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All Hail the King

Reeling from the battle against Asher and Soren Aidan must pick up the pieces and decide what's the best thing for the future of the Gods of Olympus. Hope is all but depleted and moral is low. Even Aidan feels their cause is lost but they'll have one more chance to stop Asher and Atlas for good. Will he take it?


Barbara Johnson spends every August hosting her grown up son’s family, a team of ungrateful humans of varying size and shape who run wild throughout her small home on the quiet side of Lake Tulsley.

The Darkness

The 2015 NaNoWriMo Novel Contest winner. A virus decimated the entire planet's human population. No treatment or vaccine could be found, so contraction—meant death. Humanity was forced to seek refuge in hermetically sealed self-sustaining bunkers, commonly referred to as ‘biospheres’. After the world’s power grid failed,...


Every year on her birthday she wakes up in a new body. She knows there is only one person to blame for her predicament: herself. Will she ever get to return to her own real body, or will she forever be stuck only wishing she could be herself again.


Told through the eyes of a shy, timid, and asocial journalism student, Ryen just accepted the position of writer for his university newspaper. While capturing the gossip and pictures for an article that has eluded reporters, Ryen encounters Vanesa, the face of the underground MMA club operating on campus. Let's fight. Let's love. Let's...