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Two Perceptions

{ONGOING} The masks I wear to hide myself are numerous. They are there to contain the chaos residing within. Everything I touch is tainted with a smear of sadness. Even happiness.

Goodnight, God

Goodnight, God is a short story collection by Catherine M. Harris. Covering a variety of fiction styles including horror, fantasy, general fiction, some of them have been previously published in publications such as The Toronto Star, and Storyteller Magazine.

Equation for a Broken Mind

Troubled minds often lead to the best stories... As you are advancing into university, the period of time where you are still a teenager but treated like an adult...expected to make decisions that will change your future when a month ago you needed to ask permission to go to the bathroom... Wether to follow the well worn path of...

Into The Void

Daniel Spinzy is a 57 year old theoretical physicist. With the help of a 23 year old experimental physicist, called Joe Callagher, he attempts to create a wormhole and travel to the past... of a parallel universe.

Always Pick the Left Answer

With only her best-friend's wedding to occupy her Margi is slowly and unwittingly orchestrating her own doom. Sneaking around with a coffee server/sculptor, trying to not strangle her best-friend’s other best friend, and acquiring a taste for shoplifting are just the starters on her plate. Not to mention rodents in her kitchen...

Incubus Kiss

Milicente McTernan had lived on the edge of the supernatural world as a lifelong resident of a small, strange town named Leesbourough, Louisiana. The veil there between real and supernatural worlds was insubstantial and permeable. When her husband, Terry, died after a long and agonizing illness, Mili clung to the familiar while she...