Ciara's Latest Update

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Hello to all my readers! So I know I don't usually leave longer messages, but this is one of the exceptions. I just wanted to say to all of you beautiful people that you are wonderful, and thank you for reading the mess inside my head. <3 So I would like to make a small announcement concerning my author career, my books, etc. I WILL be continuing SMAWI (Some Mistakes Are Worth It). I AM NOT SURE if I will be continuing Muscuia's Legends, but perhaps in the future, when I have finished SMAWI. I WILL NOT be continuing Android at this point in time, but maybe i'll reboot it in the future, I don't know. I will ALSO be starting a new book in the future, not the near future though lol. AND LASTLY- I will be starting a book club! I got this idea from my good friend and classmate Maya Adams, so make sure to go check out her profile! Again, I want to say how thankful for all of you, and have an amazing morning/day/evening/night!