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Wattpad!! Recommended.

I love Tablo and it really helps improve my writing as I'm sure it does with you. But I've recently found out that it just isn't enough. With Wattpad however I've found it much easer to write and get reviews. I truly recommend this to you all. Please check out my account called LolzthatGirl for all my books and Book Cover Maker books and help for making books.

Don't get me wrong though I still love tablo. Anyone who has an account on Wattpad, list your account names on the bottom if you want and I'll try to check out your books:)

Thanks luv ya😘

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I joined Wattpad before I joined Tablo and I'm nowhere near as well-known in both. I have more stories here than I do on Wattpad because I want people who follow me there to join Tablo >..

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I’ll to check it out please try and read mine as well called
Empire Of Souls: Pride
I’m called LolzthatGirl

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I can see why you hate fanfics but I actually quite like them (writing not reading, even though I’ve never written one)
To me they help me give an outline on how to write. As in,the story is easier to create from a world you don’t have to imagine yourself so you can focus on developing writing techniques, character building (including original and already existing characters) and to crack down on ways to engage a reader.
It’s not original but it can help in other ways to improve writing, and most fanfic writers write fanfic for the reasons I put. Also fanfic is just a way to bring people with a shared interest together. It’s only really a problem when it goes too far...

This isn’t even relevant or important and I don’t have wattpad so I can’t say anything about the ads,but I just wanted to share my opinions on fanfics.

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I forgot to say I know most fanfic “writers” aren’t good and don’t write it for the reasons I put. I’m just talking about writers who use fanfic for the reasons I put. Which is practically no one......
I just ranted for no reason.

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I write fanfics, but only because I am passionate about writing and when I run out of ideas I tend to use others and approach them in a creative way. I do share your thoughts though, fanfics aren't the best way to get your creativity and skill out there. But I would still like it if you'd read mine, along with my Fantasia series, and my other short stories here on Tablo.

One of my friends uses wattpad and he says it's way better than tablo, but honestly I really like it here. Getting feedback isn't too difficult, and I love how original everyone's stories are. The authors using this app are clearly concerned about their writing being stolen, and have an obvious obsession with writing, just like myself.

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I've been on Wattpad for a while now, and I just have to agree about how it's developed. I had to search far and wide for another website even similar, and finally, I have found this one. It's sleek, and I like it. I'm still deciding, though, if it's worth writing on.

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