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A gun fired. In the shadows of the snow covered spruce trees, Lila thanked the ethereal beings above that it was dark. She stared at the man with terrified eyes, too afraid to even think about what she had just witnessed. Lila had run away from him, thinking she could escape. She couldn’t. He kept on coming back for her, no matter how many times she had banished him. Lila knew it was necessary, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done. Banishment requires a sacrifice. Olivia was always better at blood magic than me, Lila had thought. So, she had enlisted Olivia Dead-walk's help. He’s back again.

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Chapter 1 - Accepted

When Lila took a look at the mail in the mail box, she expected the usual- Bills, bank letters, letters asking for her mum’s help and her mum’s expensive witch mag- She didn’t think she’d see a regal looking letter embossed with an expensive seal. She closed the mail box. And checked again. Still there. “Are you gonna take it?” An enchantingly deep voice called out, startling Lila even more. “Not everyone can get into that school you know.” Lila quickly collected the mail and turned around. A strange man in a dark blue shirt and jeans with light blonde hair casually leant against a deep green tree. “That paint isn’t dry, in case you were wondering.” She replied, hoping that he would go away. He seemed startled, almost like he didn’t realise she would reply. His mouth twisted into a menacing smile. “I’m surprised that someone can see me.” He straightened up. “This’ll be interesting. See you ‘round, cutie.” He called over his shoulder as he turned around and walked into the forest.


“A SPECTRE? YOU SAW A SPECTRE?” Lila’s gothic sister yelled. “Milena, you can feel emotions?” Lila replied with pretend surprise. Mum walked through the open door carrying a washing basket and looking stressed. “Why are you yelling? And what’s this about a spectre?” “Well… I was taking the mail from the letter box when I saw a…” She stopped not wanting to have her mother’s hope rise only for it to tumble back down. Again. “A what?” Her mother asked impatiently tapping her black leather shoes on the black and white tiled floor. “A… um… letter,” Lila replied a little sheepishly. “With the Seal of— “Mum cut Lila off. “APROVAL?” Mum suddenly seemed wide awake even though it was 9pm. Mum beamed at her, which was something else Lila never thought she’d see. Especially on a Sunday. Running a witch consultant company is tough. “So, where is it?” Mum asked excitedly. “In the letter pile right next to you, on the bench.” She quickly put down the washing basket and sorted the letters. “Let’s see, water bills... Bank letters, Gossipy Gulpers from last week..." Rosalina Gillet widened her eyes when she saw it "YES!" Her mum cried. She held the letter, in awe of the seal of Approval. The light shining from the seal was warm and comforting, like a hot cup of cocoa on a frosty winter morning. Milena looked at the letter with narrowed eyes, as though she could destroy the letter that was going to take away her closest sister. "Tell Mum what happened next," Milena ordered, wanting to get away from the subject of boarding schools. Lila shrugged and told the rest of the story. When she finished, Milena asked her quietly,

"You're sure he walked through a tree? not that I'm doubting you or anything but... it takes real skill to do that you know."

"I'm as sure as the fact that you ate the last gingersnap biscuit." Lila said drily, her face stubborn.

"That wasn't a spectre." Their mothers voice was shaky, and when they looked at her, they saw her face was ashen.

"Who was it?"

"... Your oldest brother."

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