My Life At School


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My day

So my day turned out pretty well but it was a little disappointing 

So I walked to school with my friend as usual and went to class and the boy that I like was there and that was all good. 

So when we went to lunch he was playing scorer with his friends and when he went to kick the ball he fell on top of it which was pretty funny, so one of my friends saw him do it and because she is a funny person, she was laughing for at least 10 min she thought that it was so funny. And another one of my friends said that I will came a fix it for him. 

So when we went in to music class my friend wasn't there so I was so excited to sit next to him, but one of his friends were going to sat next to me instead which was a disappointment. Then this friend said to him 

"You can sit there" 

But then he sat down and said that my friend sites there and I said she's not here so his friend sat down next to ME. 

Which wanted the best, if I didn't say anything I would of been probably sitting next to him. 

So when it came to been able to play on the Piano, I had butterflies in my tummy trying to play so as I played I thought that he was standing behind me which made me more nervous but it was only one of the girls in my class. 

So when I got home because I can talk to him on snapchat, he was teasing me about sitting next to his friend.

So we had a big conversation about that. Then I told him about him falling over, and we also had a big conversation about that to 

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Ture story

 So yes my day was pretty funny 

And it goes to show that u don't alway get what you want 

Thanks Gabbie❤️

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