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Finding something with meaning

I am having hard time writing about something that would evoke any kind of emotion. I would like to know something that has deep emotional association

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Hmm, hard to really comment without knowing what sort of idea you have but I would have to say focus on your characters... have a good think of their motivations, their personality and the ways that people may empathize with them.

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Dig into yourself. What is it you are emotional about. Death, love, nasty people, religion, there's a million things. I find getting into the psyche of the character is easier for me than story. Just dig into yourself with a real and honest approach to pain, anguish, happiness, whatever. You might become more familiar with your Self. Trust your Self, your subconscious, your instincts. Do this: look at a blank screen. Write a sentence. Whatever, it doesn't matter. Go on to the next and the next and sooner than later you will hear something click. That's where you begin. Also, take Mr. Nysos advice to heart.

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