Hogwarts If Fluffy was there


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The family of magic

 Fluffy was eating breakfast with her family- the shy family - when the question popped up in her head 'is magic real?!' Then out of the blue (I was thinking of putting green or red or yellow haha) she asked if it was, her family all looked at her as if she was a dancing Snape (no this is not a mistake) wearing a silly costume while juggling people's heads, rather tiny human heads, when finally her mother stood up and said "Finally" "Finally what mum?" Asked fluffy, she was sure what she had said wasn't offensive but No it wasn't in fact she quickly figured that out after her mother told her everything "We are witches and wizards?!" Fluffy repeated over and over in a low sort of voice "Yes, I think your letter is coming soon actually.." There was silence.. Then the loud shriek of fluffy saying 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!??!?!' After that day it was never the same, she was always trying to get things to fly with her brain- she looked like an idiot doing so -when the letter came soaring through the front window.. Straight into the wall, she gave the owl one of which were apparently called 'Knuts' then it flew away and she couldn't believe what the front page said:


In a small room

54 Oakwood street

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry 

Professor McGonagall

Fluffershy teared it open and read the letter:

We have invited you to your first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, your father and mother were very good at this and we hope you will be too, here are the books you'll need: 

How to train Hippogriffs by J.K. Rowling

Defensive spells and how to conjure them grade 1 by Anthony Griffon

Quidditch through the ages grade 1 by Lee Parkinson

Sword types and how to wield one grade 1 by Ruebius Hagrid

Every evil wizards and witches by Cornelius Fudge

And here are the other stuff you'll need:

Cauldron, Broomstick, Wand, Robes, Quidditch robes.

Yours sencierly,

Professor McGonagall

She quickly closed the letter then asked impatiently "How am I going to get this all?"

Her mother smirked then said "we don't use muggle money in the wizarding world, there's only Knuts, Sickles and Galleons"

Apparently the most famous person was going to Hogwarts as well, Harry Potter, the baby who survived the impossible, his family died because of You-know-who but he survived and got a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.. It was strangely just like the bruise on her wrist. As fluffy was at 10 - 9 but there was no 9 and 3 quarters and then she saw this family and she knew them immediately they were the weasleys, she thought that was a cool last name to have so she asked Molly, the weasleys mother and she said "oh yes follow us through here dear~ Don't get separated.. Any muggles watching, Fred?" "I'm George! Honestly are you even our mother can't even remember  your child's name!" "Ok, ok sorry georg-" "Just kidding I am Fred and there's no muggles watching.. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!" Fred screamed while running into the brick, fluffy expected a loud CRASH! But there wasn't.. To be infact the whole trolley was gone.. And now it was their turn.. She ran up to the wall and phased right through it, amazed she brung her trolley to a train called 'Hogwarts Express'..

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The bully

They were ready at the door after a few hours when Proffeser mc gonagall told them there was the sorting hat and there was four houses called Slytheryn, Griffondors, Hufflepuffs and Raven claw. Fluffy had heard of all of these houses so she didn't listen and then when it was her turn she stood up shyly blushing a bit and then went up to the stool, sat on it and the hat sing songed "Griffondors Slytheryns Hufflepuffs ravenclaw hmm let's think.. -then it suddenly shouted- SLYTHERYN!" Fluffy was highly upset by this, confused and frightened, she was going to be a bully? She was going to be the next Death eater? What would she tell her parents? As she waited in a corner and waited for the sorting hat to realise  it picked the wrong house but then there was a voice of Proffeser Snape "You can still change houses you know? But this means you get twice as hard homework!" "ANYTHING!" "Thrice as hard as homework then!" Said Snape, looking highly offended, and he whispered something in the sorting hats ear.. Er.. Or where it's ears WOULD be.. And the sorting hat nodded and made a secret appointment with all the raven claws, Hufflepuffs and Griffondors and there was a vote for which house I should be in.. The votes were up and then as the day passed she was now in Griffondor and was also called by the Slytheryns 'The killer in the shadows' or 'You-know-who's betrayer' Fluffer was highly offended by this and avoided conversation at all costs when.. "Ha look who is is. It's You-know-who's spy hahahah! oOOoOOo I'm so scared hahaha!" "Shut it malfoy" came another voice, Harry Potter, Herimone Granger and Ron weasly, "Come to pick a fight weasley, know it all and potter?" Draco malfoy laughed so hard he started choking and went to his house to recover from the giggles, "Are you okay?" The three of them said together concerned "Yeah.." Fluffy was confused. Weren't they going to be mean to her too, ok when I put it like that it sounds awful omg my legs feel funny.. WHATS ON THE MENU? LEGS LEGS XD I'm stuuuuppiiid....

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The new defense against the dark arts teacher

 Apparently there was a new teacher in Hogwarts, Proffeser Incaso (I made up the name) and, as you can tell by the chapter name, is the new Defence against the dark arts. Idk what else to put and my battery is getting low so I'll have to cut this short

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