A Real Scare!

Here is a collection of scary stories, written to make your blood curdle! Here you'll find scary stories for all sorts of different fears! Fear of dogs, staircases, dolls, people, aliens, ghosts, spiders, mice and rats, clowns, toilet monsters... The list goes on...

Slenders Slaughter

Meeting slender, finding out he is good, helping him, and nearly dying isn't all that happens but what more is there. This story is about a girl gets kidnapped by slender only to find out that he does good, she gets privileges than other people because of this and she gets to find away out of her abused life with abusing parents.


Two Children go to visit there Grandparents, but something seems odd around the house, something weird about in there Uncles room

Leaking Darkness

When Juliette and her family moved to Oak Meadow her life flipped upside down and she found every choice she made led to misery. Her thoughts went down a dark path, from misery to wild. She had nightmarish hallucinations which she could not distinguish between reality and fantasy. The only people keeping her sane were her friends....