Old Alchemy

Dormwell and Veritee, rangy twins on their quest in the world. Left their family, left their town. They saw the wise-woman, Lisbet. She was the last seer. She read the stars and saw a treasure far away in the land. She gave the twins their clues and she set them seeking. This is the story of their walk into the world.


Griffin Pines, lives in a world where personalities are everything. A stands for Anger, B stands for Beauty, F stands for Fear, J stands for joy, W stands for wisdom, and S stands for sadness. One personality is written on a newborns wrist. Griffin has A on her wrist, but she also has a W on her ankle, but again she has a B on her neck.


A story about two twelve year old kids. Two best friends who stumble upon something they shouldn't have. This story follows them and there account on what really happened to them during summer vacation.

The Kidnapped

Marlene was living her normal life in her normal adoptive family, enjoying the things to be enjoyed of in life. At the time, she thought the only problem was the guy she was in love with. How it wouldn't work out. She never thought she would be kidnapped on her birthday, introduced to her birth mother, held hostage, and rebel...

The Lost World

When an unbelievable natural disaster sweeps over the world, only two people are able re-build it back up. With the power of a spirit following her, her sister and a mystery figure, with Thalia be able to uncover the secret of what the world used to be like, and restore it?

Ad Astra

An introduction to a short story following the adventures of the Continental Republic Ship Ad Astra. The Continental republic as been locked in a brutal 30 year war with the Great Empire, a ruthless authoritarian dictatorship. Commander James Lark will question his allegiances in a personal journey that will shine light upon the true...

Friendly Zombie

A terrible plague has left the planet's population divided between zombies and humans. An unusual zombie named Gunner is attacked by overprotective humans named Hunter and Hudson. Hunter sees that Gunner is different from the other zombies, and the pair embark on an unusual relationship. As their bond grows and Gunner becomes more and...


A high-schooler named Helena Williams and her distant friend go on a surprising but wanted adventure and find out more than they hoped for.

The Prophecy Of 16

There's a Prophecy. It speaks of 16 items - 14 people and 2 magical objects - needed to perform a group of dark, good and ancient spells. They are the items and people that made the jail Planet X and they are the things that can destroy the barrier around it and free all evil that is locked up on the planet. The 16 things needed are:...

Destination: Wonderland

[Dimension Traveling # 1] Mina's life turned into something more when she was a kid as she discovered a beautiful portal that lead to somewhere else, naming it Wonderland and hailed her childhood friend, Will, as the King and she as the Queen. But everything crumbled down when she left for another country and left the miserable Will...


This is a story about a girl who gets kidnapped.The main message of this story is never talk to strangers,even if they call your name.If they do call your name , pretend you are not that person and just walk away.