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Story Briefing + Copyright

Hello everyone!
It's that time again!
For what you might ask?! (Sorry if that was cringe worthy)
A New Story!!

Now I'm not sure if their is any copyright issues or copyright protection on here and I've always put these in any and all of my works.

I am on Wattpad (FoodLover77Penguin) and now I've joined Tablo!!

This story was only going to be 10 to 15 chapters because it is a short story, but at the most it will have is 20 chapters.
Or I had first thought at first, but NaNoWriMo works wonders for the writer.

Thank you and read below for the copyright statement.

Their is two and I would highly suggest you read both.
Thank you!


PS. It is a little bit different from my other copyright statements and I even added a fun fact about the story to see if you guys really read it. Thank you


© 2017 FoodLover77Penguin

All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2017 by FoodLover77Penguin

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the writer in a PM and or an E-Mail.

Written in the United States of America

First Edition

Copyright © 2017 by FoodLover77Penguin
All rights reserved. 
This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Written in the United States of America

First Writing, 2016



So, um hi everyone!

I have a real quick question. Do you guys think it is okay to use a real university in a story? Or no I should make up a university? 
I used a fake one, but I really wanna change it to a real one because if I use the real one I want it will go 10x better with the story than the fake one I thought of.

Please answer the question above.

Thank you and have a great day/night everyone!

Posted:1-1-17 (wattpad) (and on here 1-4-17)
Oh and Happy New Year Everyone!! 
Here's to 2017! 📚
Oh and for those of you who don't know.
My 2017 New Years Resolution is to write a book every month in 2017.
So I'm either going to pull it off or fake epically!
Oh and yes since this book was written in November 2016 for NaNoWriMo that does mean you will also get another book this month and in February too.

Thank you and have a great day/night everyone!

This book will be updated everyday

Also, this is my first book here on Tablo and I'm excited for it! I also write on Wattpad: FoodLover77Penguin

I also participate every year in NaNoWriMo since 2016. That was my first time ever doing it.

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"Roll the various marbles cutie, but be careful not to take a peep and damage your luck."

Every rose has thorns simple as that.

Yet so many people love them.

The question is why?

Why do people bleed when they get pricked by a thorn?

What is that rose's story?

To be so beautiful yet a pain at the same time.

It is both majestic and troublesome at the same time.

Roses make you come back for more because of their exquisite beauty and their captive vibe that keeps you entranced for more.

Roses are most common for being red, but they are also silver.

Oh silver!

What a wonderful color.

So lustrous, shiny, and very eye catching.

Sliver is equivalent to money.

It catches the attention of everyone because it sparkles and reflects everything including its emotions.

What if that silver rose did not want of the attention it was getting?

Instead it wanted to be red for once.

Wanted to live in the shadows.

Wanted to enjoy the peacefulness of each and every passing moment for a day.

Live in the calmness of every situation.

We always wish for things, but what if the things we wished for came true?

Would they be everything we have longed for?




Or would they be our worst nightmares come to life right before our hopeful eyes?

Would they make us scream to get out of the deep end we are drowning in so quickly?

Horrific visions of something that could go so wrong, yet should have gone smoothly almost perfectly?

Or would they play mind games with us until we eventually lost it?

Lost it all?

Or maybe ended it all themselves?


Posted on here: 1-4-17
Words: 284
Happy New Year!! 

Posted: 1-1-17 (Wattpad)

Words: 284

Happy New Year!! 🎉🎊😀

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Chapter 1

*Flashback to 14 years ago*

Come on Jordan, come to grandma ma!

Now listen carefully my dearest child.

For this is one of your favorite stories of mine.

A long, long, long time ago there were many roses.

Everybody practically had at least two rose bushes in their yard.

Yet the only color they ever were was red.

Red the color of blood.

With all of the bloodshed from the wars and fights that broke out people clung to these mystical flowers.

For these flowers had the best of both worlds.

A beauty shell on the outside, but prickly stumps on the inside that managed to break through the shell and be felt from the outside.

For the thorns whole purpose was to make people bleed.

The thorns kept people out.

They protected the rose from being yanked out of the ground.

Once yanked they would die very quickly if you did not know how to properly take care of them.

Why do they make you bleed you might ask?

The color of blood itself is red.

So what better way to bring back the color to the roses than to suck it dry from the thing trying to take it away from you?

One person however never liked the roses.

For that one person hated the color red.


Well that person went through a lot. Saw too much red for their own good. Red.



That is all they would ever see.

For that specific color haunted that particular person each and every day.

Anytime they closed their eyes they first heard 3 loud rumbling bangs. Then next came the horrific dripping haunted color red.

Fresh red.

Fresh blood from dead souls who were very unfortunate that day.

After these extremely vivid visions went on for more than a year.

That poor human vouched to stay awake each and every night for as long as they possibly could. What that person did not yet realize is that would make them affected throughout the entire days or even years to come. It would slowly end up almost killing them.


Almost death.

Almost fresh red for the roses.

Almost fresh blood for the thorns to collect.

But, that did not happen.

That person would not.

It did want to yet.

It could not.

Not die.

Not give in when the timing was perfect.

Not give in to the demons.

No matter what they went through they knew that death would not solve anything for them.

It could not get people back.

It could not make you take that person's place.

It would solve absolutely nothing.

That person's mind would never rest at ease knowing that they got the quickest and easiest way out of the situation they were stuck in.


Instead that person was gifted.

That person was very fortunate.

That person through all of those trials and tribulations was granted access to a gift.

A very important and special gift.

That so very little eyes would ever get to see.

That gift that the person was given an opportunity to see was the moon working its magic.

I say magic because it was extremely unspeakable of.

Something that if somebody else did see before them, did not tell a single soul.

Not even one.

The moon that night was extremely bright. The brightest anyone had ever been fortunate to have seen.

The moonlight given off from the moon hit the person's bushes.

Oh not the bushes in the front yard or the backyard.

But, in the bushes that only that person knew about.

A very secret and very personal garden to that person.

For that person's dearest loved one cared for and loved that garden. She had all kinds of flowers in it, but her utmost favorite flower were Ruby Red Roses.

The wonder and magic of that garden unfortunately left when the caretaker passed away from a very strong and incurable disease.

The garden was hidden and even though he tried, it could never could be forgotten.

For that garden would always remind him of his lovely wife Angela.

The first woman he ever loved truly loved beside the family love he had for his siblings and since his mother was the last woman he loved he never really truly loved someone besides friendly and family.

Not like the love he shared with Angela.

The love he had for that intelligent woman was something indescribable.

He would do anything and everything for that woman.

He loved her so much that if there was a way to save her he would.

It did not matter if he had to sell a kidney, eyes, blood, leg, heart, or any and all parts of his body that would be enough to save his dearly beloved wife.

Unfortunately he could not save her for there was no way to save her.

Once the disease hit home and slithered its way into her immune system, she was gone. There was no way to save her once it came out into the open.

His mother passed away the same way his wife did.

From a steadfast killer.

A killer that works slowly progressing and leading up to the big climax.

The climax that has an even worse ending than the suffering of the beginning and 10 times worse than the slowing point of the sickness.

The ending is what works quickly.

One minute you think the sickness is gone and your dearly beloved is finally starting to heal.

Finally starting to come back to good health and might be able to do everything without coughing, wheezing, fainting, and passing out.

Finally starting to overcome the challenges and then all of the sudden they are dead right before your very own once hopeful eyes.

Eyes that may never hold hope again because they thought that people could overcome anything.

People are fighters.

It is in their blood and it is part of their instincts

Unfortunately people can only fight for so long before it tires them out completely.

Time runs out quicker for others and for others it seems like it can't go any slower.

It does not and should not matter how much time you have here on earth, but how you spend it with the people closest and most important to you.

The last words they say to you are the most valued.

Why? Well they share their last breathe and words just on you.

Those words are just captivating.

The words that your most important loved one says to you right before they join an angel on their way heaven are the most memorable words you will ever remember.

Angela's last words were: Kocham Cię na zawsze i zawsze moją miłość.

I love you, forever and always my love.

Imagine how much joy she had while she said those words.

She did not care or feel the disease eating her away.

No, the only thing she felt was pure happiness to know that her favorite person knew how much he meant to her.

Now you may think that their story ended their Jordan but oh no only for her did it.

He went on with his life more excluded, elusive, and much concealed.

Everything he did he kept to himself.

For he became an outsider to himself.

Unknown to the world and unknown to himself.

But, one thing that brought him back to himself was that very special garden.

The garden he loathed after she died.

The garden that ended up being his savior.

The garden that brought him his most prized joyed and gift ever since God gifted him with life.

The rarest of all roses.

The garden that gifted him with Silver Roses.


Posted 1-2-17 (Wattpad)
Words: 1,288

Posted on here: 1-4-17 (On here)

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