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Tell me about what you are writing?

There isn't a lot of people talking on this community. I guess I am just trying to strike up some community interaction. So tell me about the erotica you are writing? What makes it fun for you? do you have area's you are struggling with? what do you think you could do to make it better?

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I'm writing an office based romance, with some sexual scenes along the way. Ultimately, the thing that worries me about writing sex scenes is the fact that one day, hopefully, people I know will read my book and I want to feel proud of what I have written, not embarrassed. Choosing the right terminology to fit my style took a while to grapple with, but the more I have written the easier it has become. I want my erotic scenes to be a layer of the reading experience, but not the defining characteristic of the book. I want readers to fall in love with the characters, to feel drawn into their bubble and to find the erotic scenes well placed and real.

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Yeah I feel you. I don't write erotica for the sake of erotica. It just so happens that my characters tend to be highly sexually charged, so I lean more towards that direction. I think erotica is an evolving subject at this point in time. It used to be specific just like fantasy or sci fi. But so much is starting to blend together.

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Please tell me the name and I will read your book cause I also just like the story not erotic part.

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It's tricky isn't it? I think if the characters are real and strong then their actions (erotic or otherwise) will be real and interesting and there's no need to feel personal embarrassment

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I think you are absolutely right. If you can invest in a character then their actions should make sense.

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Yeah, I think that is kind of what seperates Erotica from just pure smut, or pronographic writing. Is that erotica is more believable. That the writers of the story write it to make it feel real, not just sexually charged.

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I'm currently writing a fiction series that's part erotica and part humor. I think one of the hardest part is how far you can push the envelope when it comes to writing the sex scenes without coming off boring.

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I've got several tales with adult themes -- not necessarily erotica, but genuinely adult.

Regarding sex scenes, personally, the foreplay and the afterglow are the most interesting. Between, it's pretty much sweat and dirty language. You know that. I know that. All your friends know that. Trust that your readers know that. Why do you want to bore them with stuff they already know? You don't absolutely have to describe everything. Tell them about the loving foreplay, mention the mind-boggling senestions they both feel building, building... then skip to the cuddling. If you do it right, your readers will fill in the gaps and might think that they read what you didn't actually write.

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My writing usually contains extremely explicit/pornographic details, and in my current novel-in-progress -as well as in my first published one - is meant to portray the protagonist's inner struggle with underlying unhappiness leading him to exploit any and all situations.

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I am currently writing an erotica Between Us (debating if I want it to be stand alone or not but I feel like I can tell Alexander’s & Riley’s story in one book I’m not sure) that is about a woman who takes over her parents publishing house after they passed away. She runs into Alexander Yale, a man who also owns a publishing business, and was hell-bent on taking down her parents business, until her parents passed away. But due to unforeseen circumstances Alex just wants to make things right. But when he sees Riley, it’s game over and his morals are thrown out the window.
It took me quite awhile to figure out what I wanted my female character to do, because I read a lot of erotica, I always see the women in positions that aren’t very powerful (they work for the man or they’re fresh out of college) I want my female character to be in a position of power too. I did have my book in third person, all 13 chapters, but now I’m flipping it to first person one chapter at a time. Lol

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I'm current writing about how two people meet and a girl who just finished high school who is preparing to go into adult hood. she's learning new things and going into different obstacle. She never had her parents in her life so she hides the pain by looking for love. But this time she finds love but its the wrong kind of love, He start beating on her and making her do things that she doesn't want to do. She's confused so she start making herself believe that this is how love is. I'm not quite done yet so this is what my book is mainly about that I'm working on now. I have a sneak peak of book that i published called all about the fast life.

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