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Up there. Well, what is up there? A kingdom in the clouds, that's what. A queen and her 1099 sons and her 1 daughter. When a child turned 16 years old in this kingdom they had the chance to go down to the Mortal world for 5 years before they could chose to join the ranks of the Mortals or come back home forever. So, the queens youngest; her daughter, Genja, came of age. Genja packed a bag of trinkets in case she never came home and stepped through a small looking glass like she had watched her brothers do before her. The girl found herself in a meadow, close to a castle of stone. Genja crowned herself with a new name; Tina. Then she found work at the castle. For 2 years Tina worked there, and becoming close friends with another servant: Ronald. Eventually they got married and moved into a small hut in the inner of a village. 2 more years passed and Tina was sure she would not return to her mother- she was now showing signs of pregnancy and was very happy with Ronald. But, these things never last. One morning slavers marched into the village and took everyone and killed the ones who resisted. Ronald was one of these people. The slavers simply laughed when Tina told them she was with a child. They looked especially for women like that- raise the children away from anything and everything- keeps them quiet. 3 months later a baby girl was born in the slavers camp. With blue- green eyes. There was a myth from Tina's home- whoever had those genes would be the one to save the world from destruction. The head slaver, Michal, decided that once the baby was done nursing the would dispose of Tina. But they didn't know that Genja's people could not be killed within the 5 years that they were among the Mortals. They only become mortal when they decide to leave their people. The morning after the killing the slavers couldn't find the body because Tina's 5 years were up- she had returned 'Up There.'


Hi! this is Ella(Gabriella) if you enjoyed this little intro for my new (and first!) book and want me to continue it then please leave like or follow me! Hope you're having a great day!



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Chapter 1

Lily was having the most wonderful dream. She was atop a mountain of roast chicken with a waterfall of milk. She was about to touch the fluffy clouds that looked like whipped cream when Lily was awoken by a shout that said: "SLAVES! IF YOU DON'T GET UP THIS SECOND I'LL WHIP YOU UNGRATEFUL COWS!" groaning, half a dozen 14 year old girls scrambled out of bed, Lily one of them. Outside, the girls slowly marched into a line and into the fields they went. There, they sat down and started chopping and fertilizing the crops. " Stop that Noah, you're going to hurt them!" Lily said with panic in her voice. " What, you actually care if these crops die? whispered back Noah, who was a 16 year old boy with broad shoulders and warm eyes. " Of course not." Lily replied calmly. " but you might get whipped- stop cutting them like that!" he simply shrugged and kept working.




Around midday, the younger girls had clasped- Michal paid no attention. Lily and another girl, Megan, gave them water and carried them into shade. Michal's son, a spoiled boy named Patrick came over to bully the slaves that were now in the shade  and awake. " Well, what are you waiting for?! Get back to work! And you, Lily, I want to talk to you." Patrick motioned for her to follow him. He led Lily to an alley  between Lily's cabin and the 15's cabin. "What do you want Patrick?" asked Lily fiercely. He took a breath. "Father is dyeing Lily. I need a wife." Patrick confessed.

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Chapter 2

Stunned, Lily left the dark corner in witch she had been talking to the 16 year old Patrick. She was marrying Michal's son. The boy who's father had imprisoned her for 14 years.

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Gabriella S.

Im not writing anymore until next-next week guys. Sorry.


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