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Chapter 1

This place is hell! I can’t move or interact with anything because I’m in the middle of nowhere and I’m locked up in this physically unbreakable cage. There is one thing good though, when I woke up a man walked past not interacting or looking at me but he passed a note, it read ‘physically impossible but mentally has a different outcome. I won’t be back.’ Now I did not know what he ment but it had something to do with me not trying to physically break this menacing cage. I mean how would i be able to break this cage mentally! But just then I got an idea. This cage has had many myths about it and how to get out and so I tried a few. After a few myths I started to give up. I tried a few and then, I found a working myth. Now this myth was very complicated and hard but it was possible. For this myth you had to use your brain to send messages to the so called, Hicro. And then ask to open this iron cage.

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Chapter 2

 I’ve been resting this long and now I think I can use this stamina to break out. I start to think how I could knock myself out because this is neccesary to talk to the man. I decide to run against the side of the cage and bang my head on the side to knock myself out. Ok let’s do this.. 3, 2, 1... woah! This place is awesome! And then everything turns dark and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

But then there comes a man. I ask him if he could break the cage. I don’t get an answer, all I get is a come this way gesture and so I follow the man. He points to a tall tower and shows me the path leading up to it. He still hasn’t talked to me but I thanked him anyways. I reach for the door but then, wham the door opens. I see a dark man with a black hood, he gestures me to come in the tower. I walk in and everything dissapears. I see a staircase, I think to myself, what if these leads up to the man?

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Chapter 3

 While I’m walking up the stairs I start feeling pain. I fall down and see that my hand has dissapeared. 

I try and climb up again but the pain kicks back in and I fall again, this time I lose an entire arm. I am thinking that I shouldn’t be doing this, but then I see a second thing in the far distance. I start walking up to it and then I see it is a living thing, it’s big, furry and very angry. I’m having second thoughts of going there, but I don’t really have a choice. Just before I reach the beast a person comes out from the dark, he hands me a sword and a note. The note reads, the beast has two sides in life. Does this mean he has two lives? A dark and light side? All I knew was that I was supposed to kill this beast. I walk up to it clenching the sword as hard as possible, it walks to me with a depressed face. I get ready to stab expecting the beast to reply with a bite but it sits down and starts weeping. I’m thinking if this beast is worth killing, I mean he is not retaliating or getting angry. I start walking up to the beast not knowing what my fate would be. After sitting down I talk to the beast. 

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