Between Us

He was mysterious, sexy, and brilliant. He drew me to him in ways no man ever has before. Jacob set my world on fire the moment I saw him. He was my drug of choice, and I was addicted. I craved his presence, his witty remarks and his touch. There was nothing about him that wasn't remarkable. But, Jacob had a wicked past, something he...

Baring Souls

Teddy McGovern is a brilliant young architect, with a bright future ahead of her. She's also in love with her childhood friend, Ari Jaeger, and he with her. But there's something standing in their way; her past. After finally confessing their love for one another, Ari and Teddy try to build their life together. But when the demons of...

Daddy (Fiction)

A little girls tale an emotive poignant wail often told in flashback form this book is not the norm It may switch from point of view I'm sorry this fact I rue I wrote from the child's perspective she made me very reflective the mam and therapist appear now and again when the girl allows, only then writing this made me...

Kaylie's Revenge

"You'll regret this," he said. "Maybe." I sat up slowly, and reached down to grab his belt. As I unbuckled it, I looked up at him. "Will you make me regret this, Uncle Olie? I want to regret this a lot." ___________________________________ Kaylie is sooooo sick of her Aunt Rita's constant barrage of thinly-veiled insults. The older...

Tongued, Tied, and Twisted

I am the reluctant eroticist. I write in the dark about the lives I might have lived, the things I might have done, in the places I might have visited. This is a collection of my short stories, flash fiction, bathroom stall poetry, and general raging against the prim and proper machine.

Escape from Pornotopia

You should be able to figure this out pretty quickly. It's sort of a quest story. Most of it's true. You should not read this if you are under 18. Some of it's true. It is the exact opposite of Zen. Pure fiction. Does love win in the end? Read it and find out. It's all true.

Heavens Dancer

I am trying to take my eyes off her perfectly shaped body. She had perky breasts with rose pink nipples that were still erect after relieving herself. She had an hour glass figure and very muscular shaped legs that completed her package. She turned around and bent to pick up her tiny blanket. But then tragedy strikes... There are some...

Spin the Bottle

Elisa and Clark are both teenagers invited to a friend's party where they play a game called "Spin the Bottle", where one person spins a Soda bottle and whoever the cap lands on has to have a make out in the nearest bedroom. Elisa and Clark love each other, but will it be enough to save them from the consequences of a stupid game? This...

My Girls

Anna and Zach are teenagers on the future Earth in trouble because of a stupid law. The law states that to repopulate the country, teenage girls must have children. Anna is in love with Zach, and doesn't know if Zach loves her. If he does, and Anna's new family comes to light, will they survive? This book is finished!

A Beautiful Mess

Emma goes on dates and might even see a guy on a reoccurring basis, but she would never ever call any of them a boyfriend. This changes after she starts talking to the sexy bartender Jasper Kent, who convinces her that love does exist. You'd think that would be the end of it, but nothing has ever been easy for Emma.