Cat University


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Chapter 1

 “Kitty”  shout Tiger [I don’t like cats call me that, but what can I do? Nothing! He is the head of a group which is notions in the University] I walk away trying to ignore them. Well this is my first day of school. I know no cats here. I feel so tired the Tiger group is causing me a lots of trouble in the morning they spill my paint on heart coco’s (Art teacher they call teachers by Heart) desk and told her I spilled it, and a lots of thing like that happened in the first day of school. So heart Kitty (home room teacher) take me to the office and see star Sophie (principle) I tried to told her that is not me but Tiger, but at last she made me go clean the whole kitty house after school (our class room) [our teacher use her name to name our house and she got this name “KITTY” in cat land and I don’t know how” it made me feel we are still kittens!] I poke my head out of the hole on the kitty house (the door) I look around other room name is much cooler than... Kitty house like Tiger house, claws house...while I was looking around I feel that something is starting at me and my sixth sense is always true. I look around and saw a white head is  leaning out behind a banana plant I called “Hey there”she did not answer instead she run in the opposite way, I want to make sure is she freaking out by my hi, so I followed her and said “emm, sorry to scare you but would you mind ...” “hist”I was scared and trip by a root. “Oops sorry, I...I did’t mean to” an orang cat sniff me and pull me off the floor “Sorry” he apologize again “my name is Rusty, what’s yours?” “Aww, that’s fine, just call me Luna” “Oh,who is so loud out there!” An other sound came from Tiger house “hi, friends! Storm is happy to meat you guys” a grey cat climb out from the hole “Luna”I said “Rusty”the orange cat said “how about you?”Storm look over to the white cat “she sit on the Floor “snow”  “sorry to scare you”I said “that’s fine”  She mewed, Shadow! “Come look” snow shout to claws house, “go play your selves I am buzzy” a heavy voice came out from the dark hole “just come there are some other cats out here” snow yelled in to the hole. Few seconds later a huge black head poked out from the hole “are you done with your thunder house” Shadow ask as he pull him self out from the small hole. Well that’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen in the age, he looks very strong, with huge muscles. “Hi, Shadow, I am Rusty and this is Storm, and Luna”he introduce each of us to him. “OMG, what had happened to your face!?” Rusty yelled out. We look up to his face between his black fur  there is a very deep wound on his face, it seems new. “That’s nothing, Tiger made me to fight with him and tell star Sophie” he said calmly “Tiger? He is so... annoying! I am still here because of him!” Storm said angrily  “plus one here” “me too” Rusty and I agreed “are you here because of Tiger too?”  Storm ask snow  “no, I am here with my brother, Shadow” she answered, “oh you two are brother and sister”Rusty exclaimed “it is not early let’s go clean our houses its pretty annoying” I recommend. We leave each other and went bake to our own house. Several minutes later most of us is done cleaning, Shadow and Snow is not done yet, cause Tiger is in the cat house too. He really like to make a mess. “We don’t have much to clean so we can help you guys” Storm and I walk toward Shadow. Snow, Storm and Rusty is behind them, well we clean we found a note it’s weird so we decide to make sure what is it:

Tiger come meet me at 6:00, you know where.  —M

“From M?” “who is M tho” “who knows” “is time to revenge” I said cheerfully “revenge...” they look at me like a idiots I explained“think why did ‘M’ write a note but with out not telling Tiger him/her self? And why don’t he/she don’t use his/her’s real name? So this is a secret, a secret that Tiger don’t want anyone to know, for some reason” After saying this, they seem understand. “So, give this note to Star Sophie?” Storm ask “We don’t have enough things to prove out thought” “so we need evidence” Snow said exciting. “We can track him, and see what they are planing” I chuckled “But what if they are only planing to play basket ball with his friend M?” Rusty concerned  “you won’t know~” Snow said “I like adventure who’s in?” I said cheerfully Snow agreed and Shadow is protecting her, Storm and Rusty will ask their mom. “6:00pm take your bag& buck and meet in front Tiger’s house but don’t let him see. if you are good to come” I said cheerfully. In this moment our Journey begins...

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Chapter 2

When I got home, I told dad my plan that we are going to follow Tiger to find his secret. I am not surprise that he was very exciting about it. he wants me to tell him what happen that time, because he is very like me that we all like to go on an adventure, then he said take your phone and take your watch as well, flash light, rope, oh and also your knife and maps…… “Oh you know that I am not really going to an hiking adventure, it is just Traking him… “But you know you might go on one later! “He is always acting and talking weird, but he is always right. But I still don’t want to bring all the stuff. But he really wants me take at least 10 things with me. So, I make a list of things I want to bring

1. My phone

2. My watch

3. My flash light, which I think is important at 6:00 in Catopia :)

4. 5 bags of fish crackers, 5 chocolate bars

5. 200ml water bottle, filled with water

6. Camera

7. 64 GB USB a mini one

8. Wallet

9. a big bag (put trash)

10. a knife for emergency

That’s all I take, it is 4:35, there are plenty of time, we got science and math test on Monday and it is Friday now! So, I go to write my homework instead of playing.

“oh my gosh you are running out of time!” Dad yelled from his room, “what?” I asked without moving my eyelid. I slowly open them, and think what am I doing? Math, English or science? I hear paw step coming in and no pencils in my paw, I am not sitting in my moss chair, but instead I was lying in my bed. “Well you are a sleep, so I bring you in, you must be tired after cleaning the cat house” he said “Oh well, maybe I did I, but I got some friends though, wait… my friends? what time is it?” I ask, “It is 5:25, I call you up just in time” Dad said happily. “hu” finally I relaxed.

But there is no time to waste. So, I rush out and pick up my bag and check if there are the ten things I need. I check the things and there are all there, so I ride on my bike, and put on my bag and ride the bike to Tiger’s house. I get there just in time, the others are waiting for me and I finally join them, and I said “Sorry I am late” I apologized “No, no you are just in time. Look” I look around and focus my gaze on Tiger’s door. There is a suitcase in front  the door and tiger is now on his bike.“Suit case?” snow whisper [why does he need his suit case?]

We had followed him to the river bank it was steep, so we decided to leave our bike up, then we walk down to the river, but far away from Tiger. “It is 6:15, he is late” Said Rusty. There is only a note on the rock, no cat or even a cat fur. “Who is M” ask snow in the back of our group, “No idea” Said Shadow. “Maybe he/she is just a note” joke Storm. “It is not funny” argued Snow. “Hey guys, be quiet. Tiger will hear us” I said, trying to let them be quiet. Ling Ling A sound make all of us afraid… “Is that yours?” But before shadow could finish his sentence Tiger’s voice appears in the silence; “Sorry, I am late but what does you mean that, so I … I know, I know, so I had to pick up it at you there and…no, no, no. ok I am coming don’t try to take it away alone…that is not funny. Ok see ya “A spit after he put down his phone, and walk up the river bank, with the note in his bag, “Get up” I said. We get up so fast that he didn’t even see us. “so, we are following him to the place to pick up it?” Storm ask climbing up his bike, “guess so” reply snow. “Shush, don’t let him hear you, let’s get up to that tree first, see where he is going?!” I commanded “how about our bikes he will notice that…” they wait on the tree for a while but didn't see Tiger or even… Rusty “Rusty?! Where is him?” Shadow shouts in whisper form. You look at me, I look at you. But nobody has seen Rusty, “Is he still down there?” Storm ask, “Oh no, look he is down there” Snow said upset. [oh my gosh why is he still down there, what is he doing?] we are all looking at him --trying to grab the note from Tiger’s pocket ...

Tiger’s vision;

[what is that? A ball of fur? Or a tail?] go up sniff the fur, the fur seems to know that Tiger is sniffing it, so it hides in to the grass and run away. [I better catch it, don’t let him run away!] so, he dash to the orange fur, and bite on it... But it seems faster, so he only got the tip of the fur. “hmm” and be still in the grass, suddenly he leap into the air, and scratch into the grass “ha ha got ya!” and he catch the fur ball and rest of its body... and drag it out of the grass...

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Chapter 3

 “Ha, I got you” tiger shouted and drag the poor fur ball out. “No, Rusty!” yelled his friend Storm. Suddenly an orange paw sticks out from the leaf and cover Storm’s mouth [Wait an orange paw?! No that is not possible! Rusty is down in the bushes with Tiger? But who have orange paw except Rusty?] just as I am thinking a voice called out “Storm! Be quit you could be heard by Tiger! My friend!” Rusty said walking out of the leaves. “Rusty! “we all said “Ha, smart as usual” I said “but what is the thing down there?” we look down and saw a big orange rat hanging under tiger’s mouth, we are silence while we read the note; 

Tiger, you are way to late, if you want the thing, just go to the next station. —M’

“Well what is the place they are meeting? “Rusty ask with no answer. “hmm, only one way to find out.” Said Snow concerned and wondered. “Don’t worry, I will stay with you.” Meowed Shadow and give a lick to his sister. “He is not too far I can still track him...” Rusty said. “What you can still track him? I can’t smell a tiny bitty of his smell!” I said hopefully. “Oh, well mom said I do get better nose” Storm said, we laughed and quickly jump off the tree and followed Storm. First we are just walking with Storm who is sniffing at the front then I smell a little bit of Tiger and now Storm starts to run and sniffing at the air once three seconds, and suddenly he said stop, we slow our paws and sniff at the air and see Tiger with his suitcase walking on the side walk we put our bike down and sniff at the air again, this time we are not trying to track Tiger but to relax our tired muscles Rusty seems very calm like nothing has happened before. “you got really good tracking nose and... and, and you got very fast legs” said Shadow tiredly pointing his nose to Storm and then turned to Rusty. They walked and walked turn and turn. Finally, they arrived the place they are going...... is an Airport! An personal airport

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