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New book

Hey, so as I started writing a book called “The taste of death” I only have the prologue out atm but I really appreciate feedback so if you can check it out sometime I’d really appreciate it, it is going to be a kind of mystery story so yeah, if you wanna check it out I’d really appreciate any help.
Many thanks💜

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Hey Clo. As intros go it's quite capturing. My only thing would be I think you're over using 'I' and 'my body'. It feels like there's a few sentances there that don't need to stand alone and could be brought into one longer sentance and continued if you know what I mean?

Just my thoughts. Best of luck with it.

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I agree with Hugh's comments, the intro is quite capturing but there are a few sentences there at the start that are a little jarring with the "I"s at the start but overall you have me hooked, I want more! :)

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