How many kinds of tea can you get in Turkey?


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Turkish black tea

Tea is one of the most favorite beverages all over the world. There is no fixed time for drinking tea among tea lovers. They can have tea at any time of the day because of its remarkable benefits. Tea has antioxidant properties and also helps in controlling severe cardiac conditions. Many people also consume tea for weight management. Due to its varied functions and such immense popularity all over the globe, tea is available different flavors and tastes to satisfy the needs of the public worldwide. The most popular types of tea include green tea, black tea, peppermint tea, etc.

One of the most popular teas is found in the western region of Asia, the country of Turkey. Along with the culture, Turkey is quite famous for its unique way of brewing and consuming tea in the world. It is beautiful to watch the locals of this country to prepare their authentic black tea in their traditional ways. Many tourists travel to this country to see the marvellous views of Turkey and also to get a taste of their classic black Turkish tea. Few different types of such teas are available in this country, which are:


This type of tea is available in the local market of turkey. It is a naturally sweetened variety of tea which is also found in different flavors like orange, lemon, apple and cherry.


The ideal climate and landscapes for the cultivation of this beverage are present in the province of Rize. Hence this region is considered as the tea capital of the country.


The apple black tea is the most preferred beverage among the locals of Turkey. This tea is prepared from the dried portions of apples and hence is considered to be a good source of vitamin C. 


The Turkish people have their unique way of brewing and preparing these varieties of tea, as mentioned above. Their traditional method of preparation of tea helps the tea drinkers get the authentic taste of the Turkish black tea.


Apart from these varieties, as mentioned above, a particular type of tea named "aktar" is found in the local shops in turkey, which is famous for its medicinal uses. The tourists mostly prefer the different types of herbal teas available in this country. One can even visit their plantations and get hold of authentic black tea directly from the tea gardens according to their preferences.

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