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Chapter 1




Chile, Antofagasta, 2002

Whoever has one in their hands,

To Chile and Argentina

To Croatia and the USA


              Life is full of coincidences, and this is just a book where

they mix random and random facts that go weaving the plot of the life of a


In the first time I work in a book of this type, far from being literary

It also becomes an attractive narrative where the author's passion

It transcends the basketball court and fills with life itself. Life, Basketball and

Minas is a text of total and disinterested dedication destined to the world of sport.

Francisco "Keko" Vuscovic Bezmalinovic, the Keko for everyone is much more than

a basketball player is a man who knows the sacrifice and many

situations that life has raised from work and from the personal,

but that's why he has not lost his sensitivity or his desire to beat a hill.

Mobilized all your life by the passion of the game try from here, not only tell your

life with an autobiographical tone but that is his desire and maybe as he expresses it

his last motivation to leave his life and sports history to the young generation that

is training in basketball so that they can learn from him and not commit

some of his mistakes. His extensive career as a player in the different series,

his time in many Chilean clubs, his work dedicated to sport from different

places, whether as a coach, manager or in control tasks, arbitration, give you a

global knowledge of the orange ball world and make it express with total

authority in this regard. His words full of recognition for his trainers,

for their relatives, for their friends, and coworkers they talk about what the

has done with him, training him not only in technical skill but also

as a full person. His writing style gives the impression that more than reading one what

is listening to tell your anecdotes at the wheel of friends, that's why this

edition has respected the author's words so that each reader can identify

in them the passion that moves him and that surely is the same as so many others

players who have dedicated their lives to the sport by choosing it as the ultimate goal of same

        I am deeply grateful to Francisco for having given me the possibility of

know him and participate in this project and have trusted me to

concrete it. Immediately after reading your manuscript I felt part of it because

I share that passion for sport from another place since life made my

children will also practice it. Editing a book implies entering into the life of the

author, in his ideas, in his feelings, sharing many hours of work in the

which produces the deep knowledge of who writes it. The Keko is a

simple man with few aspirations but with a very big goal full of

heart that is to give and deliver from what is and what you have to others

and leave his life at the service of sports education, one of his constants and more

important motivations The edition of chronicles and the names that appear

corresponds to give a more complete vision of his life and his achievements, and translate into

the story the authenticity of what has been said.

Needless to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this work and that I share the

the author's intention when publishing it, considering it of great interest to young people and

all those who are related to the world of sport enunciated, but such as

he expresses it himself can be useful and of interest to any person to whom he

like to read

The author's comings and goings about the text and about life itself make him feel that

Although it gives an end, it is unquestionable that it does not have an end, as well as in the field of

game, as well as in life, since his passion will not be exhausted in the

same, maybe at some point I no longer step on the court trying to make a basket,

but the ball will always keep it in his hand and will continue to be a reason for

his future activities, because basketball is his great passion, he wanted it, he chose it

as their way of life and life continues and will continue to have the colors of

victories and defeats and all the flags and sounds of all the hymns,

because passion does not end, if it is transformed into encouragement for new intentions,

in a goal cry ... that will always remain in the echo of any stadium ... or in the

pit of any mine and that's why this text has a halo of magic

that does not cease, that covers it from the beginning to the end, and crown it in the

I relate with casual circumstances that announce the destination to the author, the

three coins, the three passions, the meeting with Sister Teresa de los Andes, her arrival

to Tres Arroyos, his decision to publish in Argentina, his reunion here with his

Chilean compatriots on a playing field, wearing the Argentine jersey from

a local club, too many coincidences for his sensitive spirit to get a

remarkable and unexpected emotion, which marks the permanence of passion.

Life, Basketball and Mines is then an inexhaustible source of feeling and

teaching and it becomes an attractive and mobilizing text.




      This short story by "Keko" Vuscovic mixes experiences, dreams and ideals. This

written in its own way, where order and time are totally relative. Is a

kind of Macondo basket weaver.

Although he does not have the figure of the errant knight, for me "Keko" is a Quixote

modern ... Live the world with the same ideals. His armor is one of

basketball player and a ball. With them he goes through basketball lands, maybe in the

search for many Sanchos who understand and understand it. It remains a

child dressed in a man's armor ... How to envy him!

The subject raised it a long time ago. "I'm writing something about my life

cestera. "Cheer up, I said. When you have it finished, show it to me and it fulfilled


My promise had been to write a few lines about it, which I am now


From the pages springs an authentic "globetrotter" (trotamundo) cestero, which

Its peculiar characteristic is a deep affection for each institution that

sheltered and for each shirt that defended. Likewise with his homeland, his homeland, his

parents, your loved ones and especially children, to whom you want to turn your


It's that Keko is like that. I would say it is unique and unrepeatable. So you have to understand it and

to judge him in this work, culmination of his most desired dreams.

Tonko Obilinovic A

Isidro Corbinos Award for Sports Journalism (1988)

Antofagasta, October 2002

                                                              Author's words

                 I wanted to tell you through these words a story of moments

stamped by photos of the different newspapers with chronicles that have been my

personal motivation and my passion for this sport of basketball.

I hope for the same thing to awaken the interest of who can follow this story that

It is not chronological because the facts and the years that appear in it are

cause of disorder in the events but that I want to endorse them with the

comments made in this one so that at the same time to give them information about my

trajectory serve any athlete who shares this same passion for

face any situation, be it from work or from any field of life


I have decided to tell you experiences that can be useful to you.

scope, anecdotes and stories that through the years of this game I can

tell them, since today not being competitive, I feel the same passion that I put in the

game box and I pour it here now, to tell you what basketball is, the

game where the field enters five against five, of equal conditions, but where

there is also a team of players- twelve- a DT Assistant etc ... etc ... and where

at the end of the match there is only one winner, logical too, because it is the sport where

there is no tie, one wins the other loses, that's where you have to know what one or what

another, the result does not matter to me.

Following that moment, the joy of achieving a sporting achievement is

important but then in the memory it does not matter anymore, because it could be good or bad,

the important thing is to be competitive, to be an athlete, to be healthy in the fight, to feel

Contrary as a friend and be remembered for it.

Maybe with this philosophy of the game I have to be a champion once, when it is

it will have to be enjoyed at that moment, when the task is completed,

general, it is one year of competition, hence the desperation of the participants

to achieve the coveted title thinking about waiting a year or achieve it in it.

The instance of the game continues to be the Champion of a Club of the

Association and the City, the first, arriving between all the clubs to conform

the Selection of the City of Antofagasta. From there, what was accomplished in the tournament

National leads to be selected from the Country.

I'm not looking for a for-profit telling this story. I think I will give it to you,

basketball player and all my teammates with whom I participated,

since even being opposed are my friends, and all the sports miners, already

all those who have put obstacles in this passion, I give them the gift, I know

there are interesting things, if you like to read here you have another friend who can tell you

anything about basketball and mining, come and go

with me these pages and I'll tell you.

Remembering is a bit nostalgic, since by playing one you can have fun

entertain themselves with basketball, because that's what it's about on the field, always

you have to be happy with the desire to do things well, in every happy moment of

attend this party, to witness matches of all levels. I'm sure that

will entertain even with a pichanga (1), attending the stadiums, because in this

show, you are part of it and in this party you will spend pleasant moments, you

it will vent, you will forget your problems with the referee, and shout it, you

You will have fun, you will be passionate with your team, in short, I recommend it to you, as soon as you have

time, get yourself a place in the field and have fun, is what I do I can barely,

there they will find me, and there will be this family of players who have more

years that I in the playgrounds and of which you will nourish in all the

events, where you will know the Glories and Victories of the different

clubs in the City, where I must admit I have never closed the doors, even

knowing that in the competition we are opposites because this sport is the great

family. After the game played no bitterness remains, whatever the

result, and when I return home to replenish energy I still think about this

Basketball sport, considering it as one of the most complete, for which

he likes this sport, unlike the others since in this one I have to apply

feet, hands, head, eyesight, running, jumping, thinking, playing in the air, changing

speed, strength, and so many more skills that I can continue to list since

if I am in practice, it beats any other sport. Then I will explain the

details but all in the end they serve for the body and the soul.

I remember when I was underground, in the underground and I realized, and I counted it

in a chronicle, that the sport enters the blood goes through the heart and stays there

forever. That's the beauty of this sport, that one can go back in time

and move to the present immediately. I do not want to go into sad and fatal details but

I carry with me the memory of mine friends and athletes who are no longer

playing here with us, but they have meant a lot in my life, for them

also this book.

                                                   Chapter 1


        It seems that this is the end of the story but it is not like that. I want to say here that

This follow-up at the beginning was from my father, who urged me to participate in the

basketball sport and in his own hand I keep these newspaper clippings here


            I am the penultimate of seven brothers, I was born in Antofagasta on May 22

of 1959, my brother Sergio went to register me in the Civil Registry and Francisco put me,

Since I was a descendant of Yugoslavian, I had to wear Frane and he put me

Francisco Alex Vuscovic Bezmalinovic, so be registered and as Sergio went to me

sign up tell me Keko.

              My father, Zvonko Vuscovic Berkljaca came with his family to Chile in a

time I do not remember, my mother Danika Bezmalinovic Restovic also with her

Family arrived from Yugoslavia. They met in this land of Antofagasta, Chile.

                 They were merchants, as were many descendants from Yugoslavia

come after World War II, so they came to Chile, to Punta Arenas

and to different places and settled as a community. So far from his homeland,

they began to take root in this new generous land that gave us the welcome

in order to continue developing the customs and to install our culture in it,

Croats today, for those things of men that one never comes to understand.

               My father, I was working at the beginning as a merchant in a warehouse,

in the accounting part, to then go to the port part in the warehouses

until managing the port of Antofagasta, including receiving the ship that

He brought the cement that built the Sokol Stadium. My mother was in the kitchen,

to feed everyone, in the neighborhood and in the house, starting first with the

men and then the ladies. In the house lived Maria Berkljaca Music, my grandmother

paterna, who exchanged a palace in Crocia for our house in Chile, where

A lot of history too, made of wood, of assembled pine, old, big,

where the Croats met before to play bocce and make fish and to take

He came and spoke of his distant land, in the center of the city. I still live there, with part

of the family, preserving some of the old traditions, such as food

bittersweet that prepares my Mommy.

My father also played basketball, they were going to look for him at the Equestrian Club when

he had left, but he always liked the game more than the sport, bettor, who

He lost several houses for the game, for the cards, for the card, he liked to bet. Of all

manners had several breed horses and the honor of winning with them several

classics, such as the town horse that won seven races in a row as

Pelequen, Fido, Talian, Siox.

My oldest sister, Sonia, toured the world, my older brother

travel the sky. My other brother Sergio walked the steps of my father in the port,

where he worked as thirty years. My sister Natacha taught me to read when I

I taught Mario, who in turn taught me how to play basketball and the younger Nicolás

is now in the largest mine in the world, open pit, where it is already miner

also and basketball player.

I always defended Antofagasta in the game because my life was spent there.

I started school at age eight, at School No. 1, because I did not like it

I studied, but as I learned fast, I skipped the courses to accommodate age.

         When I finished the eight years of Basic Education, I went to the Liceo 

 from Antofagasta, where I stayed for two years and left to play. With

Later I finished it in the night school at twenty. Meanwhile, already

I worked at the Universidad del Norte in the Cecun Computing Center. Me

I would have liked to be everything as a profession, however I did not study, but my

University is life itself, where it is known from the humblest to the wisest, and

where you earn from the two, you learn different details that are worth in life


Now I write ... get to know me, this is me the KEKO.

                                                        Episode 2

                                                  " MY FORMATION "

                          My beginnings in basketball go back to 1969, when I was just 8

years of age it was then that I arrived at the Green Cross Sports Club. At first

I did not like the idea of ​​playing basketball, but it was that they started to motivate me

learn the rules and the basics. The coach had his methods of

teachings and only on the court could know what the game was about.

It was so I started playing at the beginning as if to recreate myself enjoying the

party and seeing that others made it competitive, I did not like the idea of

compete, to be the best, then I left. At times they did not understand me

way to play, I did not care about winning, just playing.

The President of the Club every time I had left he would find me to play

and I hid myself, I went to the beach, they almost forced me to play in competition, it was

so then I did not play the finals.

                 Then go to the other series, children ... enjoy the training ... run ...

practice the movements ..., the dreams of dunk 3,000,000 points, draw

accounts, how soon I would get them, I started to score in a mental account,

until the training, to know every inch of the field, to review each place

of the playing field, and play, always play ....

             Another series, cadets, already with more knowledge of the game, with more skills,

being able to play without wanting to compete, the results of the equipment arrived alone. With

that philosophy of the game, only the honor of participating, of course, better if it was won,

but I thought that the result was always positive, now I played with more weapons

that were discovered in time.

With the reviews of each movement, I came to another series, juvenile. I thought that

He already dominated all the forms of the individual game, but the team game was missing.

How to achieve the understanding of the companions, with friendship to meet with the

others to practice the plays. To think that the others did not put the same effort

feel that I was already trained, for the fight 

                                                               Chapter 3

                                                  "THE ADULT SERIES"

      When I went to another series, adult, for my individual achievements I was called to defend

the shirt of the Selection of the City, another reason to continue preparing and of

that way to start giving back what they gave me all this time of the

teaching. I am already in this passion that I can not leave, I become the model of

life to follow, start flying and believe that I am unstoppable, have the assurance that

nobody wins me if I try hard, if I'm ready to win.

I begin to receive profits in mining works, I am already formed by this

sport that is everything, I enter without wanting in the beginning and now thinking that it was a

life, I look back and see what it meant and I continue to deliver. I think about all the life that

subtract this way to all those who have a similar interest where it is wrong

one in this search leaving aside other interests, and so that they do not commit that

error that's why I write this, to tell you that in the end, it is what it really is,

what one wanted to keep having friends in basketball, which is like the big

family, since the one who plays and is there does the same as me and I identify him

Immediate, I can read it when I see it, which is the search for your wishes, that's why

I want to help them, maybe this is my final motivation, now I want to leave

time, to think that I already delivered everything and did what I wanted to do of myself, and

finally be calm, knowing that it is difficult to get out of this intensity, of this

passion, anyway, even in this narrative, I try to give them to you

what I write with all my knowledge hoping not to leave anything out so that

serve them. Also know that where you are can ask me some of your doubts

I will try to answer them if it happens.

For the sport other passions are born, to know that the way in which it is prepared

One in life is that simple, now interpret that sport is life. Someone

He said, and now I understand, and you do not have to be in the university to know that, LIFE

BASQUETBOL AND MINES, three passions that can continue adding to others that

will come, like the lyrics that give me new motivations today, when I see them play and

Now for every boat I gave a letter I will be, for everything I went through it will be easier

start again, that way I do not find the end.

I played, arbitrated control tables, attended coaches courses, always

dedicated and unselfishly delivering knowledge to new generations, but

I consider that I have lacked time to develop them as I would have liked.

So I went through and lived in all these clubs and institutions that were my school.

In the beginning my beloved Green Cross Sports Club in Antofagasta where

I obtained the main training, from eight years of age through all the

inferior series, until the adult. Uninterruptedly since that time I defended the

Selection of my city in eliminatory of national championships.

It was in

those years enough for the DT of the Universidad del Norte, Mr. Alfredo

Hernandez Bianchi QEPD will fix his gaze and believe in me for the team of the

University, which I defended as if it were my own club. Also there I found the

love for this sport and in it gave me the opportunity to work in the

CECUN (computer center) and be able to finish my studies that was always the

permanent concern of the DT and sports. I defended the colors of the

University for three years in the adult series achieving triumphs in different

championships for my time at the club.

Looking for new goals I travel to Santiago de Chile to venture into new

teams and I find the reception of the Cultural and Sports Social Club of Chilectra

intermediate of its President Mr. Enrique Medel who immediately gives me the

resources to practice for the institution that I defended for a year. It is with this that

I travel to defend it in Argentina in an invitation tournament and in that presentation

achieved a possible contract to play on the other side of the mountain range in the Republic

sister. It does not materialize because in my previous step through the city of

Antofagasta was recorded my game in the home crowd and was reason for a

Smelter club leader from Chuquicamata convinced me to play in the

Mineral. There he would work and represent the shirt of the Chuquicamata National Team

and that of the workplace Smelter Casting of Concentrates.

Always looking for new horizons in passion I look for another Club and I decide

play for the brothers of the colony Yugoeslava today Croatians The Falcons of the Sokol

from Antofagasta, Hrvatski Sokol in which I participate until today. In this club I have been

delivered everything, becoming my second home and that of the entire city, where

They also know me and where I went to participate by other local clubs for the

season and I have returned and they have received me again, understanding that

they recognize and that's because I've always wanted to be on the field,

defending the competition of the Association of the City of Antofagasta.

Also participate by the Canadela Labor Association and playing for the

companies I defend Pesquera Loa Norte de Mejillones and get two titles

National Bicampeones of Chile.

I return to the Federated channel and the Sokol Club of Antofagasta in which

I share less, for work reasons, which are usually outside the city

in the mining works. That is also why I feel the need to give them to

you what I write, and remember the clubs and institutions where I was

participating, listing them from the first to the last, without doing too many

comments of each of them, only name them and give some reference,

since everyone is giving athletes of all levels what they ask, for a while

of recreation, health, friendship, relationships and sport that is life itself

They are:

Green Cross Sports Club (mini Until juvenile, 

Headquarters in the city of Antofagasta, created on April 7, 1925, located on the street


Page 12

Latorre ...... in its facilities it is practiced in addition to basketball, in its time all

sports, today babyfútbol. Its current president is Mr. Juan Antonio

Marrodan, sports journalist with projection in four local newspapers.

University of the North (adult, 

Headquarters in the city of Antofagasta. Nowadays it is called University

Catholic of the North. In her all the races are studied, and in their dependencies

all sports are also played. The Institution is a private entity.

Club Hrvatski Sokol (adult, 1983-until 2002)

Headquarters in the city of Antofagasta, located at Calle Esmeralda 2217., where

located its stadium. Belongs to the Croatian community, founded December 1,

1927, fulfilling in the present 2002 its 75 years of existence. The basketball

constitutes the most important activity in it. It is also practiced

female volleyball. Its dependencies are also occupied for artistic events and

social. In his history there is a great trajectory in the practice of all sports

gymnastics and swimming. It is currently open to the entire community of

Antofagasta, in the preparation of athletes of all levels. Your president

Current is Mr. Vladimir Misetic Y.

Club Cexaec (adult, 1997, Summer Championship)

Headquarters in the city of Antofagasta, located on Huanchaca Street. The institution was

founded by an Alumni Center of the School No. 4 of Antofagasta. his

activity focuses on sports training in basketball.

Colegio San José (adult, 1990, Summer Championship)

Headquarters in the city of Antofagasta, located in Calle Galleguillos Lorca 1110, where its

Basic and secondary school. Among the sports that are practiced there,

basketball constitutes a central axis.

North America Club (adult, 1982 to 1985, Tournaments in Iquique)

Headquarters in the city Iquique, First Region of the country, Chile, located on O street

higgins. In the fundamentally practiced basketball and soccer in all


Chilectra (adult, Santiago)

Headquarters in the capital city of Chile, Santiago, on Calle Carmen 75. It is one of the

most important clubs of the capital belongs to the branch of the workers of the

electricity. In its headquarters all sports, including basketball.

Pesquera Loa Norte (Adult, 

Headquarters in the city of Mejillones, Second Region of Chile, a company dedicated to

products of the sea, it packs and exports its products, located in the street .... Where to the

workers are given the opportunity to practice all sports.

San Luis School (adult)

Headquarters in the city of Antofagasta, located on Baquedano Street. Catholic institution

private school dedicated to basic and secondary education, where students and former

Students have the opportunity to develop in the practice of different sports.

Club Smelter (adult, Work tournament,)

Headquarters in the city of Chuquicamata, Second Region, where the ore is located

largest in the world to open pit, copper. Your workers have the possibility

of the practice of different sports.

Club Mantos Blancos (adult, Work Tournament)

Headquarters in the outskirts of the city of Antofagasta in the middle of the mining 

where his stadium is located. Your workers can practice any sport.

                                  Chapter 4

                             " THE GAME STARTS"

              When the game begins, new goals are emerging, between the

fellowship and friendship, where they are going to put all the desire to achieve it, in

the game, and in life, with thought, with strength and passion, with affection and


to achieve the team's understanding, - five players on the field-, in

the functions either of passes, slides, driblings, plays, tactics a

pitches and when the five think about finishing a play that is successful, it

will win the game.

Winning matches for a championship ... the constancy of winning ... always goes

to generate a new goal, something different to achieve, it will never be finished

learn, there will always be something more important than having a triumph, which will be

reach another level, another category of players, that is what I will know as the

passion of the game of basketball.

In each play, in each game will be incorporated something new in this sport,

every player will have to be able to store all this information from

knowledge to develop it in a new party, learn in addition to agreement

with each defense, of adversaries with ever greater level of play and another level of

demands that over time will have to be solved

Hence, the physical preparation must work in the team. Can not be

rest in the field, you should always be alert to any movement, always

will be in that rhythm the game, it will have to be cheerful, dynamic, to have constancy in the

movements to surprise the adversary and even the public that also

it's part of the game, - friends of the players, supporters of the club - supporting them

cderrotas that leave teachings, I've got jobs through sports, because

the athlete is healthy and is able to play whatever it is, because through the

institutions, coaches and leaders are part of the culture and what

They lead in healthy life. It's just that the road I took is the sporty one but

it is not that by the same passion I neglected that there are other duties as the

study. In my particular case I made the mistake of separating it by the game of

basketball, which attracts and does not leave, because it implies a permanent

search, where everything is good and everything bad, synonymous and antonym, triumph and

defeat, where there is no end, there is always an end.

Several clubs that invited me to participate to represent them in

quadrangular summer tournaments, always defending the colors of my city in

selections, where I was able to participate all this time and know much of

my Country one of the beautiful things that this sport delivers, allowing to know

new customs, people, and friends.

I was also able to participate in the game against my brother, who

some opportunity is playing on another team, or technically, the

which also has its history in this basketball, because the game at the end is

question of honor and memories where the key to success is, there are also

the search for information of when it started, its origins and dates back to the year


With Dr. James Naismith casually with two baskets of peaches,

that's where this story of the game begins, a little what was the beginning, forwards

pure memories of championships, figures, places, positions and anecdotes,

everything to remember where the success of basketball will be.

                                        Chapter 5

                               "The mining passion

           And today in mining having other teammates and watching the

exploitation functions, I play on my machine and I see with peripheral vision as

in basketball, in climatic conditions, in adversity where there is

exploitation of man by man, where in all these hills full of gold, the

miner is also passion, work hard for their win. I like to win,

so I'm part of the team, where there are also individual functions, and

here you are exposed to danger and all the circumstances involved,

but there are also exciting moments as in sport, where also one

prepare and give the possibility to anyone to act, to be

passionate and perform the final task to beat the hill, weather, heat and cold,

matter of honor like in basketball, which for me would be synonymous with

all. As I spent enough time in mining belong and I think this

team, where I entertain friends and telling my sports stories

Chuquicamata smelter Smelter in the Undercity in Mantos Blancos in

Lince, Michilla, Florence, Tambo Minera del Indio at 6000 meters above level

Sea today I see the snow, the cold and the sun appear closer every morning.

There behind the hill the Doves, National Monument Cordillera de los

Half Chilean Andes, Argentine Half limit of the border, I think that maybe

Monte Grande below where he lived Gabriela Mistral which had a passion for

This letter directing me to you., because the truth'm bad to read and write.

And perhaps the area where I find that inspire me, full of

riches but no value for me because in sports there is not

material to succeed, because often the wealthy believes that gets everything

what he wants and has power, but in this sport the sacrifice is needed,

passion, hard work, dedication, courage, courage and often money can not buy

happiness of honor, to participate and succeed.

So in this journey from north to south, from south to north, where the fall alone

boogers cold, he cries, memories are written, from anywhere, my partners

still in Poser (2) and writing, but the miners themselves know that I am in

this way, I'll heat engines to run, here in the work that is

ecological and healthy for that I am participating in this, I do not know why I tell them

this but there I see that hill again imposing Tórtolas, now the only one who

It gives the sun (where yesterday I took a photograph), fabulous, seem to know that

I write about it, everything else is cloudy, incredible this, I'm not going to see ever

Like, I remember this moment for life, if my partner gives me the photo

I will add at the end of the album, so they know that this is the whole truth.

And so ends the day today, we must now rest tomorrow

we come to this, to continue to count as my intention.

                                         Chapter 6

     Knowing that my sporting life continue to journalists today is that

I thank the permanent motivation that comes selflessly for

through those letters, which have meant for me to be alive and happy

developing more than one function with my teammates and work.

also thank the patience handed clubs and institutions in this

education, which cherish a lifetime.

I hope to always see them thus developing the function of forming players,

looking forward to a sporting achievement not discouraged

since in basketball there is always one that is the best.

Why not become demoralized in the preparation of players, build

his model of life, as this may now give them works for others like me,

who feel this passion, this is me, is it that you, the Keko formed.

Gladly go over the long list of everyone who has helped me

develop this passion, friends, fans, players, coaches, clubs

Miners living in Antofagasta, all who are part of this story I wanted

naming them with names, but the truth you know I would miss

time to list them in this, so it is my intention to retain this

story of my life at work and basketball because if they have in their hands,

home, I appreciate and today and forever will be part of this friend who


And now I entered thanks wave when it is not wanted to do with

I tell them this is why I asked that grain of sand provided for in

Thus see fulfilled my dream and passion, without success, that's why I had to

cross the mountains to the sister land Argentina looking to see my dream


I do not want to have it just for me, I think this is the way throug

these words to know that I will continue on this path, being useful to my

city, Chile, my country, the sport of basketball, because with this union will

be the best, Viva Chile, my beautiful country, I am not challenging the contrary

celebrating, but the National Basketball Federation, I ask you to make us vibrate

a major achievement defending him so we can tell the world that here

We are also the game where policies do not fit, or wars, on the contrary,

Through sport we always do more, we continue crossing borders,

demonstrating the level of play we have, we do not get tired to participate.

From these pages I applied and I was granted permission to edit this

narrative, since I am part of the Chilean Basketball Federation, for this

Player records Basketball Association of Antofagasta and that

know that whenever I ask collaboration, deliver, retribuyéndola of

Just as I have received over the years, working and working and

for the sport that dignifies people.

That's why when I was unemployed, I presented this same as my

Resume to a company that I will not name, company that thought was the

larger, champion, and which did not receive a response or thought make

even bigger with my contribution, because it is in my city, Antofagasta and I am from

antofagastino all heart, what I mean, because I was wrong to

introduce me to this work a reason, being that I could keep it for me,

I realize that I belong here, all of us and you, so that this

best experience I'll introduce you, passionate Ball, who truly

It belongs.

                                                         Chapter 7

                                                    COMPANIES AND SPORT

      Some companies just prefer to be sponsors of institutions,

since it is easier to appear and be advertising these already established, to appear

in public opinion as sports. But they are wrong, because really

that give their employees the opportunity to participate in any sport,

They are those that deliver more productivity at the end, where you work at home and

security to make them larger, so it enters your Club Association

Basketball Antofagasta and thus to the Basketball Federation of Chile

        This is the valid form so they can compete and show interest in educating

and teaching, forming athletes for the Future, people working in their companies,

clubs, institutions, colleges, universities, so that in this way, being healthy,

we can be great for our country, practicing sport.

This is the formula that will make us win in any situation, this

step in the sporting life is definitely'm here today, from this hill,

watching them act all of you, make every effort and do it well for everyone,

from here where I'll put a Chilean flag I look at those clubs that are

disappearing for lack of support, no infrastructure, no amenities, and

many needs that exist so you can play sports. I also see

those who lock themselves in their offices and play alone and he does not earn anyone,

I ask you repair our stadiums, take care of them, make this family grow,

identify yourself with a club in his neighborhood, they encourage people to participate, make it

people go to the stadiums, so we will be able to repeat the moves in a

giant screen controls have watches in stadiums, bars, shows and

good competition, that way everyone will want to participate and so that we

demand that the government and authorities, but we are what we are, athletes

amateurs, we want everything and we have nothing.

Well better now I'm going to start singing hymns to entertain

a while since I have stuck in the blood, the heart will circulate it

to revive and remember, for example, I had to sing it every day Monday

8 in the morning at school N 1 of Antofagasta, the same I had to sing

a cappella with Chilectra Santiago team on the court, in Argentina, before a

stadium full of people with all emotion and respect, the national anthem of Chile,

The other Green Cross Sports Club of Antofagasta, the Liceo de Hombres de

Antofagasta University of Antofagasta North, the Sokol Club, the

Cexaec Club, San Lui Luis de Antofagasta, the national anthem, so you better start

work and remember starting with Chile




DIVERSION: Premini. Recognize a child who wants to have fun, and

He wants to learn from his coach, so it will be easier for the child to them

demonstrate the exercises in the field. See conditions have

physical, ....... test projection height from the physical data of their


FELLOWSHIP: Mini. Learning to recognize other children who have the

same desire to play, meet them friendship. Then after friendship

strengthened in the years of preparation and training model


FRIENDSHIP: Preinfantil. Continue to motivate friendship and not divert attention

only to play, if not to study too.

UNDERSTANDING: Children. Understanding the decision to continue forever

prepare the idea to improve the game itself individually.

SET: Cadete. Now all individual knowledge transform it into the game

is set or be part of a campus.

Young love. To recognize all the love that is for the good of this

passion, clubs and institutions, friends, journalists, bars, parents, the


PASSION: Adults. To develop this passion for life in all areas and

if you came into this passion it is very difficult to get out.

LIFE: Seniors. Continue doing sport that sport is life.

                                      Chapter 8

                THREE STREAMS AND NEWLY basketball

       By coincidences of life and basketball at the time again to be

writing this magical book is that I am on the tennis ball club

Tres Arroyos in a match between Chile and Argentina is that I go to the stadium to

attend meetings between Palestino of Chile Ball Club and Tres Arroyos,

a manager and player invites me to play for his team Palestino and reached the

court and missing each ball club and play for Argentina at a meeting of

incredibly friendly family sharing this great basketball .Conozco

with people from Argentina and my compatriots story of this book that I

motivates reach this city, I tell them of my city and Sokol, and agreed

future visits with delegations from our respective clubs. The match played

amiably tie it. Given the latest attack in the game the team

Tres Arroyos is that now you can think playing since they retain the balloon

to leave the game tied and not seek to win the game to end so


in friendship, personally play against fellow was strange, seeing in the

field two flags on the floor and defend the color of the shirt one wears

on, and that is not their own. Then they invite me to participate with the team

training to continue sharing a new friendship in the club, so you can

end tell them this narrative, we shared empanadas and roast, red wine, and

party, bachelor Palestinian delegation.


                                        Chapter 9


                                 MAGNANO and his course 

     Hi teacher! As this gift Ruben Magnano, I find, I entered the Hotel

Mar del Plata, and you. out, I come from Antofagasta, Chile to his clinic, bring the

Antofagasta greeting, I come to study.

Francisco Vuscovic am Bezmalinovic, Yugoslavian are, not as I explain I am

Chilean descendant of Croatians, not Yugoslav, now Croatian. I remember the end of

Argentina versus Indianapolis Yugoslavia. I saw on television what happened in that

end of the world

The clinic

One hundred and fifty teachers from different countries, 6 Chileans, Antofagasta 2, 2

Santiago, 2 of Copiapo (ladies). A friend of Uruguay, Argentina colleagues,

Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, etc. New friends, exhibitors, Ruben Magnano

demonstrating the issues raised selflessly, telling how,

Simple entertaining as we prepare, physically, tactically, details

important that I can now apply, request to submit this as the end, a

Unforgettable memory. also thank the technical staff of National Teams

Mouches and Fernando Hector Mario Duro trainer also showed

their knowledge. Thank you 


  I tell him tied 1st place in the world Argentina, that is the level of play

that is, in a sport where there is no tie. This time humbly say

that you. was and is the No. 1 Argentina N1 for me.

                                                                Chapter 10

                                                            ' After 15 years '

       if not continue in English or Spanish after a while where many

Anecdotes I want to tell you again after 15 years, reacquaint with this

I had forgotten ancient book on PC with a virus that recently achieve understanding and

less able to continue with my past life story will try to update what we

matters to everyone reading and thinking a little excited to discover so far

the future day of the race. October 2017 ... I am at home in Port Saint Lucie USA

where almost 20 years ago I came back consists of a large school Chile.

Antofagasta where I said goodbye to my mother and friends and brothers, if I came

with a dream it was to see and appreciate the best of basketball in the world a

show as is the NBA.

At first it was not easy because of the language, and then with signs or whatever to do

understood was fun, as I came tourist unable to work until the

and residence permit in the country was nearly 5 years of waiting, in the meantime

voluntarily teach some young to play Basketball in a tournament where 12

players in training learned some basics and details that if

They understand are personal interests, won every game preparation,

but the tournament accompany any one year and the good thing is where they saw me

  I appreciated what they learned in this city Treasure Coast case and found me

company in the world where I work to this day great. Walmart

initially in store for 4 years after entering the center

distribution of it soon turned 10 years, and basketball went away

but here to continue playing and I remember telling my stories to my

colleagues around the world as it is cosmopolitan this part where there

immigrants from different ethnic cultures, religions, races or whatever, my partner

from Trinidad & Tobago with Indian culture I reach to transform the

I ate before, everything more spicy and even some strangers, know your country

was also something that was not in any plan anyway there are more by

Criket sport, different music and customs as we lived pretty eh

time in this country decided to apply to become an American citizen, so far only

I expect the oath and obtain the rights to leave the country and

return smoothly as my dream from the beginning as it was written in the

first part was knowing the land of my ancestors Croatia which is what

would fail to give an end to this new passion that I want that you enjoy

as I will, otherwise you do not get the same ire as for these four nations this

dedicated this I write, translate it and you regalare because if I have entertained,

Not long I'll find some photographs that are somewhere

saved for you

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Chapter 11

 Discovering in the course of history to travel and write what is important to the inventor of Basketball is something that comes with the magic that this story has three days of flying to earth where Dr James Nainsmith, more than 100 years ago, created the I play with two baskets on the floor to evolve until today where I told it in an earlier chapter but in this oppuununity I can not stop telling you that I am going to ask and see in the stadium your culture people to see what they tell me and dress it for you to investigate why they participate in the best tournament of the NBA world of the USA the only country that can do it for now imagine that it is the respect to the inventor of it ... also in this season the Toronto Raptors is located at the top of the conference and If I have the possibility of being there for sure, I'll tell you the same, I realize that I would have to ask for your permission to edit this chapter that I had not contemplated and it would be disrespectful not to tell I am going to live anxiously about almost giving an end to this chapter that has no end but a purpose to continue since 1891 to complete the work in Croatia which is the land of the ancestors and once I am there tell you some words of what I have lived but I've already found out where I'm going I know there are some phrases that describe the imagination and allow me without ever being there to tell them that after being there die quietly according to descriptions of tourism that excite my destiny can do it for you and in a turn keep finding the words so that you have the real certainty that serves to be reading until today I will add the photos and continue ... I have just discovered the true story that some did not know as I am a citizen was the inventor of this sport and also the doctrine of the Sokol came from the Czech Republic in the beginning the gymnastics and subsequent Basketball for the same the authorship of who invented The Basketballh as it has no borders for me is Universal and you just have to practice it to understand the passion

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