Tablo is home to thousands of classics. From the poems of Rumi to novels of Dickens, this is a dedicated space to read & discuss your favourite classic writing across all genres.

Welcome to the Classics community!

We have thousands of classic novels on Tablo, so we've decided to create a space that's dedicated to reading and discussing classic work.

Everything in this space is in the public domain (sorry, Charles Dickens doesn't use Tablo). We've hand curated a range of collections spanning different genres and themes to help you browse for something to read. You naturally can't add your own books to this community, but it'll still be an active space that's sharing what's trending and active in literature thats a good 100 years old.

So tell us. What are you reading? You can use discussions as mini book clubs to post a book and discuss it with readers from around the world.

We hope you love it! You can certainly no longer pretend that you've run out of things to read 😉

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