Nathan has returned from his time spent away, but not everyone is glad he's home. Some still think he murdered those kids. So to prove his innocence, they all travel back to where it happened... but something is still there waiting for him.


While running away from giants, Giselle somehow finds a portal that transports her forward in time. She has the power to see the history of almost everything she touches and learns that she started an outright war with the giants when she stole something from them.


"The realization and truth of my life confused me. My step-mother was actually my father, the man I knew as my father was actually a stranger, and I was actually half demon and half witch with the magic of both and primed to be the ruler of the magical world." Download completed novel for free!

My Sweet Belle

Love can bring out the best in people... or so people say. What happens when a strong desire for someone turns rotten in the heart? Ronan was always a little on the crazy side, but when he met Mirabelle, a half noble and half slave girl, his little crazy twisted his soul with devilish intent. The older he got, the more out of control...


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