Slenders Slaughter

Meeting slender, finding out he is good, helping him, and nearly dying isn't all that happens but what more is there. This story is about a girl gets kidnapped by slender only to find out that he does good, she gets privileges than other people because of this and she gets to find away out of her abused life with abusing parents.


When Dave sees a box and buys it his wife suffers the crime who will win the box or her

Life and Death

Sonia Van Helena's Family owns a ghost hunting company. Every Weekend she goes with them to varies houses to see if they're really "Haunted" or not. Most of the time, it's just a squeaky floor or pluming problems. Every night she'd write in her journal documenting every single case she had been assigned to. ...

Haunting Horror Stories

Horror stories from all over the world right in the comfort of your own home , however these stories aren't exactly comfortable there more let's say HAUNTING. The stories are based on reports and fiction with twist made by me NASHI💜 Hope you enjoy 😊 chapter added "The Girl on the Tricycle"


My sisters birthday ... suicide or murder ... or was it something ... else ... extraterrestrial?... no ...paranormal... The Soul...👉new chapter added " Silent" , NASHI💜👈


This story is about a man that only finds way of pleasure is if it has to hurt someone. As in his secret guilty pleasure and thinks that no one deserves the attention that he isn't getting. He doesn't do it physically he does it mentally.

A Real Scare!

Here is a collection of scary stories, written to make your blood curdle! Here you'll find scary stories for all sorts of different fears! Fear of dogs, staircases, dolls, people, aliens, ghosts, spiders, mice and rats, clowns, toilet monsters... The list goes on...

Área 51

The dollies and molly killed two at the beginning, after their escape they find Mel who supposedly died 15 years ago at birth. Dollies molly and Mel All go on the run after the police get some sightings with them in the Brighton beach stealing food from stalls. Mel really does go to hell soon and molly plays with the dollies for the...


Everything starts off ok, then... you see Leatherface. You spend half of the night researching about him. Then you get sent off to a institute and see two Leatherfaces. You dread whether you are going to live or not.

Twin Trouble

Adeline White is a girl with a deadly hunger. Braxley White is the girl with the plan. Working together, these sisters have killed eleven people, with no sign of getting caught. With Braxley's careful steps and step-by-step guide, the two may be some of the best serial killers never heard of. But even the best plans go...