Nolan used to be a hunter. Someone who hunted demons. Now after quitting, he's bored. That is, until he meets a strange girl named Amelia. Then, his world flips upside down. Again. Then, they find out what's been going on. Hopefully, they'll survive.

Gate of Blood

Boudicca 'Boo' Summers is a refugee and a perpetual loser. All she wants to do is work at her crappy job, spend some quality time with her boyfriend and enjoy what little she has left. When specters from her family history and Boo's own past rear their ugly heads, Boo gets mean. She may be a loser, but she doesn't take kindly to being...


An alternate modern tale of the horror franchise scream.(note that it is short because idk if I will continue,perhaps if there is a lot of positive feedback and requests)


CHANT FOR THE DEVIL "Our Lord in hell Help us to commit more horror Help us to kill and torture one and all Help us to make the short the tall Take our offering of blood And the massed flesh, and bones We will leave it all at the doors to hell Tons upon tons upon tons Let us rule with a whip in hand Let the others bow and...