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 Mitch opened his bedroom doors snd held it for the jumpy golden retriever that scampered inside. The dog leaped onto the bed and began walking in circles on the mattress. He was always excited to spend time with his master.


"Scottie, calm down," Mitch chuckled. "You're going to get dirt all over my sheets."


The golden dog paused and his doughy bluish grey eyes met with Mitch's purple ones. Just the sight of his master's hypnotizing violet eyes was enough to make him melt. He sat on his heighned legs on the bed and waited for his next instruction.


Mitch smiled and gave his puppy a pat on the head. "Good boy. You really need quiet time tonight. Stay still for me, okay?"


The retriever obeyed and stared at his master with attentive eyes. Mitch took his wand out of his pocket and waved it in small circles in front of Scott, casting a transformation spell. A cloud of purple smoke surrounded the golden husky and seconds later, he was in his human form, wearing nothing but an absent look on his face, his blond hair messy but still perfect.


"I keep forgetting you're naked whenever I change you," the witch grinned, rubbing the back of Scott's head before sliding his hands up to smooth out his blond hair. 


Mitch had shaved the sides and given him a stylish coif a while ago to make him look more presentable in public. It definitely made Scottie look handsome—sexy even, and his broad shoulders and muscular build added to that. Mitch couldn't help but snicker at the sight of his companion's nude body and his eyes twitched to get a glimpse of his nether regions, but he kept those impure thoughts to himself for the time being, he had seen Scott naked countless times. "You look so cute in your Scott-stance," he said, fiddling with a stray tendril of his blond hair.


Scott hesitated before his lips pulled up into a shy smile, his face flushing bright pink. "Thank you, sir."


"You're welcome. Now what do you want to do for quiet time tonight?" Mitch climbed onto the bed and guided Scott to sit across from him. "We can do your kiss therapy or electric therapy or–"


"No." Scott flinched, realizing how loud he was. He detested wearing that electric collar around his neck, regardless of what form he was in. "Uh... kiss therapy please, sir." A soft kiss from the inticing sorcerer he called his master sounded much more pleasant.


The witch chuckled, purposely batting his eyes to see Scott blush again. "Sure, sweetie, and remember, you can call me Mitch."


"Okay, sir, I mean Mitch."


Mitch held Scott's hands for comfort and made sure he had his full attention. When their eyes met again, he gave him a friendly smile. "Don't be so nervous, Scottie. You've done this many times. Would you like me to remind you how this works?"


The blond nodded. "Yes, please."


"I'm going to ask you some questions," Mitch began. "If you get them right, you get a kiss. If you get them wrong, you don't get one."


"I remember now, sir," Scott said. "I like when you kiss me." Scott liked anything his master did and the way he kissed him so sweetly made him feel like he was walking on a cloud. "I'm ready."


"Okay, Scottie," Mitch chimed in a playful tone, knee to knee with his companion. "Let's start with an easy one. What is my name?"


Scott scratched his head to get the gears turning in his brain until he found the answer. "Oh... Mitch. Your name is Mitch," he said, confident in his response.


"Good job." Mitch leaned in and quickly pecked Scott's lips. "Next question; what am I?"


"You are a... a witch, and my master." Scott closed his eyes and puckered his lips, waiting for another kiss, but it never happened.


"And..." Mitch said. "What else?"


"Oh, uh..." Scott had often forgotten the third answer. The beautiful brunette boy sitting before him made his heart pound like a hammer. He was without a doubt his greatest weakness. Coherent words eluded him when they were alone in the bedroom together, nothing but the lamplight illuminating the room with a golden yellow glow. "I'm sorry, sir," he apologized. "I forgot the word."


"Boyfriend," Mitch slowly rolled out the word. "I'm your boyfriend."


"Right. Boyfriend." The embarrassed blond sulked and an ashamed look appeared on his face. "Does this mean I don't get a kiss?"


Mitch gave Scott's hands a squeeze, their eyes meeting once again. He knew Scott always felt at ease when swimming in his eyes; they soothed him. "Not this time, sweetheart," he said. "Don't look so sad. You may not look like it in your human form, but you're still a puppy. You're still learning English so it's okay if you didn't remember. You have anothet chance to redeem yourself, okay?"


Scott slowly regained his posture and took a deep breath. "Okay, I'm ready, sir–Mitch."


The witch chuckled and proceeded with his questions. "You know what your name is, right?"


"Yes, I do. My name is... is Scott."


"That's right," Mitch praised him. "You're Scott, or honey, or sweetheart, or love bug, or whatever I decide to call you. I have a lot of names for you, don't I?"


"Yes, you do, sir. I'm your puppy, right, sir?"


"Yes, you are, baby. You're my little puppy." As promised, Mitch rewarded Scott with another peck on his lips, this time for a few seconds longer. It would be just enough to keep him motivated. "You did a great job, Scottie, much better than before."


"Oh, uh, thank you." Scott glanced around the dimly lit bedroom then back at the object of his undying affection. "Uh, M-Mitch?"


"Yes, honey, what is it?"


Scott gawked at his master with vacant, roving eyes from his short brown hair to his slender legs. Black looked so perfect on him. "May I ask you something? It is a... a personal question." His hands slipped away from Mitch's smaller ones and his nerves nearly caused his train of thought to stop in its tracks.


"Of course you can, Scottie," Mitch approved, though he rarely denied him. "Don't be afraid to talk to me. You can tell me anything—even if it's personal." His blond buddy was a man of few words but he would listen to him whenever he spoke. He waited for Scott's question but was taken by surprise when the blond rose up to his knees and cupped Mitch's face in his hands. "Hey, what are you doing?" he laughed, grinning from ear to ear as he looked up at Scott


"Is kissing personal?" Scott spoke softly, so timid it was adorable for a man of his stature.


Mitch had to let himself blush, it would be too difficult to hold back the redness in his cheeks. "I think so," he replied, relaxing his mouth.


Scott sank back down to his master's level, still framing his face with gentle hands. "May I kiss you, sir? Please?"


"Oh, Scottie, you're the cutest." The witch placed his hands at Scott's broad shoulders and they both shared a loving smile. "Kiss me all you like."


He made no hesitation, leaning in and kissing his master with care, his fingers clumsily playing with his earlobes. He nibbled gently on his lower lip until Mitch returned the gesture, melting into it for longer than he probably should have. He held Scott's arms and smiled against his lips as his companion's stubble tickled his chin.


As the kiss deepened, Mitch felt a slight stirring in his groin when their tongues brushed together, so he squeezed Scott's biceps, silently telling him to let go. "You're getting good at that, Scottie," he said breathily. "I think you just wanted to kiss me. Did you really have a question for me?"


Scott put his hands on his thighs. "I do, sir," he said, nodding his head. "May I still ask you?"


"Go ahead, honey, I'm listening." He gripped his hand again to keep him calm. His flushed face gave away how nervous he was. It was adorable nonetheless. "What do you want to ask me?"


"Do... do you love me?"


The witch's eyes widened and he could have sworn his pupils were dilating at the mention of the L word. "Where did you learn that word?" he asked.


"I heard you say it once, sir. Are you mad at me?"


"No, not at all. I'm actually glad you asked me but I'm not sure if you fully understand what you said. Do you know what that word means, Scott? Do you know what love is?"


"Its when you lick your master's face and they hug and cuddle with you," Scott replied. "Or when you call me those nice names during quiet time, or when you scratch behind my ears and rub my tummy. I like when you rub my tummy."


His definition of love was so confusing yet it made so much sense. Scott's childlike innocence was one of the reasons Mitch was so attracted to him the first time he changed him into his human form. "You say the weirdest things," he rolled his eyes. "But I understand what you're saying."


"So do you love me, sir? Do you really love me?"


"Yes, sweetums, I love you very much, with all my heart."


"I... I love you, too, M-Mitch." Scott allowed his lips to relax and part slightly, hoping for another kiss, but he received something he enjoyed even more than another lengthy smooch; a hug. His heart fluttered when Mitch wrapped his arms around his waist and nuzzled his face into his neck. 


The moment seemed to last forever until Mitch pulled away, keeping his hands at Scott's biceps. "I think you've had enough human for now," he said. "Are you ready for me to change you back?"


"Now?" Scott said. "Can I please stay human for a little bit longer, sir? I promise I'll be good."


"Maybe another time, Scottie. I want you to sleep in your own bed tonight. You'll survive without my nookie for one night."


"I don't know what that means, sir."


"I know." Mitch snuck a quick peck on his cheek before producing his wand again. "Ready?"


As much as he didn't want to, Scott nodded 'yes' with a sad smile on his lips. Keeping his master happy was his ultimate goal and he loved and cared for him enough to be sure it happened. He closed his eyes and braced himself. A light gust of wind hit his chest and swirled around his body. When he opened his eyes, he was back to his animal form; a golden puppy, a rather big one for his age in dog years.


Mitch reached to slip his want into the bedside drawer and when he turned back, his puppy leaped into his arms, pushing him onto the mattress, causing the witch to burst into laughter. "Scottie, quit it." 


The golden dog barked eagerly and began to lap at Mitch's cheeks like he hadn't seen him in ages. Mitch gave in and hugged his coveted companion to his chest as doggy kisses covered his face.


The puppy's fur coat was soft and thick like a warm blanket and Mitch ran his fingers along his back, still giggling like a schoolgirl. "I know, I know, Scottie," he grinned. "I love you, too."

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Witch 2

Bright sunshine, blue skies, and birds singing songs would more than likely be described as the perfect day. Not for Mitch. His ideal day consisted of thin overcast with sunlight just barely pushing through the clouds, and the scent of fresh spring air. Since today happened to be one of those day, he wanted to get outside with Scott for the afternoon

His golden puppy wasted no time dashing for the front door but Mitch had the upper hand, stopping him with his leash. He guided the dog towards him and knelt down to his height. "Now Scottie," he said. "You've been a darling all morning so I'll let you be human while we're at the park, but you have to behave. No biting people, no chasing squirrels, and no pooping under the trees; humans don't do that. Can you be a sweetheart for Mitchy today?"

The puppy responded with a quiet bark, eyes wide and innocent. He smiled when the witch stood and cast his transformation spell, conjuring him into his handsome human form. Before he could thank him with a bear hug, Mitch waved his wand again and a set of clothes appeared on his body; a light sweater, loose blue jeans, and a pair of running shoes.

"That's much better," Mitch said, putting on his sunglasses to match his all-black outfit. "You look so handsome." He knelt down again and removed Scott's collar, assisting him to stand on his feet. It still amazed him how tall he was as a human compared to his adorable puppy form. "Ready to go, honeybun?"

"Yes, sir," Scott nodded. "I can't wait to play at the park with you."

"Remember, you're not wearing your leash this time so when you're playing, don't go too far. I don't want to lose you."

"Neither do I, sir." Scott held his breath and clumsily planted a kiss on his master's lips, pulling away seconds later. Sometimes he just couldn't help himself around him. "Was that okay? I'm sorry, I really wanted to kiss you, sir." His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

Mitch had to process the moment before lifting his sunglasses to give Scott a cheeky wink and smile. "You're lucky I'm a good witch," he teased, taking his companion's hand in his. "Do you remember why we hold hands outside, baby?"

"Yes, sir, because a hand is like a leash for humans."

"Exactly. Now let's go have some fun."

*** *** ***

Mitch wiped the lens of his black shades and lifted them to sit on top of his head. He swung leisurely on the swings at the playground while Scott climbed the colourful jungle gym like he was one of the children. 

Since the weather wasn't all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns, there were very few people at the local park—hardly any. Only a few people passed by on the pavement trail, along with the occasional group of cyclists. Mitch scanned the area and opened his ears to the sound of the spring breeze and his swing creaking as he swayed back and forth. The perfect day.

After reminding Scott to be careful on the playground—thank goodness the jungle gym was huge—he took off one of his shoes and produced his miniature magic wand. He always carried an extra wand when he went out in public. You never know when a little witchcraft will come in handy.

Mitch began to recall the spell to transfer magic from his wand to his hands. His mother had taught him thouands of charms and spells growing up and he had memorized The Book of Spells from cover to cover. He was definitely far from a novice witch. 

The brunette focused his powers on his hands and twirled his wand in circles, sending a slight tingle to his fingertips. It lasted a few seconds before settling down. He tucked his wand back into his shoe after waving his fingers and summoning a pack of bubblegum out of thin air. He unwrapped a piece and plopped it into his mouth, enjoying the sweet fruity flavour as he slipped his sunglasses back over his eyes and pushed the ground with his feet to swing just a little higher.

"Um, excuse me, you're on my swing." 

A sassy voice disrupted Mitch's quiet time. There was a young girl—about thirteen—standing in front of him with her hands on her shapeless hips, attitude written all over her face. Mitch hummed and munched loudly on his gum. "Oh, I'm sorry," he said sarcastically. "Were you saying something?"

"Yeah," the girl snapped back, flipping back her stringy blonde hair. "You're sitting on my swing. Only I can sit on my swing."

"Oh, really? Well I don't see your name on 'your swing'. You'd probably fall right through it, sweetheart. If you were any thinner, you wouldn't exist. You're pale enough to be a ghost."

"Well you're goth. Get off my swing."

Her logic didn't make much sense but Mitch smiled at her attempt to insult him. Perhaps he could have a bit of witchy fun with this princess. "Sorry, cupcake," he said with sass. "But this is my swing now. In fact, I think I'll write my name on it since it CLEARLY isn't yours."

"Hey, you can't do that, you weirdo."

"Oh, yeah? Watch me." The witch maintained his cool and collected demeanour and stood behind the swaying swing, stealthily casting a spell. He traced his name on the seat with exaggerated hand movements, humming a song to himself as the stubborn teen put a sour scowl on her face. When Mitch finished, his name appeared in bold, white letters on the seat. He continued chewing his gum, which still had its juicy fruity flavour, then chuckled with a smug grin before sitting back down with triumph. "My swing," he mimicked the girl in an overly babyish, whiny voice.

"You jerk!" The girl grunted in frustration and prepared to push him off the swing but something stopped her in her tracks. She froze like a statue, her expression changing from irritated to shocked. "Hey, what's going on?"

"I don't like your tone, missy." Mitch had his hand up like a stop sign, channeling his magic to freeze the girl in place. He snickered as the girl panicked about not being able to move her arms and legs, anger and fear in her eyes. That was his cue. He raised his hand and magic tingled in his fingers as he turned the girl into his personal statue, lifting her up in the air like a kite. She probably weighed less than one.

"WHAT THE HECK?! PUT ME DOWN, YOU FREAK! PUT ME DOWN!" she screamed, flailing her arms and legs as if to run away.

"I don't know," Mitch said, blowing a big pink bubble, letting it pop, and collecting the gum back into his mouth with his tongue. "I kind of like you up there."

"Uh, master?" A worried Scott came up beside him, timidly tapping his shoulder. "Excuse me, sir."

"Just a minute, honey," Mitch said, gesturing for him to sit down. Scott obeyed, sitting crosslegged on the rubbery ground.

Mitch looked back up at the screaming girl, still hovering several feet in midair. He blew another bubble and this time when it popped, he pretended to seal his lips together with his fingers. Casting multiple spells at once is no easy feat but he had the skill down-pat. He successfully zipped the girl's mouth closed and her panicked shouts were muffled into nonsensical hums.

"There," Mitch said. "That'll teach you not to act like a spoiled princess in front of a powerful witch." He chuckled deviously as the frightened girl thrashed her arms in all directions, her screams muted behind her sealed lips.

"Sir?" Scott poked Mitch's shoulder gently. He hated interrupting his master but when he saw what he was doing he had to stop him somehow. "Master, sir?"

Mitch shushed him. "Not now, Scottie. Mommy's working."

"But sir, you are not being very nice."

"Well she's being a brat. She needs to be taught a lesson. A witch should have a little fun now and then."

"But sir, I thought you were a good witch."

Mitch looked down at his companion's blue, puppy dog eyes. He was right, he was supposed to be a good witch and the last thing he wanted was for Scott to think otherwise. "Alright, alright," he huffed. "You win." He moved his gaze to the girl levitating in the air. "Okay, calm yourself, honey. I'll put you down," he said, projecting his voice just a tad. "But you're not leaving just yet."

The girl's muffled cries reduced to whimpers as the witch lowered her to the ground, her mouth still glued shut no matter how hard she tried to open it. Mitch stood and sauntered towards her, standing close enough to intimidate her. He pushed his sunglasses up, revealing his lilac purple eyes. "Listen, hon," he began, continuing with his fruity bubblegum. "I'll let you go on your merry way, but I might turn you into a slimy slug if I see you bossing people around like you're all that and a bag of chips. Do yourself a favour and never come back here again." He flashed a wicked smile and kept his sassy, playful tone of voice. "You got that, sweetie pie?

The girl nodded vigorously. "Mmmhmm! Mmmhmm!" She pointed to her frozen mouth, eyes widened into huge circles at the prospect of the witch coming back to turn her into a slug or make her levitate like a balloon until she bumped her head on the moon and popped.

Mitch snapped his fingers, breaking the spell, but the girl remained speechless, flabbergasted. Just what Mitch intended. He blew one last pink bubble before taking the gooey gum out of his mouth and sticking it in the girl's bone straight blonde hair. She would have a grand old time getting that out later. He put his black shades over his eyes and kissed the pad of his index finger before gently pressing it on the girl's parted lips. "Toodles."

She immediately spun around and ran away, screaming. Mitch returned to his swing and sighed with a satisfied smile on his face. Another job well done.

"Sir," Scott chimed in meekly. "That wasn't very nice of you."

"She had it coming; little bitch," he insulted the bratty girl under his breath.


"I know, Scottie, I'm sorry. Bad word." He glanced down at his fingers, still laced with magic. "I think you've had enough human for today," he said.

"No, wait." Scott sprung to his feet. "Please don't change me back yet, sir."

"Why not?"

A blank glint shone in Scott's eyes as he looked down at his master, but he kept his brain from turning to mush at the sight of him. "I... I want to stay human for the rest of the day," he stuttered, running his hand through his blond hair. "I would like to sleep with you in your bed tonight. I would like to rub your tummy and scratch behind your ears. I like when you do those things with me. I can even carry you home if you want."

As he was prepared to change him back, Mitch withdrew his hand and stood from his swing. "Well," he said. "You can't carry me home when you're a dog, and I wouldn't mind some company tonight."

"So I can stay human?"

"Like I said before, you're lucky I'm a good witch... most of the time."

When Mitch removed his glasses to reveal a cheeky glimmer in the corners of his violet eyes, Scott knew that was his cue. He eagerly hoisted the smaller boy into the air and playfully flung him over his head and onto his back, ready and willing to give him a piggyback ride back home. The two boys both burst into laughter. "I love you, sir," Scott declared loud and clear, grinning a pearly white smile from ear to ear.

Mitch failed to contain his giggles as he secured his legs around Scott's waist, his hands on his broad shoulders to keep himself balanced. He placed his sunglasses over Scott's eyes and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you, too, Scottieboo," he chuckled. "Onward!"

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