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Wattpad!! Recommended.

I love Tablo and it really helps improve my writing as I'm sure it does with you. But I've recently found out that it just isn't enough. With Wattpad however I've found it much easer to write and get reviews. I truly recommend this to you all. Please check out my account called LolzthatGirl for all my books and Book Cover Maker books and help for making books.

Don't get me wrong though I still love tablo. Anyone who has an account on Wattpad, list your account names on the bottom if you want and I'll try to check out your books:)

Thanks luv ya😘

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I've been on Wattpad for years now. I don't like the way it has been developing with both the writers, readers and the site overall. If you even tag something on your book, then it's in several other genres and it makes it difficult for me to find specific genres.

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