My Diverse America


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 My diverse America. When I walk outside and I realize all the different faces. From all over the world. The Phillipenes, Mexico, Euprope, and Africa. And from all sorts of religions. Christian, Chatolic,  or Buddhist. And the best thing is we accept all of them. From all over the world they come to America and we greet and welcome them. Weather you are white or black so brown we welcome you. No matter how you look or what you believe, we welcome you. We don't care if you are poor or rich because we will welcome you. We will welcome you to our diverse America.

I guess I never realized all the different colors of our world or all the different faces. I guess I never appreciated that we are all different. But, know that I understand more, I am realizing how beautiful our diversity is. People are like ice cream. With you want a world with only chocolate or vanilla? With only mint chocolate or moose tracks?! Oh the horror that would be! And it's the same with people. No one would like a world with only white people or only black people or only brown people. Because,  just like ice cream, we should appreciate our diversity. 

Some people are scared of immigrants. But,me? I love them! They bring culture and food to our America. They bring different religions and clothing to our America. I mean, imagine a world with no Chinese food. Or only wearing plain American clothes. What kind of world would we be?! A boring one for sure! And we barely ever think of this. We should all think about what would happen if there was no immigrants. How boring our world would be. How uncultured we would be. How inexperienced our lives with be. We should all love immigrants. Because they bring all the good things in our live.

I know this speech was sort of repetitive and boring. I know diversity is something we all know and we don't need any reminding. But, I really hope, that this left you a better understanding about our diverse America.

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