Old Alchemy

Dormwell and Veritee, rangy twins on their quest in the world. Left their family, left their town. They saw the wise-woman, Lisbet. She was the last seer. She read the stars and saw a treasure far away in the land. She gave the twins their clues and she set them seeking. This is the story of their walk into the world.


A civil war has broken out in Australia, but mainly on the streets of Sydney. From the point if view of one rebel, the story shows how civil wars just get worse before they get really evil. There are no good guys and the reader is left to make their own judgement. I do not give any of my characters name to show that this could happen...

The Swedish Truth

We can be extraordinary if we choose. Set in a futuristic world with humanity at stake. Gemma Rose's curiosity takes over and she decides to investigate the recent war in Sweden. Escaping several near death experiences, will Gemma discover the truth? Or will curiosity kill the girl.

To Follow Destiny

A girl of the age of 9 has witnessed her mother's kidnapping which would eventually become an execution. Tasia, the child, is destined to inherit her mother's rebellion. She has trained since she was ten to raise this rebellion. She feels she is not ready. Will she defeat Cujo, the dictator who is destroying the nation?


Robin is a girl that lives with her foster mom until she meets to other kids like her, Animans. They have the power to transform into a type of animal. The trio must uncover their past and meet some deadly surprises on the way...

La Concordia

Se giró hacia él y puso la mano sobre su pectoral izquierdo, el lugar donde debería de estar su corazón. -Quiero volver a casa -confesó en un susurro roto.


Color is the only way of defining you. Color is the key for survival. The world is about gone, destroyed and taken over by a different group of people. Three. Just three different colors can change society forever. But can Mare and her friends stop the whole thing from happening or just be the people who can become a color and live...


Griffin Pines, lives in a world where personalities are everything. A stands for Anger, B stands for Beauty, F stands for Fear, J stands for joy, W stands for wisdom, and S stands for sadness. One personality is written on a newborns wrist. Griffin has A on her wrist, but she also has a W on her ankle, but again she has a B on her neck.


A story about two twelve year old kids. Two best friends who stumble upon something they shouldn't have. This story follows them and there account on what really happened to them during summer vacation.

The Kidnapped

Marlene was living her normal life in her normal adoptive family, enjoying the things to be enjoyed of in life. At the time, she thought the only problem was the guy she was in love with. How it wouldn't work out. She never thought she would be kidnapped on her birthday, introduced to her birth mother, held hostage, and rebel...

The Lost World

When an unbelievable natural disaster sweeps over the world, only two people are able re-build it back up. With the power of a spirit following her, her sister and a mystery figure, with Thalia be able to uncover the secret of what the world used to be like, and restore it?

Ad Astra

An introduction to a short story following the adventures of the Continental Republic Ship Ad Astra. The Continental republic as been locked in a brutal 30 year war with the Great Empire, a ruthless authoritarian dictatorship. Commander James Lark will question his allegiances in a personal journey that will shine light upon the true...