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Frank Maguire

I am indeed old but still chirpy and this story is more about my dismal memories of school than of typewriters, but I hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter 1

    I am pretty old now and my wife heard one of those television doctors say that old people who browsed the web were less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's.So she decided there and then that I should have a computer. I had called her by my first wife's name once too often. Then I brought the wrong dog home. It was another black dog, same size but a vaguely different attitude, like trying to bite my ankle.  This wasn't like Bonzo I thought, however, I had other personal thoughts and dreams which took precedence over the desires of a  mere dog and it came as rather a shock when my spouse rejected the animal out of hand and made me return it forthwith to the park where I had left our animal.

It took me a while to use the computer. But now, after two months of it lying on my desk I am playing with the thing...apprehensively. Strangely enough, it seems to like me. It calls me Frank and tries to find friends for me on the web. It wanted to show me pictures of naked women and while they were all very nice it felt wrong somehow and I wouldn't go there. Maybe it does like me and I can let my guard down at last. But I have had a bad history with their ancestors in the print world, so I'm glad to be on friendly terms with the typewriters descendant.

When I was six years old a typewriter tried to kill me, but thanks to my dog Ludo the attack failed. Poor Ludo lost his life

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Frank Maguire

Keep reading kids there are more dogs in the world.


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