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Dragon lovers pay attention!

I have uploaded a book called Dragons: The Elemental Warriors. It has a lot of dragons, adventures and fun, so if you're into that sort of stuff... yeah. Give it a read!

Aria Sienna.

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Oh you wrote about dragons, too? If you're interested, I've also got a book that revolves around dragons! The first in the series is called Burning Hope. I'll have to check out your story. Maybe check out mine as well?

Kiera Savage

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I’m glad that people are writing about dragons!! I love dragons so I will be sure to check out your books!


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I am relaunching my Series "How Dragons Survived the Flood." (originally put it online here about 2 years ago) I have sent Episodes 1 and 2 out to an editor, and now am updating everything. Episode 3 is at the Editor right now, and I am working on Episode 4.

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