Between Us

Broken and lost, Riley Witham is trying to put her life back together. After losing her parents, she begins to blindly run their multi-million dollar publishing company. Unbeknownst to her, her parents were dealing with Jacob Yale, a man who was competing to take away all that is Witham Publishing. But, when the two rivals meet head...


When Lea's husband brings home a guest, she is shocked to discover that Luke was the man responsible for a previous uninvited intimacy that he had subjected her to at a party they had all attended. Luke, believing that Lea was a soft target worth trying out again, sets up a trap to entice her into his lair but finds himself in the end...


Demons, aliens and furries mixed together across time and space. It's fantasy, it's sci-fi, it's horror, it's erotica! What more could you want? This is the seven deadly vices like you have never seen them before. Updates every week!


*I am a young girl with my old magic lipgloss ring that keeps me young. I am a wolf and so is my brother. My mother was a child when she got turned into a vampire. Many people are scared of me, as i am the one and only HYBRID. *

Against All Odds

Daimon is a rich man who is being hired to kill. One day, he was hired to kill a young woman named, Alyana, but accidentally, maybe accidentally he killed her boyfriend instead. After killing him, Daimon drag Alyana into his house and locked her up.

Tears Of A Rose

Rose was born in 1997 and was only 2 and a half months old when her mother was murdered by her jealous aunt. When her father mysteriously disappeared. She tries to move away and uncovers a deep dark family secret along with some black magic.


When Rebecca, a young lawyer trying to break into a big city law practice breaks its unwritten rules and engages socially with one of it's clients, she does not realise that she has been set up as a plaything in an initiation rite that is her only path into the firm. If the firm has something on her, then the firm is at the advantage....