Dark Magic


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   The Dark Lord himself, stared down at the cauldron, filled with a pale blue liquid. The liquid was bubbling from the heat, while the flames brushed against the bottom of the cauldron, burning it bright red. 

Tom turned away and strode along the shelf laid with potions, skimming his white, bony fingers over each one. He paused when his fingers glided elegantly over a pure black potion, before plucking it off the shelf. He put his hand in his robe pocket, which he then took out again with something clutched tightly in his fist. A wand. 

He waved the wand around, and the cork screw separated itself from the potion. He then turned around again and emptied the whole bottle of glistening liquid into the cauldron. The cauldron began to have a dull glow, which soon became a burning bright light that filled the room. 

The Dark Lord sheided his eyes from the light, and only removed his arm when the very last speck of light evaporated. He looked down at the cauldron, and instead of seeing liquid oozing around, he saw a baby girl. 

The infant's eyes fluttered open, revealing bright blue irises that held power. An immensely large amount of power. Tom smiled, knowing that one day, this one child would make a decision which decided whether good or evil wins.

This child, Katerina Slytherin Riddle.

He was right.

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