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Scarlet is the name but you can call me scar it been six years since my family left me half dead six year free from the hell hole I'm 18 now I'm ex soldier, street racer, street fighter, assassin, and DJ/maid. I'm in high school a lone wolf in my school since everyone think I'm a freak or to scared to come up to talk to me, any way lately I've feel like being watch at school must be my imagination or not anyway to all you people that reading about my life, your about to be taken to  a journey through my eyes, seeing ups and downs and funny moments in my life.

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Scarlet Night walker

Name: scarlet 


Last name: night walker


Age: 18


Hair: black, wavy, has red streaks in her fringe 


Eye colour: blood red 


Height: 5'8


Clothing: black t-shirt with a skull and red rose on the shirt, black skinny jean, black combat boots, black leather jacket.( the photo on the top is her battle clothing and that what she looks like, but imagine red streaks on the fringe)


Likes: animals, blood, fighting, reading, music, sleeping, street racing, pokey, anime, weapons and her gang


Dislikes: her family, pink, fangirls, bitches, snobby rich people, loud annoying people, anyone eating her pokey,  someone waking her up from her sleep, someone hurting any of her gang members, and traitors  


Personality: badass, lazy, sarcastic, sadist, calm, scary, funny, (sometime) childish, cold, and emotionless.


History: scarlet had a rough childhood, ignore, shunned and abuse to 1-10 years old by her family, got sent to war at the age of 10 and became the youngest soldier, assassin and strategist in history; when she came back she was fourteen and found out that her family disowned her, let just say she was happiest person alive that day. She made a gang called the outsiders and is the strongest gang in the world, and started street fighting at the age of 15 dose assassin job here and there, the Gang and her live in a one house or should I call it a mansion, has a job as a DJ maid, and does street racing.


Specie: half angel and half devil


powers: fire, darkness, light, ice, telekinesis, shadows, and can master any weapons, and ( I don't know if this a power but sounds like a power to me) photo graph memory  


weakness: has insomnia, nightmares and can never forget the bad memories. 



quotes: their no such things as heroes because if their were they would notice that someone is drowning in their sea despair and darkness, people and heroes only notice when you are already at the bottom of the sea. I may have walk through a road of bad but do it to protect my loves ones, we serve the light and walk through the shadows 



yo people hellangel is back and kicking this is first chapter that change stay tune to better and new character to the story ja ne

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Logan and Lee

Name: Logan 


Last name: night walker


Age: 15


Hair: brown hair, shave both sides, and poofy


Eye colour: brown


Height: up to scarlets shoulder 


Clothing: red top with a black symbol on it, with black chinos (if u cannot imagine it the pic is on the top)


Likes: his family (gang), snuggling with Scarlet, his twin brother, pranks, foxes, sweet food, video games, watching horror movies with the gang, training with Scarlet, and gang battles and shape shifting into animals. 


Dislikes: anyone hurting his family ( the gang is his family), Scarlet not getting any rest, his past family, remembering his past, his brother being so calm, being called weak, hate people at school ( you know the reason why in the future chapters), hates sourer food, bullies ( who doesn't), and hates getting boss around( only follows Scarlets orders).


Personality: aggressive, smartass, protective, tsunder, playful, serious when in a fight, and hard headed.


History: At the age of six to ten Logan and his twin were mistreat and used, Logan and his twin only had each other, and their family made them steal from the riches and do their dirty work without anything in return.


 One day they saw Scarlet, and they decide Scarlet was their next victim, let just say their first attempt did not go so well, so Scarlet took one glance at them and saw a little bit of herself, so she took them in and showed them kindness for three days. After three days, they took their leave to their horrid family.


When they got to their family, the family started to verbally abuse them and when the father was about to whip the boys, Scarlet came to the rescue and broke the father wrist and kick rest of the family asses, and while dragging the boys away while they look shell shocked what she did to their old family, and through then on the boys join Scarlet’s gang and got a new family.  


Specie: shape shifter  


Powers: can shape shift, and show you an illusion.


Weapons: brass knuckles and a dagger 


Weakness: goes head on in to battles without thinking and holy water


Quotes: I may be hard-headed and weak, but I do anything for my family until my dying breath, so don't get in my way. 





Name: Lee


Age: 15


Hair: brown hair, shave on both sides and poofy


Eye colour: brown


Height: up to Scarlets shoulder


Clothing: black and red shirt with a 95 sign on it, black chinos, and black red converses (if you can't imagine it look at the pic of the top)  


Likes: his family (the gang), his brother, sleeping with scarlet, quiet places, annoying his brother, seeing his brother and Scarlet happy, Scarlet, music, sour food, reading, watching horror movies with the gang, helping his brother  with his pranks, and he likes pandas. 


Dislikes: sour food, Scarlet pushing herself to exhaustion, loud places (the gang is an exception), his old family, snobby rich people, rock music, bullies, and people at school. 


Personality: calm, quiet, little bit sarcastic, protective of family, scary when his button have been pushed, and funny.


Weapons: switch blades


Weakness: holy water


Quotes: I may be quiet and kind, but even the kindest and quietest can be deadliest person in the room   


Specie: shape shifter

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