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A poem for you

 There is smoke coming from the village 

That cursed village right next to the cleavage

There is where it will strike

A battle between it and us, so warlike

Millions of men 

Could have stopped it then

But all were killed

A monster so skilled

Now the children are crying 

As their parents are dying

The end is near

The fire devil is here

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Chapter 1





Soldiers screams are echoing through the long halls of the control building at east gate in Moscow Russia. They are running out of their stalls and trying to find the way out of the building, jumping from windows only to break their necks. The long laberynth of rooms and doors is endless, it's driving them crazy.

"It left" someone whispers

Everyone stops and freezes as if one movement could trigger a bomb to go off. The smell of gasoline is strong. Someone screams in the distance and


The building explodes as a black figure walks a few meters to the front of the building, just escaping the flame.

It's wearing heavy black boots with chains hanging from the top, loose black pants, a loose red t-shirt with a fire sign on it and an unzipped leather jacket on top so you could see the tips of daggers tied to the inside. It has black messy hair, big red eyes and a scar going down the left eye. It's smirking.

As a vibration comes from its pocket it pulls out a phone with a huge crack down the middle and presses answer.

"What did you want?" a low voice asks

"Pick me up from east control building" it answers

"What have you done now? They'll definatly catch you"

"Is one year enough to forget the miracles I perform?"

"Well I don't perform any miracles, I can't get there without the police on my tail"

"Don't worry, they think I'm in Saint peter's, you're safe"

"How are you so sure?"

"I blew up an elementary school"

"That's cold"

"I give you 5 min, you better be here"

"Yes boss, and one more thing"


"It's good to have you back, Core Blood"

Once more the country lost the war between them and one 15 year old mass murderer, once again, their country is in terror because of their own fire devil, created by none other than themselves.

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Chapter 2

 Two years ago

"Core blood, how much longer will you be able to keep this up? You're a monster, you have nothing so you think it would feel better to take everything away from others too?" says the chief of the elementals organization

He is standing opposite to Core Blood in an empty field surrounded by dead trees and red grass. The setting is depressing, but fits our protagonist so well, it's as if it's her world.

"I have nothing? What do I need other than power, chief? I thought you of all people should understand feelings get in the way" Core replies

A soft breeze blows against her as the trees make a sound.

"I understand you have been through a lot Core, and no one should treat their child like that, but you can still change for the better"

"You still don't understand. I have no renounce or morals, chief. I kill only for pleasure and for the sake of pride"

"Well then, you are no child"

In a flash Core Blood is surrounded by soldiers, their guns pointed towards her

"Guns, you serious?" she smirks

The guns fire, but the bullets don't hit the target, instead, they hover at a three meter radius from it. Everyone holds their breath, and as Core whispers"three" they all explode, killing everyone around her, leaving only her and the chief alive. Another flash brings more soldiers, one comes to Core's back, but she effortlessly slices his neck, kicking a man behind her while bringing her dagger to another mans throat. She throws six daggers at six soldiers running at her from a distance and proceeds to uppercut a man behind her. The daggers come back to her in a flash, and soon, the grass is covered in blood, Core's dagger is dripping with it too, and there is some on her face, showing another scar that extends her right lip. There is no one left except for her and the chief, as they stand opposite each other.

"You are a fire elemental, I am an air, you have no chance of defeating me, and seems you have too much pride to run, so looks like you will die here, at 13 years of age" the chief says coldly

Core smirks, "Nah chief, today was a good day, I wanna have more of these, so I don't feel like dying just yet"

As soon as those worlds leave her mouth the chief stricken with a powerful blow of air fource, but Core Blood doesn't even blink as she blocks the blow with a powerful one of her own, a fire that is unlike any other, a fire as red as the blood of her victims and as red as the fire that burned that one day, when she was finally free from THEM. 

In a second, the fire overpowers the air, and the chief is lying on the grass, burning. Core is the only one left of the two million soldier troup sent to fight her.


Memories as nightmares, they haunt those who never overcame the fear that keeps them awake at night.

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