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SMAWI (Some Mistakes Are Worth It) Questions

Hello! It's Ciara! So for those of you who don't know, this is going to be our Skye Squad Book Club, for questions and answers! Just post your comments and I will add them, along with their answers! 

Firstly we have my main book, Some Mistakes Are Worth It

QUESTION: How old was Emma when she met Jacob? How old was he?

ANSWER: Emma met and fell in love with Jacob at 16. He was 17, one year older than her.

QUESTION: Who is Deana's real crush?

ANSWER: Deana's real crush is Lilly Collins.

QUESTION: How long has Deana had a 'crush' on Dennis Smith?

ANSWER: Since 6th grade. (Guys, just go backwards in the book to find your answers!!!)

QUESTION: How long have Emma and Henry been together?

ANSWER: Around 10 years, since they met when Deana was 3 years old.

QUESTION: What gave you the inspiration to create SMAWI?

ANSWER: Okay, so around 2 years ago, I was playing a game, maybe some of you have heard of it, it's called Roblox. (yes, yes, I know I am probably too old for these kinds of games) Anyways, I was on a role playing game when a girl called Deana came up to me. We played for a bit together before she and I both moved on in our lives, but it left me thinking; Hmmm... Deana... a mother called Emma... teenagers... BOOK.

QUESTION: What was the earliest version of SMAWI?

ANSWER: It wasn't very different, actually. The only real difference was that it took place when Emma was around 18 or 19, and the book ended with her meeting Henry. I decided that I wanted Deana to have her own story too, and after watching my favorite show of all time: Once Upon A Time, I wanted to have flashbacks too, and slowly reveal everything, chapter by chapter.

QUESTION: Where/who is Emma's family?

ANSWER: Emma's family became more and more distant when she decided to keep Deana, and actually resulted in her parents divorcing because Emma's dad was okay with having Deana but Emma's mother wasn't. Emma lived with her dad until she could afford her own place (after the divorce). Emma also has a little brother and sister. She keeps in touch with both of them, but her brother lives in New York.

QUESTION: Where/when does SMAWI take place?

ANSWER: SMAWI takes place in the present, in Halifax, Canada.

QUESTION: Do Henry and Emma live together?

ANSWER: Although they have been together for years and years, they both agreed that they didn't want to live in the same home until they're married. But Henry did stay over at Emma's place a lot, especially when Deana was younger.

Again, if you have any other questions, just post them down below! 

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