Moonstone Academy (Draft)


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 I listened to my parents as they fought in the next room.  I couldn't stand it so I sat up on my bed and went up the secret passage that led to the roof.  Looking out at my small village I wondered what it would be like if I lived in a place where people could understand me better.  I pictured myself with kind, loving parents that would hug me and actually acknowledge me, like I was a real person instead of a piece of rubbish just waiting to be thrown out. For a moment I searched the slim possibility that I was not related to those horrible people; I had blue eyes with strangely, light purple coloured hair and freckled skin and they had black eyes and dirt hair.  I sighed with exasperation as my mother yelled my name up the stairs.  "Coming!"  I shouted and ran down so she would never notice I went up in the first place.



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Jayden Highwind

I have a lot of versions of Leah. This one's my favourite.

Chapter 1

                                                                      1 year later...

"Leah!" My father shouted. I jumped out of bed and grumbled when I realized I had slept in late on my birthday!  I mean seriously! On any other day I would have not even cared but my birthday. The only day when I get three whole meals I sleep in and probably missed breakfast.  I shot downstairs and sighed in relief when I saw there was one muffin left.  I quickly took it and sat on my seat, aka the dirty floor.  My mother and father were fighting again, as usual, but I just tried to ignore them and enjoy my breakfast.  After eating my muffin I went to my room to read my only toy and entertainment, my one book from 5 years ago from my grandfather.  I don't usually want to talk about him, because he was the only person who ever understood me in my life, at least so far.  My father's yelling had now turned into screaming and the sound was killing me!  Suddenly a loud rap at the door interrupted my parents fight and I heard my mother go to answer it.  I sat up and peeked out of my tiny looking hole.  A handsomely dressed young man with golden eyes and blue hair walked in with a scroll in his hand.  In a regal tone he said very loudly "Do any of you know Leah Plani, turning 13 today?"  I sat up with a start and rushed down the stairs.  "That would be me actually."  I said, surprised.  The boy looked at my father.  "Is that girl really Leah?"  My father nodded,"Yah she is and take 'er away cause she's just a nuisance."  The boy eyed me and then gazed at me sharply.  "You. He said.  You're coming with me."

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Chapter 2

 Where in the world are we going? I thought scepticly as the boy shoved me into a carriage that was about as fancy as him. As we bumped along the road I realized that he knew my name but I didn't know his. As if he were reading my mind he suddenly said, "My name is Zac, Zac Vern. Oh, and we're going to Moonstone Academy." 

"Why do I feel like you read my thoughts?" I asked suspiciously. "Um," he stammered, clearly not ready for the question, "erm, cause I can." 

I laughed. "Oh yes, and I can fly."  I shot at him. Zac rolled his eyes and turned to the window, "you'll see" he said softly,"now grab on to something." 

I was about to ask him what he meant when the carriage started spinning. I clung onto the back of my seat for support. Then, as quickly as it had started, the carriage stopped and resumed it's normal pace. "That's Sobys's power, teleportation. And mine is mind-reading. Zac finally looked at me. 

I was stunned. "Is there a way I can protect myself from it?" I asked, not meaning to hurt his feelings but I couldn't resist the question. "Yes," he said, actually not looking upset at all.

I peeked over his shoulder as my new friend pulled a mineral out of a pouch he wore at his waist. "Here," 

"What is it?" Zac handed me the stone and I tucked it inside a locket that my grandfather had given me the year he died. "Its obsidian, immune to lava and mind-readers. It'll be useful at the academy, you know, for others like me. Now Leah," Zac said suddenly, and sternly,"if you ever need my help, or something's wrong, find me in the hidden chamber of wisdom."

I squinted at him," I'm getting another really weird feeling that this is goodbye already." I said. "Not forever," he promised, "but for now yes."

He winked and said:" here we are. Home sweet home!"


Zac smiled and gestured at the palace in the distance. "Moonstone Academy."

Then, I heard a voice, and the last thing I saw was Zac, shacking his head with panic in his eyes.

Everything went dark.

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Rani Hecphrothena

Hey Gaby, just a note, scepticly is spelled wrong, it should be, I thought, skeptical.
Hope I helped!


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