The School for the Fiendish and Wicked


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The Middle

"Hey Koza!" I sighed to myself and closed the book I had been reading, leaving it on the bench. I stood up.

"What now, James?" I turned around, hearing laughter as the bullies surounded me.

James stood in front of me smiling like a vulture who had just spotted a carcass. He crossed his arms and looked around me.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing by yourself?" James sneered, malice lacing his words. He took a step closer, invading my personal space.

"Maybe I want to be by myself." I heard myself replying, while I was slowly looking around, searching for an escape route.

"Hey! Look at me when I'm speaking to you." James demanded sharply, his big black eyes that seemed cute when I first met him, now seemed as cold and dark as stone. I looked up and met his eyes coolly, my kaleidoscope eyes daring him to do something to me.

"Better." he purred, running his eyes over me, looking me over, probably to find the best places where bruises could hide. I'm pretty tall, but James is taller. Seriously. He's taller than most of our teachers, sorry, our helpful Counselors. Yeah right, helpful. The only helpful thing they could do was avert their eyes when the beatings started and grab one of the under-staffed nurses when the beatings finished.


Anyway, you may be wondering how it came to this, oh, I forgot to mention, I can break the forth wall and all of that. So, back to what I was saying before, I think it would be best to go back to the beginning so we can see how this happened, don't you agree, Writer.

... ... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... ...


Do I need to write a persuasive arguement listing all the pros of a flashback? because if so-

'FINE! I"LL TELL THEM ABOUT THE SCHOOL! Can you just promise to not write that arguement?'

Okay. Thanks, whoever is enough of a pushover to do what their CHARACTERS tell them to do.

'meh. It would take too long to write that arguement and then read it, edit it and get me to act like it's the first time reading it.'

okay, that makes sense.

... ... ... ... ...

So, what're you waiting for, an invitation. Because here's an invitation for ya, it says 'you now have permission to shout to the world about how a girl of 16 had this crazy adventure when she was transfered to- nevermind. anyway, just tell the story already!'

'Okay! okay. Thanks for the invitation.'

'Welcome to the School for the Fiendish and Wicked.'

And just plain crazy.

'That too, I guess.'

I'm going to hold James off while you tell our audience about the wonderful story that is my life.

'You could come too, ya know it beats what's happening right now.'

Sure, lets go to the next chapter, or the first chapter since this is the middle chapter?

'Why can you break the forth wall again? nevermind, I'm just delaying the inevitable. So next chapter starts... ... Now.'

To third person writing!

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De Beginning

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Who are you and what do you want?" A crisp woman's voice said, tinged with annoyance.

"Miss Definas, there are two new st-students h-here to h-have the orientation, may they c-come in?" A young man fearfully stuttered from his position outside the mahogany door. the boy and girl standing casually by the door looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"Come in." the woman said curtly. The man moved to open the door and almost tripped when the boy stuck his foot out. The man had nearly recovered when the door opened.

"In. Now." Felicity Definas, headmistress of a school of misfit, opened the door, glaring at the man as if it was his fault that two more troublemakers were sent to her school to take care of. The two teenagers shrugged and went inside the headmistress' office.





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