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 There is a legend in Dragnia. An elf and a dragon will bond because they will both have Crystal element. Nynia is the elf. Prince Dawn is the dragon. 

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 "Father, where are you taking us?" asked fourteen-year old Nynia. "Watch, we have arrived." Nilon answered, tuning to face his daughters. Nynia was holding the hand of Nornia, who was her little sister. The sisters stopped at a cliff but their father kept walking, and walking, right off the cliff! "Father!" Nynia screamed. Suddenly a giant earth dragon flew over their heads with Nilon on his back!

"Hi girls, meet Nhax, my bonded dragon!" 

"What?!" the sisters said in unison.

Nilon landed and said, "this is where you will find your bonded dragon!" But that really wasn't the case. He wanted the prophecy to stop taking place. And Nynia was already showing effects of the Crystal element. "I want to go first!" Squealed Nornia. "How do we do it?" Nynia asked, much more calmly. Nilon chuckled. "call your dragon, and it will come." He said. Nhax landed and nodded his head. Nornia sat cross legged and glanced over the cliff. Then, taking a deep breath, she sung the song of dragons. It was a song they had learnt from their grandmother. 


"Born of ice or flame, deep within the heart. 

Dragons fly through my eyes and deep within my soul.

Sees the greatest thing, of nore land or sea.

Dragons fly through my eyes and deep within my breaths."


A head looked over the cliff and straight into Nornias eyes as she finished her song. "It looks like that dragon likes me!" She said. The green reptile landed on the top of the cliff and Nornia nuzzled her. "Her name is Minia." Nornia declared. "Very well." Nilon said. He gestured to his older daughter. Nynia sat and copied her sister. Nothing happened. A bird chirped. Nilon cleared his throat nervously. "Come girls, it's  probably just not Nynia's day. She can ride with Minia and Nornia."

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 Nynia was walking with her best friend Farne. "Don't worry Nynia, your dragon will come." he said.

"Right." she answered. But Farne had a dragon. Alo, he called him. He didn't know how this felt. "I need to go home." Nynia said and ran off, crying silently. Farne looked sadly after her. He had loved Nynia since the day they met. It hurt his heart to keep her destiny a secret from her but Farne couldn't say no to Nilon. He touched his arm and blue-coloured Alo came tumbling out from his chihi state. Farne climbed on and they flapped away. Little did Nynia know that across the continent, prince Dawn was struggling against his caretaker, Pelee, to get to her.


Pelee growled in Prince Dawns ear. "What are you doing little prince? You know you can't leave the palace!" Dawn still struggled. "I need to get to her!" he grunted. His caretaker shook her head again. "No." Pelee said firmly, pushing him finally back into his bedroom. The prince whined. Pelee grabbed the enchanted rope and quickly touched Dawns tail with it. The door way melted back into a small window, leaving the prince growling at her through it. "Pelee!" Dawn squealed. He pushed his back into the wall but, little by little his energy faded. Pelee was still watching him with a scowl outside his little window. He turned his back on her and took a deep breath, trying to slow his heart beat but Dawns talons kept twitching, like he needed to touch her for them to stop. Right now she was sad. Dawn could hear her crying like she was sitting on the stone floor beside him. Dawn wanted to comfort her, to be next to her. Pelee was muttering under her breath as she paced back in forth. "This is going to your mother, little prince." Pelee warned Dawn. He whimpered, afraid.

Queen Ashni was a terrifying dragon. She had golden scales, like her son, but Ashni had fierce red eyes, when Dawn had warn brown eyes, the colour compared to melted chocolate. Ever since the death of King Sakjo, Dawn's father, the size of compassion in her heart shrunk to the size of a walnut, and the only thing Ashni cared about anymore was Dawn. She was still scary though, even to her only son. When Dawn was 4 weeks old Ashni discovered that he had Crystal. She herself is a sun dragon, as all royal dragons were. Not many others knew that Dawn was a hybrid, for Sakjo was a moon dragon. There are 9 dragon types: Earth, Water, Sky, Moon, Shadow, Fire, Poison, Ice and of course, Sun. When Dawn was only two days old King Sakjo was captured and killed by outlawed dragons. For Dawns safety, the queen tricked her son into enchanting a rope with his element, Crystal. Whenever the rope touched Dawns tail his bedroom door melted into a small window, trapping him inside. Very few knew how to open the enchantment again. Queen Ashni and Pelee were two of those few. Pelee stormed into the throne room, still muttering. The queen looked up from a sketch she was examining, which a servant had found in Dawn's room when she was cleaning. Pelee cleared her throat to get Ashni's attention. Ashni looked up and said "It's Dawn isn't it." It wasn't even a question. The queen seemed to know everything. A brief memory of a small dragonet climbing out of a shell flashed through Ashni's mind and Pelee growled, deep in her throat. "Your Majesty, with all due respect I do not think you should be reliving that moment right now." Pelee said to the queen. Ashni laughed, a rare event, but her laugh was beautiful. "Oh Pelee, if only you weren't a telepath!" Ashni smiled. Pelee dipped her head, her eyes mocking. "Well that wouldn't make me much of a fire dragon, would it, my queen?" Pelee spread her wings, gesturing for the queen to follow her back up to the South Tower, where Dawn lived. As they flew, Pelee watched the from the corner of her eye. Ashni still looked sad, even though Sakjo's killing had been over a year ago. Pelee, stop it. Pelee scolded herself. Of course Ashni still missed the king, he was her one and only mate, there could be no seconds. Pelee hadn't found her mate yet, so it was hardly fair for her to judge her queen on it. Dawn watched as these thoughts raced through his caretaker's head, surprised that she hadn't noticed yet. Having all 9 elements, Dawn could use all the ability's of the different types. Pelee felt his mind pressing onto her's and glared at the dragonet. Dawn rolled his eyes as his mother and Pelee landed, knowing what was coming next. The older dragons landed and Pelee started with a long and boring speech about his safety and not running away and blah blah blah.

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