The Fujoshi that turned into a Boy!


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Introducing the Hinode family!

   Hello there! My name is Hinode Mariko! I am currently seventeen years old, but my birthday is in a few weeks, so I'll turn eighteen very soon.

   I live in an apartment in Tokyo together with my older twin brother Taki who is very bossy and our sweet and adorable cat Coffee who scratches and bites people she doesn't like.

   Our parents had to leave Japan for a business trip, so they left Taki in charge of the house during their absence. 

   And unfortunately for me, that means doing the dishes every day. It's as if women have to do everything for men. 

   Wash their clothes, iron their briefs, do the laundry, do the dishes, kook their meals, listen to their problems over dinner etc...

   In Japan, did you know that when a woman gets married she has to quit her job in order to be a good housewife?

   Have you ever seen the movie "Bad Moms"? Well that's how I feel like.

   Sometimes. Okay rarely. Basically everything I said up above was just random thoughts that came to me on the instant.

   I never do the dishes. I never iron my brother's clothes and I never listen to his problems at dinner, since dinner time is when I'm eating instant noodles at my desk, watching the next episode of some bad horror anime that I found while doing late night exploring on the internet.

   Yes. I am an Otaku.

   Anime is my religion, and manga is my bible. I wear my beautiful I love anime t-shirt as a pyjama so that I can have beautiful anime dreams when I sleep, and unicorns and chocolate granola.

   And yes, I am crazy.

   But I am something that is slightly uncommon and I guess slightly complicated of the Otaku community.

   I am a Fujoshi.

   It's a subspecies of the Otaku known for its fanatic love for yaoi, or more commonly known as Boys Love.

   They are creatures seeking for a more thrilling, tissue wasting and chocolate devouring romance story than the Little Mermaid, or the Back Up Plan.

   While growing up, us Fujoshi learned it was normal for a man and a woman to love each other and get married, get children and often enough get divorced. It was so normal that it got boring to watch because people see that everywhere.

   That's why Fujsohis prefer things that are slightly out of the ordinary, and that would mean Gay Romance.

   Why? Because the famous question I always ask myself when watching a gay romance movie is, will they get caught kissing by the mother who not-so-accidentally comes in the room at that moment??

   That kind of thrill.

   The romance, slice of life anime is not my favorite thing to watch. Because I never remember much of the anime or the plot itself. I usually focus way more on the two hottest male characters and imagine hot make out scenes between them. 

   Yes again! I am a pervert. But I guess all Fujoshis are.

   And whenever a friend asks me what that anime was about because he/she saw on MyAnimeList that I watched it, I always give them the same answer.

    "Oh gosh that was such a long time ago I don't remember."

   And they would usually stare at me for two whole minutes because I added it to my list only three hours ago.

   A lot of people wonder why the hell gay romance is so fantastic in my opinion. And I reply Why the hell is hetero romance so fantastic in your opinion?

   I mean, at least once, think about it.

   When I get to a good part from a Yaoi, I have this intense feeling of fuzziness in my stomach, like when a cute girl confesses to a guy you're all aw how cute, but when it's a guy who confesses to another guy it's like O MY GAWD I want to adopt you my baby.

   My parents sometimes wonder how on earth I got into this mess. Well let me explain it clearly.

   My mother bought a DVD disc with the series Sakura Card Captor, and I was a good five year old girl back then so I loved it.

   Then, I discovered the term 'anime' and went on Internet to do research.

   And that's how the Otakus have converted me into one of their own!

   And the yaoi? It was my childhood friend Arima Shiiba that showed me the shounen ai manga called "Liberty Liberty" and I instantly loved it.

   It was at fourteen years old that the beautiful world of yaoi opened up in front of me like a delicious box filled with chocolate that anyone would want to devour in seconds, and my innocent heart was never the same ever again.

   Shiiba is my best friend and we've been together forever. He came over very often when we were kids and Taki and him would always stick together like gum under the sole of your shoe.

   They were inseparable. In fact, they were the first guys that I shipped together once I discovered yaoi. And I still do! Taki hates it though.

   Shiiba owns a whole library of yaoi and shounen ai that he keeps in a closet with a lock so that no one sees it, and since my parents are not okay with me buying gay books, I go over to his house to read my yaoi.

   "Mari-chan!" Exclaimed my best forever friend Harumi. "Stop walking like a heavy sack of potatoes! "

   I nodded, in a daze and smiled crookedly. I ruffled with my fingers through my hair. It was messy. I never spent much time on it, cause I usually oversleep due to the large amount of time that I spend on the internet at night. 

   In the morning I have to hurry, wash, dress and eat quickly. So I have no time to brush and style my hair like the pretty girls who seem to only have that as a hobby. To look pretty.

   I was part of the Manga Club at school, but until I came to change everything, they did not accept Yaoi or Yuri manga in the club.


   I remember the first day of school, in first year, when I brought my favorite shounen ai to the club, they all turned against me.

   "Why can I not read my shounen ai here? It's the Manga Club is it not?" I yelled, pissed, arms crossed at the entrance of the room, ready to storm out and bang the door closed to never open it again in my life. 

   They all exchanged worried glances. 

   "Hinode-san, we accept all kinds of manga lovers and if you're a Fujoshi, then it's fine, but we cannot allow you to bring Yaoi or Yuri to school." said my classmate Fujikawa. "It's not appropriate, and it's technically gay porn. So..."

   I groaned frustrated. 

   "I said this is not yaoi! It's shounen ai!" I exclaimed, gripping my elbows in anger. Did these prehistoric baffoons not know the difference between yaoi and shounen ai? "Yaoi is a manga where the plot focuses more on the romantic and sexual relationship between two men, and shounen ai is only the romantic relationship between two boys."

   I glanced at every face in the room and they all rolled their eyes.

   "Eventually both of them come down to two boys involved in a romantic relationship. And it's porn." Said a girl next to Fujikawa trying to be as calm as possible. "And so it is inappropriate and against club rules."

   I wanted to punch her pretty face to pulp. How did she even get to join the club? She never came to club activities and she was never even seen in the club room reading manga in the first place.

   "I am not going to listen to this homopho-" I said, clearly loosing my mind.

   "Shut up." said a cool voice behind me, instantly silencing the whole room.

   I shivered and I turned around to see the scary face of Arima Ao. Everyone remained silent as he entered the room with slow steps.

   He was the scariest person from my class, the whole school even, due to his cold and distant behaviour. He had good grades and the teachers loved him but he rarely spoke to anyone, making it even more difficult to get close to him.

   He was part of the Literature Club. And always seen sitting on a bench devouring one book after the other. 

   He was very responsible, and the teachers liked him because he worked hard in school and he often helped them with correcting tests.

   But quite honestly, no one actually knew much about him, because he barely spoke to others students his age. And even when a girl confessed to him, he would just walk away, not giving her any answer whatsoever.

   It was almost impossible to imagine, that he was actually Shiiba-san's half brother...

   "You are all making a scene because you believe that boys love is disgusting and you want Hinode out of the club." He said with a cool tone that send shivers down my spine. "But I believe that you just are jealous of her being able to be open about the things she likes. Unlike you, who seem to have the need to hide it."

   He walked across the room to a wooden cupboard and pulled open the door, causing ten dozen of hentai magazines to slide out of it and pour down to the ground.

   "So I suggest you let Hinode-san bring her shounen ai and yaoi manga to the club, or else I am going on a little trip to the principal's office to report porn magazines in student possession."

   The students of the club all went pale and stared at Ao terrified. I snorted and figured they were scared out of their minds because Ao knew almost every little dirty secret of every student of the school, since he seemed to be everywhere at the same time.

   While the boys were starting to pick up the magazines to put them back into the cupboard neatly, Arima sighed and turned around to leave.

   "Ao-kun!" I exclaimed, grabbing his sleeve before he left. "Thank you..." I whispered. "For standing up for me..."

   He turned around to face me and nodded with a faint smile.


   Harumi walked in a fast pace next to me clearly trying to avoid eye contact, with a mad expression on her face.

   "Harumi, I'm sorry okay... I didn't mean to doze off and drool when Kazuo came talking to you." I whispered hiding a small giggle behind my bag. "I'm sorry that I ruined your chance with him..."

   "You're not sorry at all Mari! You just literally told him that he and Kusakabe would make a wonderful couple!" she yelled, pissed, stopping abruptly, causing me to bump into her. "I thought you tried your best not to do any Fujoshi talk at school!" she added, crossing her ams angrily. "He made such a weird face at you when you said that..."

   I started snickering and I burst out laughing. She grunted frustrated and continued her anger spree into the street leading to her house.

   "I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed, laughing so much I could burst. "But Kazuo-kun really is a perfect Seme! And Kusakabe is so cute and adorable! A perfect Uke! I wish that I could stare at them eternally!!"

   Harumi frowned deeply and bowled her fists.

   "What a typical thing to say." She whispered, her glare as cold as it could be.

   I couldn't help but laugh. If only she knew what kind of a face she was making! Her mouth was just a thin line of disapproval, her eyes were burning with annoyance.

   "Mari... I am so angry!!" she yelled as she started chasing me into the quiet streets of the Tokyo suburbs. I laughed as she threw an empty bottle of Coca Cola at me.

   A few minutes later, the sky started getting grayer and the clouds started rumbling dangerously. 

   Just before the clouds began crying their hearts out with rain, Harumi and I found shelter in an empty bus stop.

   We tossed our bags on the bench and began wringing out the water from our clothes.

   "I hate rain. It makes my hair look all fuzzy." Complained Harumi as she sat down on the bench next to her bag.

   "Ah don't complain so much about your appearance. No one's here to see you anyway." I said, taking off my jacket to wring it more. "And your mascara is dripping."

   She shrieked and took out a tiny mirror from her bag, to wipe away the black make up around her eyes.

   "You look like a panda." I scoffed. 

   She stared at me and I knew she was going to burst out again. But we got interrupted by a scary sound near the bus stop and we both turned around to see what it was.

   "Oi... Mari-chan..." whispered Harumi, as she discretely pulled my sleeve. "There's someone there." 

   I squinted and looked around. 


   "There you idiot!" She hissed pushing me forward. 

   I spotted a boy walking towards the bus stop with a book in one hand and an umbrella in the other. He stared at us silently. 

   "Ha! Arima-kun!" I exclaimed, recognising the boy perfectly, with his black hair and blue eyes, very uncommon for a Japanese man. "Long time no see! How's it going?"

   "It's been only two hours." He sighed, annoyed, like he always did when he engaged in a conversation. If he engaged in a conversation. "I saw you at my class today. You were acting like a really disturbed individual."

   I gulped and cleared my throat.

   "That's so mean Arima! I only came to say hi!" I said smiling as hard as I could, trying not to give off any hints.

   Although, the more I tried to act normal, to more weird I looked.

   I knew I should have worn a black cape. I guess the sombrero and sun glasses weren't enough... I thought to myself.

   He slammed his book shut in a swift movement and lifted his gaze upon me. 

   "You are so annoying." He whispered cool as a cucumber. "Why were you wearing a sombrero and sunglasses...?" He added, staring at me coldly. "You were spying on Ichigo weren't you? Why? Do you like him?"

   I bit my lip to keep myself from saying anything that would turn this conversation into an interrogation.

   "Um... Ichigo-kun? You mean the good looking boy from Class 3?" I said, rubbing the back of my head nervously. "The captain of the football club and the sole topic of the pretty girls boring conversations?" 

   I gulped and glanced at Harumi who was clearly panicking. Then I looked back at Ao who raised an eyebrow questionably.

   "I don't know who he is..." I said, looking down at the ground.

   Harumi and Ao stared at me as if I had just ripped out my hair and eaten it with mayonnaise smeared on top.

   Ao raised his eyebrows and nodded, clearly not willing to continue talking with me while I was being weird and insane.

   "Anyway, stop following me. I don't need your friendship I'm fine on my own." He said turning around as he put his book in his bag, and folded out his umbrella. "You have Harumi and my brother, so stop wasting time trying to befriending me."

   We both stared at him as he walked away, silently, as the rain started to stop pouring down from the sky. 

   When he was out of sight, Harumi smiled and held my arm lovingly.

   "I'm sorry for getting mad at you earlier. You were just being yourself and I scolded you for it." She whispered with a sly grin on her face.

   "I'm sorry for being the one to destroy all your hard work on stalking Kazuo. I went maybe a bit too far this morning, but I found out he had History and then Math the first two hours of the day!" I replied as I took out a notebook from my bag, that contained all the information on Kazuo's life at school and his private life. "There you go!"

   She cheered and clapped her hands happily as she took the notebook from my hands and started reading the notes I scribbled down.

   Harumi was crazy about this guy, and she wanted me to go around stalking him and collecting intel about him, so that she could have better chances for winning him over.

   I personally don't want a guy for myself, it'd only be a pain, in my opinion, but I would gladly help Harumi with her crushes.

   "So, Monday first hour is History and the second is Math. We still need Thursday entirely and the last hours of Friday, and then we will have found out his whole week!!" She exclaimed happily. "Mariko thank you so much for doing all the hard work! What would I do without you??"

   "Absolutely nothing." I smiled slyly.

   She laughed and began taking pictures of my notes on her phone.

   I sighed.

   "Mariko I was wondering, what do you think he wants to be when he grows up? A famous soccer player?" She asked me.

   I didn't hear her and I was silently staring at the spot where Ao had been a few minutes ago, thinking.

   He never liked talking to me. I guess I could be too hysterical and weird for him sometimes, since he was a really quiet guy.

   And that's what made him even more intriguing. After all, in anime, the best guys are the mysterious layed back ones who are part of the Literature Club.

   Because when you got to know them they turned out to be real softies and that would be kind and generous and love and protect you for all eternity.

   "Mariko?" Asked Harumi curiously as she waved her hand in front of my face, taking me out of my random thoughts. "What are you staring at?"

   "Nothing." I smiled, before joining her in the conversation about her precious Kazuo boy.


So like I promised I added a few things here and there and put in more details, I hope I did a good job and I hope that it became better.

Tell me if there are a few things that still need polishing!

Also I decided to maybe add some rivalry into the story, tell me if it's a good idea or if you don't want to change the plot at all.

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