That Awkward Moment

October Jackson has never been a stranger to awkward moments; it's inevitable for her to find herself in some sort of situation that usually ends in painful embarrassment. So, it is safe to say that her life is pretty uneventful, a little boring, and most likely going to remain that way for the rest of her life. But what happens when...

When Sampson met Delilah

Can Delilah capture the heart of the partner of her dreams? Will Sampson ever be able to trust fully again? Can smalls and talls treat these aliens kindly? What more will Sampson learn on this fateful day? These and other poignant but pressing questions are all answered when Sampson meets Delilah.


Just some rather blunt jokes to make some people happy and to enjoy their lives P.S Please don't complain about my grammar I don't really pay mush attention to it. P.P.S Hope you have a great time ;)


Six convicts are chosen to protect the mayors daughter.And that means coming out of jail.And also going back to school.Follow these inmates as they track down gang members and race after Natalie.

Mellow With Age

This is the follow up book to “I Can’t Grow Old Gracefully.” It once again contains anecdotes of situations I have been in that I have found humorous, not that the situations themselves were funny for all those involved. It also gives an insight into how a septuagenarian looks at life and concludes with how he sees it passing.

Make Your Own Zombie

Catching zombies, flirting, glow sticks, neighborhood feuds and a guard goose. This story has it all. Dean's life is out of control. She's banned from becoming a paramedic, failing dental school, driving a temperamental rust bucket, and still single. One guy is interested in her, but he works at the morgue and is probably covered in...