In writing Emily, I set out to examine the changing relationship between myself and my childhood best friend. This is a story about coming of age, both separately and in connection with one another.


A story of self by somebody who doesn't really know herself, for those who may or may not be in the same boat. About when fantasy and reality mix, life in the "real world" when that happens, and learning to live with it all.

Broken Anger

This book is about domestic violence as an abuser I recognized That there's a better choice to make when it comes to domestic disputes being a man comes with great responsibility if you've ever hit a woman or thought about hitting a woman read my book

One Lane Bridge

A seven year old boy, is left traumatised after he takes his last plane flight from his home on Lahara rubber plantation to an unknown future in the suburbs of Western Sydney, in 1971. With one suitcase between them, Mother, Brother, and Rodney, wave goodbye to Dad. He wants this madness to end so the family can return home to Lahara...

Old McLarsen Had Some Farms

For those who wonder about the differences between urban and rural life; the practicalities of taking that step into leather or rubber boots; the joys of raising kangaroos and other beautiful treasures; the learning curve that just keeps on keeping on, even 40+ years later—you're in for a treat. Join me as I wander paths that were...