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Rila and Lila

" Over here!" Rila called, running over to the best position to catch the ball. " Coming your way Rila!" The ball is thrown, caught and thrown again. A bell rang just after the whistle shrieked. "That's the end of this quarter." The umpire said loudly to be heard over the handshakes. "Thanks for the match."

The team gathered in a group hug.

"That block was amazing!"

"Woo hoo! That was probably the best game yet! Lila, you nailed that throw at the end! Andrea, that was the perfect lineup and you just perfectly executed that." The girls high fived. "Let's go Fluffy Foxes!" While the other team cried, "Unique Unicorns for the win!"

"Ugh... why did they have to have these stupid names for our teams? Fluffy Foxes, seriously? Unique Unicorns? am I the only one who is sane in this place?" A girl with bright blue and electric yellow hair groaned as she slinked towards the group, hoping the teacher wouldn't have noticed her slip away earlier.

"No one needs to be miserable today Gina. Come back tomorrow when we have a reason for being down." Lila said.

"Unlike your hair!" Andrea quiped. The other girls laughed. Gina glared at them, then flipped her hair away from her face and stalked away.

"Hey girls! Great game! I'm glad to see you aren't losing your touch." A woman in blue sports clothes jogged over. The team squealed as the gym teacher added, "You deserve those secret cupcakes I made for today."

Everyone gasped and then started cheering even louder.

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I wrote these at random times for different reasons

Rila turned away from the magical bus. "Cats and knives, Lila." She said admiringly, "Who died and gave you money?" Lila instantly sombered. "My grandfathers and great grandmothers. All of them." Lila said flatly, wiping away a few tears that had started to form in the corners of her eyes. Rila realised her mistake and face palmed. 'why am I so silly?' she thought to herself. "W-we should g-get going, before the other buses arrive. Right?" Rila asked hesitantly. Lila shook herself vigorously, her knee length hair flying. "Yeah." Lila replied.


The snow fell lightly, softly. the barest sound, falling to the already covered forest floor. She didn't dare shift, even the tiniest bit would mean the end. an owl hooted, the loudest sound of the whole forest. She dropped. As agile and graceful as a cat, she landed on the 3 metre deep snow. The world became even more white. A bright blinding light faded as quickly as it had came, but something was different. She opened her eyes.  "Welcome back from the forest, Kilo," A slim boy with shaggy brown hair helped Kilo off the bed. Kilo scowled,  "Who said you could look into my dream, Lance?" Kilo took her hairbrush from the bedside table, "medium to low ponytail please, Gyjon." The boy looked at her in amusement, as the brush started to gently brush her long black hair.   "Who said I couldn't? Ozin?" She slowly shook her head. The brush finished and one of the hairties, tied itself around her hair. 


"Ready or not, here I come!" Milo shouted, opening his eyes and spinning around to look for his targets. A slinking shadow slowly started to move.  "I see you Oliana," Milo cried, running to the other side of the room. In doing so, forgetting about his other target.


"Come on Donny! It won't that long." Hugh pleaded with his older brother. "and if you die, then I'll do your share of chores for a week, no two weeks." Don scratched his head, thinking. He finally said, "Fine, but you better make it three weeks, such a dangerous thing you want us to do. Stealing from those stuck up twins, it makes me wonder if we're really related." Hugh coughed, surprise showing on his face. As quick as it had come, the expression slid off his face, settling into it's usual smiling face.

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Soft footsteps echoed around a snow covered clearing in a quiet forest. Tall, dark, spruce trees towered above the clearing. 19 boys and girls sat down on some giant toadstools, chatting like this was normal. Because it was.

"When is Henry going to get here?" a girl chestnut brown hair asked. A boy groaned.

"That's who we're waiting on? besides the teacher, of course."

"Yes. Now hush up and suffer quietly." The girl retorted tartly. "You know it's not her fault. Anyway, we can't start without Mr Mount, so it doesn't matter."

Just when she'd finished speaking, they all heard a loud scream. They jumped in their seats and looked around nervously.

A girl with light, flowing hair stood up. She started to order everyone around, making those with protective natures stand in a circle and hold hands, ready to defend their friends. Those with a proclivity for healing were told to stand by in case any of the magicalus were hurt, while the rest who had weapons were told to ready them. Danielle, the leader of the group asked if anyone could sneak around and discover what was wrong. It turned out that in class 354C, who were all beginning their first year of Star Night Academy, consisted of at least 4 students from each element, with a few specialised students sprinkled in as well.

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