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Hey, how do I avoid character cliches in a story.

Hey. I was writing a Sci-Fi story but I've been trying (and failing) to get to some sort of story so I've decided to write a Fantasy Story. I don't want it to be too cliche but at the same time I'm trying to make some original characters. What cliches are there for fantasy characters and their relationships with other characters.

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When I'm creating characters for example I'm going to use two of mine Amber and her sister.
I look at myself and see what personalities I have and give some to Amber and the other to her sister, like Amber is strong-headed and outgoing, her sister is shy and nervous.

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Yes but what if I accidentally create a cliche. I don't want that to happen.

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make the character have something big happen to them that makes you able to change alot of things, like Amber's sister dies so i can make Amber different. Don't worry to much i was worried alot at first, it gets easy the more you write then you'll know the characters like the back of you hand so you won't make cliches, and always reread so if you accidentally cliche you can fix it

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If you want advice as to not making a cliche character, the best advice is to think about them fully. What I do is I plan out my characters on sheets, and I answer questions and respond to them as the character. When you have a good sense of who your character is, the more three dimensional they will become

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If it's something you feel, it's not necessarily a cliche.
If you still see what you wrote as a cliche, however, you could try putting the situation in a different way or trying to find a metaphor, a substitute to express what you feel.
Hope I've been of help!

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I suggest just writing your story and then changing whatever parts you don't like later (from experience). Sometimes you think a character is cliche when they're really not. And remember, a character is never one type of "personality" or trait, but a combination like people in real life (that would also be a good way to write characters - base them off real people, especially those you know well).

Most stories (Young Adult or similar) nowadays lack strong sibling bonds or friendships and have romance as a plot driver, or there's only one "strong" lead and the rest are props for this main character. Relationships, just like in real life, are complex webs, whether it's familial or not. It is difficult to write, but that's all up to you and how you want to tell your story.

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