Descendants Of The Moon


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 This book is about a girl who lived alone for most of her life, but soon loved by people who she’s never thouht existed. Keep reading for the magic to happens...

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Chapter 1


      The boy in the moonlight

When I was a little girl, I used watch the sky change its color every time the sun came up and went down. I used to wait for the moon to wake up and watch over the sky for a while. I was half asleep during the day, but fully awake during night; I used to stare at the huge white and shiny balloon swimming in the sky. I remember when mother used to tell me to sleep with the windows open so that the moon light would have its way into the room.

Once I start looking at the moon, there can be everything I desire around me, but the moon comes first, except for family, friends and God. Time passed, but I was still a skinny little girl, a little girl with curly dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and colored skin. 

A lot of time has passed since I had a real friend. I started staying by myself since the time I told my ex-friends that I saw a boy swimming behind the moon. The boy looked so young, so bright, almost like an angel figure. Since that day I lost my so called friendships and began to be the odd one out. Since that day, I also came to the conclusion that what I saw that night was just fruit of my imagination, however, thinking like that didn't really make me feel better about myself. Every now and then, I used to visit my grandmother in her house in Cambridge, her house was far from mine. I used to live in an urban area and she instead used to live in the country side. When I used to go there, I always had a feeling that someone was watching me from afar, however I could never catch the eyes of the spy. When I was there, I also felt as if that place was magical, especially in my Grandmother's house. I used to hear multiple voices at night talking, they were debating between each other and also talking about me. However, I still got to the conclusion that it was just fruit of my imagination. Its been 2 months since my 16th birthday, which was on the 25th of July and today is the 27th of September 2004, the day I get transferred to a boarding school. I lived with my parents until God decided to take them to a better place, after that, I was adopted by my aunt and uncle. My uncle and aunt were very mean to me, instead of treating me with love, they made me work as a maid, while treating my cousin Dave as a prince. Dave has always been a skinny, alright looking and spoiled kid, he was very rude to people and mostly to me. My new so called family, never gave me a bed to sleep on, they never made food for me, they never supported me, they never loved me. I was burning in the inside till one shiny night, someone knocked on my room's window....  Boom, Boom ,Boom. For a moment I thought "oh, its just a tree banging on the window" but then I started to hear a soft voice murmuring "is anyone in there!?". From that moment, I finally understood that someone was behind that window. Some seconds later, I began to tremble as little ants-like feelings began crawling on my sin, I then rushed under a blanket and covered my self from head to toe, that blanket was given to me from my father and mother when I was just an infant. A few moments later, out of curiosity, I decided to lower the blanket until it reached the tip of my nose, then I saw a shadow laying beneath the moon light. It was walking towards the blanket I was hiding under, I tried sliding in a corner, but it did not work out. As the window was open, a cold breeze walked in, the breeze stacked the whole room, and finally Journeyed beneath my blanket, after some moments the only sound that was in the room was, "hacchiu, hacchiu". The cold breeze trespassed in my nose.

My pupils felt like a bucket full of boiling water, I could feel my cheeks turning wet, I knew that whoever was in the "room" had found me. I felt a strong cold breeze shivering up to my head. Even then I put myself in a snail's shell position and continued to tremble with my eyes shut, But out of curiosity I opened an eye to look at the situation and who the cause of this was, but as soon as I looked, I jumped backward hitting on something as hard as a rock shaped knife, "ouch". When I finally rose my eyes I was very surprised, because what I saw that night didn't appear in front of me since my last friendship. I thought I was going crazy, I thought "it's just my childhood memories and imagination, i'll get over it" and "it's just my imagination, it will go away". I then closed my eyes and took a deep breath, but I could hear one extra voice and I never heard it before. Because I was very curious about who was in front of me, I opened my eyes, while still trebling, and what I saw shocked me even more than it did the first time. As I opened my eyes I saw the boy, that boy who I saw dancing and swimming behind the moon in the sky at night when I was just a kid. After seeing him, I got flashbacks from my beautiful childhood, which had been turned into an horrible childhood all because of what I had seen that night, and a few flashes later I was trying to catch my breath while a lake was falling down my pupils. Unknown voice: "You see!?, now you made her cry" the boy: "I-I-I'm sorry". 

I then heard another voice in the room for the second time, so i looked up again, and...................

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Malcolm Wildenberg

The story is interesting, but feels more like a list of what happened. There is very little flow. The ideas are wonderful, though.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will do better

Chapter 2

                      New beginnings

Unknown voice: "She's opening her eyes", Unknown voices: "finally!-she's waking up!-she's moving!".As I was trying to open my eyes, I felt as if I had 24 hours of sleep. While I was trying to sit down on what felt like a bed, I could still hear the voices, so when I finally forced myself to open my eyes since I understood that I could not run away, I saw the boy, and next to him was a beautiful young woman that gave out a strange motherly or let's say, bonding impression. I stared at the woman for a very long time, I knew that I had seen her somewhere before, I felt like we had a bondage, something that no one could ever break. I then rolled to the left and I began to see people, but not like the people you see walking on the streets in London these days,  Some were very short, some were very very tall, some had spiky ears, others had very long hair and others had two heads. For just a tiny a moment, I was dazing into the pink sky and felt like I was staring into one of the many dreams my brain kept on taking away from me; I could not afford to loose it again. It looked very beautiful, it had a very big sea with flowers that looked like pink, blue and yellow bubblegum around it. The houses were very small from the outside, very very tiny, like a rat's measure, however many people came out of it, and as they came out, the houses enlarged and enlarged. It was wonderful, I felt as if I belonged there. I then looked straight, and just after a few nanoseconds, I saw the boy standing in front of me, and next to him, a girl with beautiful sea wings and very long hair, <<Why do I feel like I've met her before?>> I thought.As strange as it could sound, I did not feel scared anymore, I felt as if I was at home. after a very long period of time I still didn't know the boy's name and felt awkward to ask, I was Just dazing into his cloudy eyes, still looking surprised, but not very long after the staring contest between each other,  I heard a voice in my head saying: <<My name is Oriden, Nice to meet you Alyssa>>, <<welcome to Eradel>>. <<HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME>> I thought in my head. I thought I was going crazy, I thought my brain was having a trauma that no one, even doctors could explain, because I heard a voice whispering in my head. Not long after the the break out, I heard the same voice speaking, but this time not from my head. As I turned round to look at the boy's face, he smiled at me, and slowly came closer and said, <<My name is Oriden, nice to meet you Alyssa>>, <<how do you know my name>> I replied; he then swiftly turned his face to look at the beautiful woman who I could recall memories about. The woman then came closer to me, and as I turned my eyes down to the mud, I saw tiny pale and clean feet, which surprised me by the fact that they were not covered in dirt. As she was coming closer to me, she never took her sun colored eyes away from mine and smiled at me. as she came closer and closer, she grabbed my hand and told me, <<I'm Luna...nice to see you again Alyssa>>.  I looked into her eyes, I saw pure waters, however, not long after, my brain started to malfunction, I was also very confused on what she said. She said, <<I'm Luna...nice to see you again Alyssa>>, <<nice to see you again Alyssa>> What did she mean by that. I tried so hard to see if I could recall any memories of her, but no, I could not. I felt like I had a connection with her, however, I could not remember seeing her ever in my whole life, plus, I've never been to this place, so why did Luna say <<nice to see you again>>. Even though I was very confused, I just left my thoughts swimming between the dreams which are in my head. As the sun was going down, it looked as if the sky was closing its doors so that the colourful flying creatures wouldn't have their freedom anymore, however, there was still a tiny ray of light which was capable of illuminating the whole place. Oriden then came closer to me and gave me a look as if he wanted me to follow him; I then cautiously followed him into what looked like a house. As we entered the house, having my back to the entrance, I got a weird feeling, a feeling that I hadn't felt in many years, a feeling of finally being at home, something that I hadn't felt in forever. Oriden, who was standing in front of a lamp in between two walls and facing his dark side towards me, then turned to me and said <<Make yourself comfortable>>, and smirked. As much as I wanted to get comfortable, I couldn't because I had too many things roaming in my mind. It took me twenty minutes to get comfortable. while roaming around the house I kept on hearing noises, voices, sounds, whispers coming from somewhere on the top floor. I then stopped for a moment and thought "<< I thought I was alone in here>>, << who else is here>>, <<what is going on>>". I was sure that Oriden was not the fault of these noises, because he was not upstairs. Trembling, sweaty hands and feet, these were my emotions showing themselves physically. I at last, decided to take a risk and see what was awaiting on the top floor, until I finally saw a door, the first of 4 doors on the top floor. Knock...Knock...Knock...the door opened and in front of me, were standing 2 beings, they surely looked like me but had something more than I had. One had ears pointing to the ceiling, not much larger than mine and looked very naive, the other one looked very humane but had shiny butterfly-like wings emerging from her back. I remember being so astonished by the view which my brain was depositing. Girl 1: Hey! Girl 2: Hi! how are you. I remember the blickness which was going round in my head, I was not feeling, nor hearing, I was still in shock by what I had seen. "H-hey" I said, while still roaming in my head to find a way out; They smiled at me not long after, telling me that their names were Thea and Bella. 


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