, read on:


Handicrafts to Invest in Jaipur:


•    Lac Bangles: Gorgeous bangles made of lacquer which is a type of varnish enraged from wood, are extremely beautiful with artistic designs and bold colors. These handmade bangles are mostly worn at the time of special occasions or festivities. Not to miss, these bangles have colorful beads, mirror work, and stones to look magnificent. Jewelry can never let any women down, in fact it, turns out to smile at the end. A fashionable jewelry items! Where to Buy: Tripolia Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, M.I. Road, Badi Chaupar, Chaura Rasta.

•    Blue Pottery: When its about Blue Pottery, definitely Jaipur is the first name we all get in our mind. Who all agree with us? Blue Pottery is used to make products such as lamp shades, crockery, serving trays, flower vases, jewelry boxes, and much more. This charming pottery stands out with its golden designs, bird motifs, vibrant blue, and animal touch. The best thing about blue pottery is - They are made of quartz stones instead of clay. No point of developing cracks. Where to Buy: Kripal Kumbh, Kuber Handicraft, Heritage India, or if you are busy and is looking for some of the artistic options, you can also buy blue pottery vase at Fanusta. You will adore the collection they are having.

•    Textiles: We already know that Jaipur is famous for textiles, especially handmade touch using block printing and different styles to give a unique and exciting look to the garment. One of the examples is Bandhani saree that are famous for their gorgeous prints and wavy textiles. Turbans, shawls, Odhnis, scarves, etc are hand-made. Where to Buy: Kishanpol Bazaar, Jauhari Bazar, Tripolia Bazaar, Nehru Bazar.

•    Wooden Furniture: The furniture of Jaipur is famous for its motifs and designs. The commonly used is Latticework. Stools, picture frames, chairs, corner tables, ottomans, household items, etc are some of the things that are made from wood. Where to Buy:

•    Miniature Paintings: These painting charms of Jaipur is famous for their beauty; they mostly show their artistic beauty through images of Mughal and Rajput kings, queens, peacocks, Radha-Krishna, etc. They are decorated with crushed powder of semi-precious and precious stones to give a glittery effect on them. However, natural paints are derived from minerals, shells, plants, that are not faded so easily with the time era. Where to Buy: Juneja Art Gallery or

•    Rajasthani Jootis:  Oh! Yes, these beauties are an essential part of Jaipur history, especially worn with traditional dresses at the time of special occasions, festive seasons, and marriage ceremonies. The mojadis and jootis are made from camel leather and embellished with embroidery and stones. They are available in many colors and are made with love by artisans. Where to Buy: Ramganj Bazaar, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazar, M.I. Road.

•    Carpets and Rugs: You get the finest hand-made rugs and carpets in Jaipur. The designs, styles, patterns, and rich colors on them are eye-catching and breathtaking. Striking and bold colors of the carpets and rugs make them attractive and appealing to your space. They are made of silk or old and are best used as home decor. Where to Buy: Subhash Chowk.


Like said, Jaipur is a magnificent place for vacations, learning about history and shopping too. You get to avail everything in just one city ‘Jaipur’.  If you are already impressed with the above-mentioned shopping places in Jaipur, get started with the list you have already made. Starting from Home Decor? Let us know your shopping experience in Jaipur.


Till then, Happy Shopping!

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