Friends Like These

Semreh hasn't seen his close friend for more than a month. He visits her house to she if she's okay and finds out she has a whole other life he never knew about. (Alternate Reality to Alia. Way less dark.)

Almost Clean

He helped create a country that is totally consumed by greed. Now Chris Stevens, advertising writer extraordinaire at the pinnacle of his career, wants out. His chance comes when Paul Fraser the President of Australia plans the ultimate revenge on his political opponents. If he can’t be President, no one can. The President offers Chris...

God on Earth

Imperceptibly at first and from beyond the view or interest of cardigan wearing boffins the world over, destruction was approaching. From his isolated outback world hordes descended on the life of one man who they believed was their saviour. Could he be the one? Damn sure he didn't think so. And first he needed to sober up and...

That Awkward Moment

October Jackson has never been a stranger to awkward moments; it's inevitable for her to find herself in some sort of situation that usually ends in painful embarrassment. So, it is safe to say that her life is pretty uneventful, a little boring, and most likely going to remain that way for the rest of her life. But what happens when...

When Sampson met Delilah

Can Delilah capture the heart of the partner of her dreams? Will Sampson ever be able to trust fully again? Can smalls and talls treat these aliens kindly? What more will Sampson learn on this fateful day? These and other poignant but pressing questions are all answered when Sampson meets Delilah.