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What is your favorite thing about writing Adult/Erotica?

So what is your favorite thing about writing in this Genre? Mine is not having to censor what my mind see's as I write. To allow romantic and sexual engagements to happen without worry about offending the readers. To express something different, a different Dynamic relationship wise, to explore sexuality as a whole. So what is yours?

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Mine are about the same. I can use uncensored language and sexuality without having to worry--though there're still people who seem to stumble upon it who don't like to read it! Lol.

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I wouldn't worry about those who don't like to read it. Eventually there should be more that do. But being uncensored in my writing is key for me. Because I want to be able to tell the story as the story tells me to... Not worry about whether it is to provocative or to sexual.

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I believe mines is more of a romantic and pleasure type also with a little of betrayal. I love writing books that's my pleasure but it seems that no one reads my books lol. I'm new at this website.

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