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 I'm  sleepy 

Why are you  sleepy 

Because I'm tried 

Why are you tried 

Because I'm worn out 

Why are you worn out 

Because I'm  hurt 

Why are you hurt 

Because I'm lonely 

Why are you lonely 

Because I'm heartbroken 

Why are you heartbroken 

Because I'm not good enough for anyone 

Why aren't you good enough for anyone 

Because I'm muddled 

Why are you muddled 

Because I'm not sure what to do 

Why are you not sure 

Because I'm confused 

Why are you confused 

Because I'm mistaken 

Why are you mistaken 

Because I'm misguided 

Why are you misguided 

Because I'm not as I seem 

Why are you not as you seem 

Because I'm misplaced 

Why are you misplaced 

Because I was never meant to be hear 

Why are you not meant to be here 

Because Live is to short and I have no time to just set around and write this thing about what my life was like before I meet the best friend in the world and know where I stand❤️💋👏


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