CHANT FOR THE DEVIL "Our Lord in hell Help us to commit more horror Help us to kill and torture one and all Help us to make the short the tall Take our offering of blood And the massed flesh, and bones We will leave it all at the doors to hell Tons upon tons upon tons Let us rule with a whip in hand Let the others bow and...


1999 Asalfa Village a deadly crime had taken place. An old woman name Yellamma was burnt alive by the head of Asalfa Village Kashirao Gaewad! And soon horrors unfold in Asalfa Village! The dead had come alive to have its feast of human blood and flesh! Author; Gautam Mirchandani

For My Amusement

What should be a great vacation turns bad when a serial killer targets teenagers while they visit a amusement park on spring break. They fight for there life as the killer plays his games in one of the most scariest amusement parks, because of its dark pass. This is the first book in a series.

The Beautiful Ragdolls

Over the summer where most residents of Orlando are having fun at the beach, or Disney, there is one girl who has other plans. It started off as a jealous rage over her three brothers leaving her behind, but Jimin wanted so much more than just their deaths. She wanted to make them her personal dolls. The three brothers arrive torn...

Will they die?

This storry is about a girl and she lived in a village with her parents but one night she had a nightmare about a girl standing down the end of the hall way walking towards her then she woke up and there was a girl standing at the end of the drive way then things get worse every night she wakes up and bad things happen to be continued...


A young famous writer used her book by an evil spirit to take lives and taking revenge on her. Soon she discovers a dark secret connected between her family and this vengeful spirit.


Nolan used to be a hunter. Someone who hunted demons. Now after quitting, he's bored. That is, until he meets a strange girl named Amelia. Then, his world flips upside down. Again. Then, they find out what's been going on. Hopefully, they'll survive.