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Greetings comrades!
Do you have questions about the different genres that make up the wonderful world of Crime writing? This is the 'no-judgement' space to ask the dumb questions that you have always wanted answered. Who wants to go first?

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I'm full of dumb questions so happy to ask away. Does crime fiction first require identification that a crime has happened with the plot then requiring the solution to 'who dunnit'? Is it distinct from thriller fiction where a crime is being planned and the hero/protaganist must try and stop it? I suppose with serial killer stories its actually both, but just wondered whether murder mystery set-ups have a rigid sequence they need to follow whereby reason/rationalism saves the day.

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Traditional murder mysteries have a rigid set up where the detective is completely separated from the crime. He (which it usually is) is only brought in after the crime has taken place. Then he gets to work solving the crime. Dorothy L. Sayers short story "Man with the golden finger" is a good illustration of how the genre is put together.

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