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How's it going everyone! Welcome to the Crime group on Tablo. Before we get started setting the Web on fire with our stories why don't we get to know each other better? Give a brief description of who you are, what you write and why you write it! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all!

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Hi Jon, I'm also in the editing stage of my first crime story, set in Melbourne and Ballarat. It's a contemporary detective story with a supernatural element, see how it goes. I wrote the story as a creative writing project for my BA and I choose crime/mystery because I wanted to explore exposition techniques and work on my vernacular dialogue. Look forward to being part of this community, cheers.

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Partly it's a way for me to convey information about the two main characters that is independent of both of them. But also, I guess its a way of me framing the story and breaking up the to and fro structure a bit.

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Hello all. I've been working on a novel for the last two years (Shakespeare Murders) and I am hoping to have it finished within the next 18 months. I like writing in the real world but would like to try my hand at building a fantasy world some day.

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Hello I know I am answering pretty late but I'm a new person to join this community! I'm super excited and I'm just going to share a bit about myself. I live in California and I love to write Horror and Crime Novels. I love to write these kind of books because I have a very serious taste. I'm not very fun and games when it comes to books. I love to use very descriptive words and just have the reader act like they are really there.

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I have written a variety of things; Fanfiction, a short story, a kid's book, and even a non-fiction piece recalling a personal experience The book I am about to write will be my first Mystery. I am hoping that from all the mysteries I read when I was a kid, I can put together a decent book of my own.

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I am Jav Bond, a new writer here. I hail from New Zealand and write from many platforms which includes the popular site called Wattpad. I have written books in 1-3 genres so far and continue to write more if I try. I have recently written a book: The Hunt is the name for it and I hope you give it a try. The link will be below. I write in many genres because I don't believe in limiting myself to one genre so I experiment and write in all. So that's a brief description of mine and I can't wait for you all read to my books as soon as I start writing and publishing!

Here is the link for the book I was talking about:

The Hunt by J.B (Wattpad)

And I hope you enjoy.


Jav Bond

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I'm Beth, a teenager who greatly enjoys romance or crime books. I haven't yet written a crime book, however I am still trying to get inspired to start one, I enjoy crime a lot, so far I am writing a book full of poems based on life in general, and my other romance fiction book that I published recently. I'm looking forward to look through some of your books and get reading!

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Hi, I'm a late starter, a 76 yr old retiree, who self published a book three years ago and now am working on a sequel. I've always liked detective fiction and crime shows on tv, and chose this genre as I thought I understood it better than other forms of creative writing. Tablo seems like a good way to swap ideas and get your work read and critiqued before publishing. I look forward to reading others' work and have my own read.

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I've just graduated university and started my career. I've won a few writing contests and one of those stories just expanded into a full crime novel for me. I've finally started writing the damn thing, committing myself to publishing chapters/scenes weekly. It follows a rookie detective and his misanthropic mentor investigating crime in the fictitious city of Magnus, but it turns out to be part of a much larger conspiracy that reaches into the halls of the wealthy and powerful. I'm happy to provide feedback on other people's works if they're willing to return the favour!

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My name is Shenquelle. I'm 18 just graduated high school and now starting my new journey in college. I am currently in a happy relationship with this guy. My passion is writing i love to write short story especially books . I love to be challenged so i joined this crime group because i never wrote a book based on crime just romantic and betrayal. I've recently join another publishing site called wattpad and published a book called all about the fast life.
this is my link website on wattpad and hopefully you enjoy my books that post on here and also wattpad

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Hi! I'm sort of new to Tablo and I LOVE to read and write books, especially fantasy. At the minute, I'm working on a chapter by chapter novel called Bonded about an elite police officer and his rich wife. If you want to check it out, I've uploaded what I've done so far to this Community. Hope you like it, but if you don't, feel free to tell me why as that will help me improve!😉

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Hello everyone! I am a newbie here as of thirty minutes ago. I love crime fiction, I think I scare my husband at times. I also enjoy romance books for an easy and exciting read, we all love a happy ending right? I am currently working on my first book and would love for feedback on it if anyone would check it out. I am so excited to be a part of such a great looking community of authors!

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