Old Alchemy

Dormwell and Veritee, rangy twins on their quest in the world. Left their family, left their town. They saw the wise-woman, Lisbet. She was the last seer. She read the stars and saw a treasure far away in the land. She gave the twins their clues and she set them seeking. This is the story of their walk into the world.


A civil war has broken out in Australia, but mainly on the streets of Sydney. From the point if view of one rebel, the story shows how civil wars just get worse before they get really evil. There are no good guys and the reader is left to make their own judgement. I do not give any of my characters name to show that this could happen...

Steps of the Hunter

Roan a young mercenary, who loves hunting, has a helper, a girl maybe a year younger than her. He loves her and wants to touch her without limits. He's always met with a quick punch or slap in the face before he touched her though. He tried to get her to love him. She ran away from him, making him angry that she left him. Theresa, a...


A story about two twelve year old kids. Two best friends who stumble upon something they shouldn't have. This story follows them and there account on what really happened to them during summer vacation.

The Ghost Of Screams I

This book is about a city getting attacked by ghost in the night while you sleep. Though one night a girl named Vicky was asleep and suddenly a ghost came into her soul making her scream and before it could jump her parents an old man crashed through a window and stops the ghost. Now the mysterious old man and Vicky have to stop it...