Twin Trouble

Adeline White is a girl with a deadly hunger. Braxley White is the girl with the plan. Working together, these sisters have killed eleven people, with no sign of getting caught. With Braxley's careful steps and step-by-step guide, the two may be some of the best serial killers never heard of. But even the best plans go...


Sweat dripping from my forehead, knees buckling and fingers shaking. The hair on the back of my neck stood up completely. I felt a lack of air, I took a deep breath. I hear a few screams here and there, he is walking closer. Something is in his hand, a gun. It's aiming towards me. I walk back and hit a wall. I slide down the wall till...

I Just Want To Play

Joycie has brought Katie a marvellous doll. That night, Katie goes down to see the doll but only to find it gone. Katie goes on a scary and terrifying ride of a life time to try and save herself. But what an she do now everyone's a doll? Will she save herself or will she not...?

Smile Face

A killer who broke out of prison and is committing murders daily but police cannot find him. This book is where YOU are an officer trying to catch the killer who is known as 'Smile Face' can you catch The killer in this short story?

Life and Death

Sonia Van Helena's Family owns a ghost hunting company. Every Weekend she goes with them to varies houses to see if they're really "Haunted" or not. Most of the time, it's just a squeaky floor or pluming problems. Every night she'd write in her journal documenting every single case she had been assigned to. ...

Haunting Horror Stories

Horror stories from all over the world right in the comfort of your own home , however these stories aren't exactly comfortable there more let's say HAUNTING. The stories are based on reports and fiction with twist made by me NASHI💜 Hope you enjoy 😊 chapter added "The Girl on the Tricycle"